[From Manx Soc vol 16]


By H.R.O. [H.R.Oswald]

To the air of Mylechrane

LONE Molly Charaine dwelt in her sea-bower,
Singing and making great moan,
The wailing rang sweetly over the shore,
And Molly was left alone.

When Karen hail'd from his scouts sailing by,
"What ails thee, Molly Charaine?
I'm free on the waves now rolling high,
Oh! I love thee, Molly Charaine!"

Ugh ! Karen of old, 'tis long since
I saw The scouts of my family,
They rove on the sea-fierce now it doth blow,
And my men are dear to me.

Courageous at sea though their scouts are frail,
When the winds howl lullaby,
O send them back soon, here without fail,
For babies are born to me !

Think not I am sad, though left thus alone,
In cottage and craggy glen,
The sheep they are safe, the flowers are grown,
But ah! where gone are our men!

Think not I am sad, only careful I be,
Careless we never could do,
But I tune with the gale, and plaintive I cry,
As over the ocean you go.

The spoils of the sea cost the lives of men,
As they sport on Charon's flood,
And dangrous it is for stalwart men
To follow and reap such food.

God bless my dear rovers who plough through the sea,
They're the strength of Mann' s Isle,
From danger escaped, back send them to me,
Safe laden with their spoil.

Free be their hearts, and strong be their arms,
To labour industriously,
And for our old laws safe from all harms,
Bless us religiously."


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