From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

Order For The Executors Of Bishop Bridgman To Refund The Money In Their Hands.



HAVING perused and considered the severall Answers and Returns made by the respective Juryes impanneled to view the Delapidacons of the chancell of the Cathedrall within Peele Castle, the chancell of the parish churct of Kk. Braddan, and some other Delapidacons in and about Bopps Court ; We doe approve of and confirme the same, and doe herby order the Executor or Executors of the late Lo. Bopp Bridgman forthwith to make full and satisfactory payment of the Sumes of money sett downe and awarded in the said Returnes, in the whole amounting to Seaventie five pounds fourteen shillings and two pence, unto Dr. Lake present Lo. Bopp of this Isle according to our honorble Lords speciall order in that behalfe. And whereas Mr. J&’ Parr, as Atturney for the said Lo. Bopp hath moved for the paymt of thirtie pounds wch a Jury of workmen have sett downe for the takeing downe and re-edifieing of parte of the Tower att Bopps Court, and for some other moneyes for further Repaires in and about the same place, wee have alsoe taken the same into due consideracon, and finding that by the custome and usage of this Island the said Executor or Executors are not obliged to the takeing downe and re-edifieing of the said parte of the Tower as the said Jury have declared, only ought to putt the same in such ordinary and sufficient Repair as hitherto hath been accustomed to be done ; therefore wee have thought fitt att present to acquitt and discharge ye sd Exeeutor or Executors or any other that shall or may be concerned for the same from being obliged to take downe and re-edifie the said parte of the Tower according to the verdict of the said Jury ; yett nevertheless doe order and adjudge yt ye said Executor or Executors doe putt the said parte of ye Tower, the fences and other perticulars memioned on record (and not included in the forementioned suite) in such necessary and tenantable repair as they have hitherto been accustomed to be kept and maintained in, to which the said Executors lath condiscended and given her verball engagemt for the doeing and p forming of the same att any time hereafter when she shalL be thereunto desired or required.

Given under our hands at Castletowne, the Seventh day of August, Anno Doni 1684.

R. Heywood.
Thos. Norris.
Fferd. Calcott.
Tho. Norris.


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