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A.D. 1587.


THE condicõn of this obligacõn is such that where the Right
Honable Henry, Earle of Darbye, lorde Standeleye and
Strange, lorde of Manne and thiles and knight of the most
honable order of the garter, by his deede Indented, dated the
Thirteenth day of Januarye, in the Ninetenthe yere of the
Raigne of õ Sovraigne ladye the Quenes majestye that nowe is
hath demysed, granted, and to farme letter unto Robert
Salusburye of Denbich, in the countye of Denbich, gentleman,
all that and those his tythe and tythes, glebe landes, landes
spirituall and temporall, whatsoever appteyninge and belongeinge
to the churche and churches of Kirkchriste in the ayre and
Kirkmarron, lyenge and beinge within the lande of Manne in
the Isles, with all howeses, edifices, and commodityes to the
same appteyninge and belongeing. The patronage, gifte,
prventacõn and nominacõn of the Incübentes to the sevrall
vicarages of the sayde churches and all glebe landes, by thes
oblacõns, and other prfittes to the sayde sevall vicarages or eyther
of them belongeinge (excepted and foreprised). To have and to
holde all and singuler the prmisses (excepte before excepted) to
the sayde Robert Salusburye and his assignes for and dueringe
the naturall lyves of Jane Handmere, wife of John Handmere,
esquier, and Thomas Handmere and John Handmere, sonnes of
the sayde John and Jane, and dueringe the lyfe of the longest
lyvr of them, the sayde Jane, Thomas, and John, the sonne, wth
a certen yerelye rente reserved uppon the same, as by the sayde

Indenture more at large it doth and maye appeare. Nowe yf the
sayde Robert Salusburye shall and doe before the feaste of
Saynte Michaell the Archangell, nexte insuenge surrender unto
the sayde Earle or his heires, the sayde Indenture of demyse and
leasse of the sayde Pmisses and all his estate and interest in the
same, and that the sayde Robert Salusburye bath not heretofore
made anye graunte or demyse of the sayde demysed prmisses, or
any pie of them to anye pson or psones, or otherwise charged,
forfeted, or Incumbred the same or anye pie thereof, nor shell
not in any wise hereafter before the sayde surrender to be made
as afforesaide, forfayte, graunte, demyse, leasse, charge, or other-
wise incumber the sayde prmisses or anye pie of the same to any e
pson or psones other then one graunte or demyse of one
messuade and tenemente pcell of the prmisses nowe in the
occupacon of one Moore, widowe, or of her assignes,
made and graunted, or to be made and graunted for the terme
of Twelve yeres yet endueringe unto the sayde Moore,
wydowe. And that the sayde Hughe Salusburye and George
Salusburye, or arrye other pson for them, after the sayde
surrender to be made as afforesayde and before the sayde feaste
of Say me Michael] the Archangell, shall and doe cause and
peure the sayde Earle or his heires to graunte, demyse, and leasse
all and singuler the sayde demysed prmisees wth there apprtenncy
in the sayde deede Indented mencõned unto Roger Bradshawe,
of Aspull, in the countye of Lancaster, gent, and his assignes,
for and dueringe the naturall lyves of Dorothye Wright, wife to
the wthin named Willm Wright, Willm Wright and Samuell
Wryght, sonnes of the sayde Willm and Dorothye, & for and
dueringe the lyfe of the longest lyvr of the sadye Dorothye,
Samuell, and Willm, the sonne, for the y erelye rente or rentes in
the sayde deede Indented, ruved, & wth the lyke pviso or
condicõn for the none paymente of the sayde rente or rentes as
in and by the sayde deede Indented is mencõned & expressed.


That then this prsente obligacõn to be voyde frustrate & of none
effecte, or els to stand in full power, strenght, and vertue.
Noverint univrsi pr prsentes nos Hugonem Salusburye de
Eccleston, in com Cestr, generosü et Georgiü Salusburye de
Arebislocke, in com Flint, generosü teneri et firmiter obligari
Willmo Wryght, clerico prsona de Warton, in com Cestr, prd in
Quadringnntes libris bone et legalis monet Angi, solvend eiden
wilto aut suo certo attornai, executor, vel administratoribus suis.
Adquam quidenm solucõnem bene et fidlr faciend obligamus nos
et utrüq, nostrü pr se pr toto et in solid hered executor et
adminitr nostros firmit pr prsentes Sigilt postris sigillar dat
decimo sexto die martii anno regni dne pre Inne Elizabeth dei
gra Ang+ Franc et Hibine rna fidei defensorn &c Vicesimo

Know all men by these presents, that we, Hugh Salusburye,
of Eceleston, in the county of Chester, gentleman, and George
Salusburye, of Arebislocke, in the county of Flint, gentleman,
are bound and firmly held to William Wryght, clerk, parson of
Warton, in the county of Chester aforesaid, in four hundred
pounds of good and lawful money of England, to be paid to the
said William, or to his sure attorney, executors, or administra-
tors. To the true and faithful payment whereof we bind our-
selves, and both of us entirely and wholly, our heirs, executors,
and administrators, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our
Seals. Dated the sixteenth clay of March, in the twenty-ninth
year of the reign of our Lady Queen Elizabeth, by the grace of
God, Queen of England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the
Faith, &c.

Memorandum, that this word Quadringintes, in the fourth
lyne of the bonde, was a lyttle rased and made pfecte before the
sealinge and delyverye hereof.

by mee, William Massye.
by me, Edward Waldren.

Sealed and delyvered by George Salusburye, in the prsence of

by mee, Willm Massye.
by me, Edward Waldren.

Sealed and delyvred by the sayde Hughe Salusburye, in the
prsence of thes

by mee, Willm Massye.

by me, Thomas Thomasson.
by me, Edward Waldren.
Hughe Salusbury.
Geom Salusbury.

* Sic in MS.


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