From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

A.D. 1591.


33 ELIZ.

ADVERTISEMTS is still gotton that the Spanyards
are redy to come to Land in England and Scot-
land, and that treasor is caryed to huntlay and Errol to furnish
them for Spaines advies by one Lambe, who hathe written to
his brother here to lardger effects and like advrtisemts is from
the west, of the Spanyards purposes, Sr Walter Lyndsayes
prefermt, and retorninge wth Prince Cardinall of the Prince of
Orange restoring to his honors, and lyvinge &c. and of the frenche
k. Doinge, and agreamt with the Pope all for ye invading of
England and Scotland by sewall armies, and it is saide to me
that thile of Man was to have ben -taken by Spanyards wthin
these few daies if then Spanyards had not had advtisemte for
their staie and some thinck that new troubles are arrysing in
Irelande. But in these things or estate is better advrtised then
they here. So as I leave all to the truthe of th' advrtisemt' to
or estate. Allwaies yo mynisters have in regard of some of these
moved his Matie to prepare by musters and furnishing of
Dangerouse places for landing and strengthes by imprisoninge of
suspected Papists, and by agreing of feides for the avoyding of
all inconveniences : whereon his Matie hath given order for
musters and furnishing of strengths and landing places, for
imprisonment and removing of Papish and suspected persons,
and is endeavoring to agree feides.

Edenb. 27 Novemb, 1591.

Yo we. humble servant,

Geo. Nicolson.

* Vol, 57, Art. 67.


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