[From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX]




THE King, to admirals, sheriffs, masters, and seamen of his ships, bailiffs, ministers, and all others his faithful subjects, to whom, etc,, Greeting. Whereas the venerable father* bishop of Man from Scotland, who remains in fealty and peace with us, and in allegiance to us, and who now tarries at the court of Rome, by our permission, for the expediting of certain private affairs. We wishing to provide for the security of the aforesaid bishop in those parts have taken the said bishop, his men and servants, and all his goods, under our special pro- tection and defence both when going to the aforesaid court, and in returning thence to his own country. And therefore we command you that ye be assisting to the said bishop, or to his people and servants, etc., as in similar letters of protection. In testimony whereof, etc., to endure till the Feast of Pentecost next ensuing. Witness the King at the Tower of London, the 17th day of December.



14 ED. III.

REX, adminallis, vice comitibus, magistris et marinariis navium, ballivis, ministris, et omni- bus aliis fidelibus suis ad quos, ete., Salutem. Cum venerabilis pater . . . . . Episcopus de Man de Scotia, qui ad fidem et pacem nostram, et de ligeantiâ nostrâ existit et qui ad Curiam Romanam pro quibusdam negotiis suis ibidem expediendis de licentiâ nostrâ jam se divertat. Nos, volentes securitati prædicti episcopi in hâc pante providere, suscepimus ipsum episcopum, homines, et servientes suos proprios ac bona sua propria, eundo versus curiam prædictam, et exinde versus partes suas proprios redeundo, in protectionem et defensionem nostram specialem. Et ideo vobis mandamus, quod eidem episcopo, aut hominibus et servientibus, etc., prout in similibus de protectione litteris. In cujus, etc., usque ad festum Penticostes proximo futurum duraturas. Teste Rege, apud Turrim London', xvii die Decembris.

* BishopThomas, Vide the Bishops of Man and the Isles.


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