From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

A.D. 1592.


34 ELIZ.

IN the searche of this matter & for these psons,
sundrye mistcryes have been ptlye discovred. First
the practice intended against Arabia Foelix and for the iij.
knzezks [surprise] vi Fs iiij. ~~ [the] ~~~~- [Isle] ~~~ [of']
ii. 488 [Mann], inserte as by my last before those I have
certefyed to yo' L. next that Catholiques had framed ther
supplicaccn to have been exhibited to ye pliam for libertye of
ther conscience, and massed & put togither sovne articles against
the religion professed, & the ministers thereof, Some interpyses
devysed, and propped (as theye Terme it) to have been executed
at tyme paste have beene defeated, Wherin the fathers accuse
some noblemen of great faultes. And the Lavde of Ladilandes
(excomunicated for papistrye, & havinge licence to depte out of
the realme) hathe bene detected to have been a principall execu-
tion in all those prictises and to have consorted himselfe wth,
Inglishmen depelie imbarked in these trecheries, Wheruppon it
hathe bene thought good that Ladilande and two Ingleshmen of
the worst sorte & hauntinge togither at Ladilandes house Erwin,
and other places in the west, should be quietlie taken & brought
hither. In wch bussiness Mr Andrewe Knoxe, minister at
Pasleye, hathe endured noe little paines & pill. For he so
straithe pursued Ladilandes and the two Inglisihmen thorrowe
Glascowe & towards Erwin, and Ladilandes pvydinge to sett
awaye thinglishmen for ther sayftyes, sett himself into the hands
of James hamilton (the oldest sonne of the L. Claude hamilton,)
and who assisted Mr kxioxe to apprhend Ladilandes, who was
caried by younge hamilton to the L. hamilton, who sent him by
the conducte of Mr knoxe and Cap'" hamilton to Edenb", whey
he was comitt to the pvoste, and the next daye I pcured bothe
the ks comaundnnl to the pvoste, to keipe him closelie and sai$ie,
and also the k, warrant to the prior of Blantyre, Clarcke
register, Mr Rotrt Bruce, 3 Mr David Lindsaye, comission"s to
examyne Ladilandes, and havinge order to acquaint me w"' ther
doinges, and to call me to the xaminacõn as need should require.
But uppon the k cominge to allowaye he was psuaded to remove
Ladilandes into the castle by neve warrant, wantinge sundrie
pte of the furst. So as I ame greatlye discouraged to reape
suche frutes by Ladilandes confession, as were looked for. And I
feare that thapphension of other offenddrs in this realme shall not
be worthe thexpence & painees wch I maste bestowe in the
execucõn of the same.

Ladilandes beinge examined confessethe himselfe to be
excomunicated, and to be of the catholique Romane church,
and not of the church nowe established in Scotlande, he agreethe
to answere to anye interogatorye charginge him in cryme of
treason wherin he pleidethe his inocencye, But he directlie
refusethe to answere to anye question touchinge matter of
religion, or as may accuse or charge any pson other then
himselfe onlye. ,

at Edenb.

yor L, wholly bounden at comaundem
the xvijth of Decemb. 1592.

Robert Bowes.

* Vol. 49, Art. 51.


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