From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

Royal Assent for Richard Parre, Bishop of Man., 1635


A.D. 1635


THE King, etc. To the most Reverend Father in Christ, and to our well-beloved and truly faithful Councillor, Richard, by divine providence Archbishop of York, Primate of England and Metropolitan, greeting.

Since our well-beloved and truly faithful kinsman William, Earl of Derby, to whom by the authority of Parliament in the reign of our late father, from the seventh year of his reign to the close of his life, held the patronage of the bishopric of Man or Sodor freely) by a writing under his hand and signature, and sealed with his seal, has nominated and commended to us our beloved in Christ, Richard Parre, Professor of Sacred Theology, to the bishopric aforesaid, humbly supplicating and beseeching our royal Majesty that we would nominate and accept him the aforesaid Richard Parre fully and freely, and that we would deign to command and direct that he, Richard Parre, be consecrated, confirmed, installed, invested, and inducted bishop and pastor of the said bishopric in accordance with his letters aforesaid, bearing date the twenty-first day of May last, more fully appears.

Know that we, accepting the nomination of the aforesaid Richard Parre, have accorded to the same our royal assent and favor, and have thought fit to signify the same to you by the tenor of these presents ; requesting you, and by the fidelity and love in which ye are bound to us, firmly commanding you to admit the said Richard Parre to be bishop and pastor of the said bishopric of the Isle of Man, and bishopric of Sodor, and bishopric of Sodor and Man, belonging to your province of York, and to consecrate and invest the same, and to perform all other and singular the things which appertain in this respect to your pastoral office fully and effectually.

In testimony of these things, etc

Witness the King at Westminster, the ninth day of June.

By Writ of Privy Seal, etc.



PAT. 11, CAR. I.

REX, etc. Reverendissimo in Christo Patri ac preadilecto et perquain fideli Consiliario nostro, Ricardo, providentia divina, EboraceBsi Arcliiepiseopo, Anglie Primat~ et Metropolitano, salutem.

Cum predilectus et perquam fidelis consanguineus noster Willielmus, Comes Derbie (cui, authoritate Parliamenti, anno regni nuper patris nostri, memorie recolende, anno regni sui septimo ut ad terminum vite sue haheat Patronatum Episcopatnm de Man sive Sodorensis gratiose sit indultum) per scriptum suum manu sua signatum et sigillo suo sigillatum, dilectum nobis in Christo Ricardum Parre, Sacre Theologie Professorum thl Episcopatum predictum, per mortem naturalem Willielmi Foster ultimi Episcopi Episcopatus predicti, jam vacantem nominaverit et nobis commendaverit, a Regia Majestate riostra humiliter supplicans et rogans, at nos nominationem prefati Ricardi Parre acceptare, eumque Ricardum Parre in Episeopum et Pastorem ejusdem Episcopatus colisecrari, confirmari, installarj, investire, et induci mandare dignaremur, prout per literas suas, gerentes datam vicesimo primo die Maii jam ultimo preterito plenius liquet et apparet.

Sciatis quod nos, nominationem predictam prefati Ricardi Parre gratiose acceptantes, eidem assensum nostrum Regium adhibuimus et per pre~ntes adhibemus pariter et favore~, et hoc vobis tenore presentium significare duximus ; Rogantes, ac in fide et dilectione quibus nobis tenemini firmiter precipiendomandantes, quatenus vos eundem Ricarduri Parre in Episcopum et Pastorern predicti Episcopatus Insule de Man, et Episcopatus Sodorensis, et Episcopatus Sodorensis et Man vestre Provincie Eboracensis existentis, consecrari et investire ; ceteraque omnia et singula que vestro in hac parte incumbunt officio pastorali, velitis cum effectu et favore peragere et perimplere.

In cujus rei, etc.

Teste Rege apud Westmonasterium nono die Junii. Per Breve de Privato Sigillo, etc.


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