From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

Letter of Bishop Levinze to Thomas Choldmondsley.*

A.D. 1688.

S Lambeth, June 28th, 1688.

HONRD SR,—I have beene imployd in ye visiting my Lord Canterbury’s diocese for him, else I had beene in your parts sooner, in order to my Voyage for my Island. I came back butt last night from yt imploy to Lambeth, & there I stay till tomorrow bee over to see wt will become of ye Seven Champions of our Church, & then for Oxon. in a fortnight’s time I hope to wayte upon yu att Valeroyall, & desire ye Salarys for ye Schoolmaster att Ramsy & ye preacher & Schoolmr att Duglasse may bee ready for me to carry over wth mee, yt so I may bee welcome to yt poor people. Yu have always been a most generous patron to ym, & I beseech yu not now to forsake em, yt so they may have all incouragemts to continue ym firme to ye protestant church in this time of Tryall for I doubt nt butt yu . have heard wee have a Seminary of Romish Priests and Jesuits sending over thither which necessitates my going over wth all ye speed I can to withstand their pceedings to my uttermost & I hope God will give such a blessing to my weake butt syncere indeavours, yt I shall preserve yt little nation from their corruptions, however I will doe my indeavours and leave ye event to God. My humble Service to yr Selfe yr excellent Lady & good Brother.

I am, with all imaginable respect,

Sr., yr most humble Servt,

S B.S.M.

* Written on the eve of the trial of the seven bishops.


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