[From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX]




THE King to his Justice of Ireland or his Lieutenant, greet- ing. It has been gravely shown to us by way of complaint upon the part of the men of the community of the Isle of Man, being in fealty to us, that since they, as well for the merchants of England, Ireland, and Wales, flocking to the said Island, as for themselves, have lately made a fine for three hundred marks- with our enemies in Scotland to enjoy a certain sufferance of peace with them, for the period of one year, and this with the assent of our faithful William de Montacute, Earl of Salisbury and Lord of that island: and [since] the said men have collected and raised amongst them, one hundred and six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence of the sum aforesaid, and have placed the said monies, together with corn, horses, cows, and other goods and chattels to the value of forty marks, in two vessels, destined to our said enemies, in part payment of the fine aforesaid, by the hands of the Abbot of Ruyshy n, Nicholas Mascali, William Wysard Cambronn, and William Fayrhare, deputies in t'iis matter; and [since] Andrew de Guldeford of Waterford, John de Bristol, Thomas Sloghtre of Ulton, John Jolens and Robert his son, Adam Serle of Drogheda, Hugh Pyrotson of Ulton, and others his accomplices, with three ships from Ireland have come upon the aforesaid Abbot, Nicholas, William Cambronn, and William so proceeding by sea towards the parts of Scotland, asserting that they are the guardians of the sea, but showing no warrant, and have assaulted the ships of the said Abbot and his companions aforesaid, by force of arms, and have entered the said ships, taking and carrying away money, with the goods and chattels aforesaid, and likewise one of their vessels, and have wrought their will upon them, and having dismissed the afore- said Abbot and certain of his servants, have seized upon the aforesaid Nicholas, William Wysard Cambronn, and William Fayrehare, and their servants, and carried them along with them to the said land of Ireland, and imprisoned them there, detaining them still in prison, in contempt and dishonour of us, and to the endangering the loss of the said Island, and of other merchants flocking to the said Island, as aforesaid, and to the manifest loss of the men of the same. Wherefore it is besought us to provide a fitting relief to them in this particular; we, being unwilling that so great an injury, if it has been perpetrated, should be passed over blindly and without remedy, command you, strictly enjoining you, to cause the said Andrew and John, and others whom, by an inquisition to be by you made, ye shall find guilty of the said misdemeanour, to come before us in our council in England; so that ye have them there in the quinzain of St. Martin next following, to answer, as well to us as to the aforesaid injured persons, respecting the said transgression so perpetrated, without the said land of Ireland, and other premises, and further to perform and receive what shall be at that time there ordained; and [further] upon sight of these presents, to cause the imprisoned persons to be immediately delivered up. And in no manner omit ye to perform this. Witness ourself at the Tower of London, 28th day of August.



16 ED. III.

REX Justic. suo Hibern. vel ejus locum-tenenti, salutem. Ex parte hominum Communitatis Insulæ de Man ad fidem nostram existencium, nobis est graviter conquerendo monstratum, Quod cum ipsi tam pro Mercatoribus Angl. Hibern. et Wall. ad dictam Insulam confluentibus, quam pro seipsis, nuper finem per trescentas marcas cum inimicis nostris de Scocia, pro quadam suüereneia pacis cum illis habenda per unum annum duratura, de assensu dilecti et fidelis nostri Willielmi de Monte Acuto Comitis Sarum, et Domini illius Insulæ, fecissent iidemque homines centum et sex libr. tresdecim solidos, et qua- tuor denarios de summa prædicta inter se collegissent et levassent, et eosdem denarios uinâ cum frumento, equis, vaccis, et aliis bonis et catallis ad valenciam quadraginta marcarum in duabus navibus posuissent, dictis inimicis nostris per Abbatem de Ruyshyn, Nicholaum Mascali, Willielmum Wysard Cambronn, et Williel- mum Fayrhare ad hoc deputatos in partem solucionis finis præ.. dicti destinand. prædictisque Abbate, Nicholao, Willielmo Cam- bronn et Willielmo sic versus partes.Scociæ supra mare tran- seuntibus, supervenerunt Andræas de Guldeford de Waterford, Johannes de Bristoll, Thomas Sloghhtre de Ulton, Johannes Jolens et Robertus filius ejus, Adam Serle de Drogheda, Hugo Pyrotson de Ulton, et aliis complices sui cum tribus navibus de Hibernia, asserentes, se Custodes aquæ maritimæ, nec warrantum inde ostendentes, et navibus dicti Abbatis et sociorum suorum prædictorum vi armata insultum fecerunt, et easdcm naves in- gressi, pecuniam, una oum bonis et catallis prædictos, et eciarn unam navium suarum ceperunt et abdurerunt, et voluntatem suam inde fecerunt, dimissisque præfatis Abbate et quibusdam servientibus suis, prædictos Nicholaum, Willielmum Wysard Cambronn, et Willielmum Fayrehare, et eorum servientes cepe- runt, et secum ad dictam terram IIObern. durerunt, et ibidem imprisonaverunt, eos adhue in prisona detinendo, in nostri con- temptum et dedecus, et ipsius Insulæ amissionis periculum, et aliorum mercatorum ad Insulam illam confluencium, ut præmit- titur, et hominum ejusdem Insulæ damprium manifestum. Super quo nobis est supplicatum, ut eis in hac parte subveniamus remedio oportuno : Nos nolentes tantam injuriam, si perpetrata fuerit, sub dissimulacione absque apposicione remedii transire impunitarn ; Vobis mandamus districtius injungentes, quod venire faciatis toram nobis et consilio nostro in Anglia, prædictos Andræam et Johannem, ac alios quos per inquisicionem per vos inde faciendam de ditto malefacto reas inveneritis ; Ita quod eos habeatis ibidem in Quindena Sancti Martini prox. futur. ad respondend. tam Nobis guam prefatis dampnificatis de transgressione prædicta, sic extra dictam terram Hibern, perpetrata et altis præmissis, et ad faciend. ulterius et recipiend. quod tune ibidem contigerit ordinari, et prædictos imprisouatos statim visis præsentibus deliberari faciatis. Et hoc nullatenus omittatis. T. R. apud Turrim London, 28 die Augusti.



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