From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

Order Respecting the Interest of the Money Contributed for the Repairs of Peel Cathedral.

A.D. 1691.


WHEREAS by my former Order bearing date the 18th day of Octobr 1686, I did direct and appoint that the summ of fourty three pounds nineteen shillings and ten pence wch was allow’d for the repairs of the Chancell of the decay’d . Cathedrall Church in Peele Castle within my Isle of Mann shall . remain deposited in the hands of ye Rt Revnd Father in God Baptist Ld Bp of my said Isle, untill it should please God to raise some good Instruments and Benefactors to contribute towards ye repairing of the whole Body of the said Cathedrall (the parishionrs who are obliged to do the same being altogether unable to contribute to ye sd work) or untill such time as some good law shall be made in my said Island for the demolishing of the said Cathedrall and the repairing and enlarging of St. Peters Chappel at Peele Town with the materials thereoff &c. And now forasimuch as the sade summ of fourty three pounds nineteen shillings and ten pence lies still deposited in the Ld Bpp hands, being no way imployed or laid out by him since the receipt thereoff ; And also for that there is nothing expressly mentioned in my said Order, whereby his LoPP is freed and discharged from paying any Interest out of the said money whilst it so remains deposited in his hands, wch notwithstanding was intended and intimated by my said Order ; yet for the said Ld Bpp further satisfaction in that particular, I do . hereby Order and declare that no Interest is to be paid or answered for by the sd Ld Bpp out of the said money, neither for the time past or to come, Whiles the same doth continue and remain in the said Bps hands, in regard that he makes no advantage thereoff as aforesaid. And it is my will and pleasure, and I do further Order and declare, that if ye said Ld Bpp , and ye Governor of my said Isle for the time being, shall at any time hereafter find out some expedient whereby ye said money may be laid out to Interest and well secured that then it shall be in their power jointly to imploy and lay out the said money to the best advantage and in the securest manner they can to their best judgments and discretion, and wch Interest shall yearly arise or acrew out of the same, that it go towards the advancing of the said Principall summ ; And thereupon the said Ld Bpp is to be acquitted and discharged from the same forever afterwards to all intents and purposes whatsoever, any thing contein’d in my said former Order to the contrary thereoff notwithstanding.

Given under my hand and Seale at Castle Rushin within my said Isle the 7th day of July, Anno Domi, 1681 [sic 1691].


This is a true copy.

Josiah Pullen,
Robert Hyde.


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