From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

Order of Lord Derby respecting the Money raised for the Repairs of the Cathedrall of Peel Castle.

A.D. 1686.



FORASMUCH as the Rt Revnd Father in God Baptist, Lord Bp of my Isle of Man hath presented unto me a view wch hath been made of the decays and delapidations of the chancell of the Cathedrall in my Castle of Peel within my said Isle, wherein ye Jury and workernen who made the said view have allowed the summe of fourty three pounds nineteen shillings and ten pence for the making up and repairing of the said delapidaeons, and for that his Ldship (amongst other his good and zealous designs for the advantage of my said Island) hath been fully purpos’d to bestow and disburse ye said summ of moneys upon the repaires aforesaid, but withall considering that the same would be altogether ineffectuall whiles the body of the church did lie open and uncover’d, ‘wch would make the said chancell obnoxious to the weather, and endanger the same to be blown away with every tempest : and I my self being . the place in Summer last, and seeing the said inconveniency, I have thought it therefore more expedient for the present, and I do accordingly direct and order that the said summ of fourty three pounds nineteen shillings and ten pence shall remain deposited in the hands of ye said Ld Bpp untill it shall please God to raise some good Instruments and Benefactors to contribute towards repairing ye whole church (the Parisiors who are obliged to do the same being altogether unable for the worke) or until such time as some good Law shall be maide in the ssd Island for demolishing of said Cathedrall, and the repairing and enlarging of St. Peter’s chappell, in Peele town, with the mathrialls thereoff; and if the same doth not happen or fall out (as it is heartily wished that it might) in the time of the said Ld Bpp, that then his Lopp paying the said moneys into the hands of his successor to the use and design before mentioned, is to be acquitted and discharged for ye same or any obligacon that might lie upon his Lopp for or concerning the said repaires. And I do direct and appoint that this my order shall be entred into, the Records of my said Isle, as well for the discharge of the said Ld Bpp as the manifesting of this my present will and pleasure iii and concerning the premises. Given under my hand and seale at Knowsley, the 18th day of October, in ye yeare of our Lord God 1686.




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