From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

Agreement Between Hugh Salusbury And William Wright.

A.D. 1587.

AN obligation bearinge date the xvjth daye of Marche, in the twentye ninthe yeare of the Raygne of or Soveraigne lady Elizabethe, of England, France, & Ireland, Queene, etc., wherein Hughe Salusberye and George Salisburye, gent, stand bound to Willlm Wright, clerk, pson of Warton, in the some of fower hundred pounds of lawfull Englishe money for pformance of dyvers couenants or conditions, as in the same instrument more at large appearithe is comitted to the custodye of Mr. Willm Cotgreve, of Chester, Inkeeper, in trust by the consent of the ptyes to the seyd obligation for this cawse & consideration only, that wheras the sayd Hughe and George Salisburye stand bownde for the sayd Willm to Mr Thomas Lyniell, of Chester, for the payment of the some of one hundred fowerscore & twelve pownds to the sayd Thomas Lyniell, at or before the xxth day of October (?) next cominge, and for that the sayd Willm hath not yelded securytye to the sayd Hughe and George to save them harmiesse, that therefore the foresayd obligation is in trust comitted to the safe custodye & keapinge of the sayd Willm Cotgreve, to remayne in his hands untyll suche tymes as the sayd Hugh and George be discharged and saved harmiesse of all charges & trobles (yf any suche shall happen to acrue and growe uppon the) by reason of the sayd bond wherin they stand bownd to the sayd Thomas Lyniell for him the sayd Willm Wrighte, and the sayd WiIllm Wryght farther promysethe that the lease of these tythes & other comodytyes in the Ile of Man, in the sayd obligation covenanted mencioned with the comodites of the same lease, shall be also delyvered to the safe custodye of the sayd Mr. Willm Cotgreve after the same is pcured (?) of the Erle of Darbye, for the cawse and consideration and savinge harmles of the sayd Hughe, George as is above mencioned. In witnes of all o consents and full agreement to the premisses, we the sayd Hughe, George, and Wiillm have subscribed this pnt byil the xvijth daye of Marche. Ano regu Regine Elizabethe, vicesimo nono.

It is also agreed uppon, that yf the sayd Willm Wright shall happen do dept this lyfe before the bond unto Thomas Lyniell be discharged, yf any troble or charge shall growe uppon the sayd Hughe & George, that then the pfitts of the sayd lease shall be yealded to them at the discretion of the sayd Willm Cotgreve untyll the sayd Hughe & George be fully satysfyed of all suche charges.

Hughe Salusbury.

Willm Wrighte.


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