From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

Order of the King respecting William Christian.

A.D. 1662.


14 CHAs II

WHEREAS wee have bin lately informed by ye petition of Wm Christian, gent, that you have imprisoned him in ow Isle of Man, and condemned him to suffer death upon pretence of Treason, wch peticort wee have referred to our learned Councell in ye Law whe have certified us that ye Petr is legally capable of our grace and favour wch may extend to pardon him if wee shall be so graciously pleased. Our will and pleasure is that uppon sight hereof you cause him to be brought up to be heard before us and our Councell touching the matters wherewith he is charged, whereupon wee will declare our further pleasure as shall be just and reasnable.

Given at our Court at Whitehall, the 16th day of January in ye 14th yeare of or reigne,

To ye :E, of Derby, for sending up Wm Christian to be heard before his Maty and Councell,



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