From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

Letter of Lord Strange respecting Captain Christian.

A.D. 1634.

MY LORDES,—Soe soone as I received your letters commanding me to sende into the Isle of Man for the captaine there to apeare before your Lop at a certaine day : I sent one whoe staide at the sea side a long time for a winde, at the last being arrived in the Islande he founde the Captain dangerously sick as he hath or is ready to depose. Yet was not I satisfied, but endeavouring punctually to observe all your los comandes have sent againe that so soone as possibly he may be able to travell without any delay he attend yor Honrs, soe being ever ready for your further comaundes, I rest

My Lordes,
Yor lod humble servante,

ye 27 Mar. 1634.


R. 12 Apr. 1634. Lo. Strange ctfy ye Lords that he hath sent for Capt. Christian and that he is sick.


For ye Right Hoble the Lords and others Comissioners for the Admiralty, these.


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