[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


[No. 12.— A.D. 1222.— p. 84, footnoted.]


Theiner's Tret. AN?. Hib. el Scot., 1. page 21.  

Regi Manniae est pauperes ditionis siste ecclesias dotare øelit.

Honorius Episcopus, etc., Carissimo in Christo filio . . . illustri Regi Mannioe salutem, etc. Ad haec Rex regum et doininus dominantium Jesus Christus, a quo tibi concessam temporalem debes recognoscere potestatem, ad Regni te solium sublimavit, ut ecclesias et loca religiosa per taum Regnum existentia diligas et honores, munificentiæ tua,, manum eis tam liberaliter quam hilariter porrigendo, et alia in eis pietatis opera exhibendo. Cum igitur, sicut nostris est auribus intimatum, quaedam ecclesiae Regni tui, quarum omnium es patronus, non habere terram liberam asserantur, Serenitatem tuam rogamus, monemus et hortamur attente, quatenus, cum indecens omnimodis videatur ut ecclesioe memoratæ competenti dote penitus sint expertes ipsarum cuilibet saltem triginta passus terræ juxta canonicas sanctiones in likeram eleemosynam extra ccnmeteriuni a parte qualibet earundem, ad domos clericorum faciendas ibidem, liberaliter largiaris, ut eidem pro te teneantur dei misericordiam implorare, ut semper sit, ubicumque ambulaveris, ipse teturn, suamque tibi concedat gratiara in praesenti, et gloriam in futuro Datum Laterani xiii. kalendas Februarii Pont. nostri anno septimo.

To the King of Man, requesting him to endow the poor churches in his dominions.

Honorius Bishop, etc. To our most dear son in Christ . . . the illustrious King of Man, health, etc. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ, whom you should acknowledge as the source of all the temporal power which you possess, has raised you to the throne of the realm for this end, that you should love and cherish the churches and religious foundations existing in your dominions, by stretching out to them the hand of your munificence both largely and cheerfully, and by performing in their regard other works of piety.

Whereas, therefore, it has come to Our bearing that in your realm certain churches, of all of which you are the patron, have no endowment of land: We beg your Highness, since it is every way so unbecoming that the aforesaid churches should be wholly destitute of a suitable endowment, We entreat, and earnestly exhort you, to bestow liberally, by way of free alms, upon each of them, according to the requirements of canon law, at least thirty paces of land in any direction outside the cemetery, upon which houses for the clergy may be erected ; and they shall be bound to call down the mercy of God upon you, that lie may be with you wherever you go, and may grant you His grace in this life, and His glory in the one to come.

Given at the Palace of the Lateran, this 19th day of January, in the seventh year of Our Pontificate.


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