From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

Deposition of John Casen respecting Captain Christian.

A.D. 1633.



JOHN CASEN, servant to the right hoble the Lord Strange maketh oath that his said Lord and Master commanded him about the later end of January last to goe over wth tres from his Lop to Edward Christian, capten of the Isle of Mann, and he went acordinglie to Wyer water in Lancashire for to take shippinge, and there stayed neare a monethe for a winde and imediatlie upon his arrivall in the Isle of Mann he went to the house of the said Captain Christian, and delivded his lordps lres unto him, where he founde him sicke in bedd : and this depont further saieth that duringe his abode in the island, wch was 6 or 7 dayes, the said Edward Christian kept his bed contynuallie only he did rest a little in the afternoone to have his bedd made. And the depont verelie beleeveth in his conscience that the said Edward Christian is soe weake and soe farr spent in body by reason of his long and lingeringe sicknes that he is in noe way able to travaile on horseback att all, nor any other way, wthout eminent danger of his life. And to this deponts knowledge he tooke his sicknes in September last, the depont being then theire in that island wth the said Captaine Christian and the said Edward Christian willed this depont tõ tell his Lord that if it please God to give him recovrie and so much strength as he might be able to stirre abroade he would not faile to waite on his Lop as soone as possiblie he could.

Ro. Riche.

Jur xix° Martii, 1633.



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