From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX




ROBERT,* by the grace of God, King of the Scots, to all honest men of his land, clergy and laity, Greeting. Know that we, etc., have confirmed to Thomas Ranulph, Earl of Moravia and lord of Annandale, our dearest nephew, for his homage and service the whole Island of Mann, with appurtenances, together with certain other islands adjacent thereto, which are called Calfs, with appurtenances. To have and to hold to the said Thomas and his heirs, of us and of our heirs, in fee and heirship, and for a free royalty, without any restraint, freely, peaceably, fully, and honourably, with the advowsons of churches and monasteries, and with all and singular, actions and complaints to our royal crown appertaining. And with all other kinds of liberties, conveniences, easements, and just appurtenances, in all and through all, as well unmentioned as mentioned, within the aforesaid islands, together with royal government and justice, to be administered over all men inhabiting the aforesaid islands. As well over all men of the bishopric there, as of all other men whomsoever, as well during the time of the vacant bishopric, as without. So that no minister of ours may, from henceforth, enter upon the premises, within the aforesaid islands. Save and except to us and our heirs the patronage of the episcopal See there, and its government in all other respects. Finding, for us and our heirs, the said Thomas and his heirs, six ships annually, each of twenty-six oars, with men and provisions for six weeks, after a reasonable warning. And making a personal appearance at our parliament, and at that of our heirs, to be held within our kingdom, after a reasonable summons of forty days. And rendering, moreover, to us and to our heirs, annually, at the feast of Pentecost, at Inverness, one hundred marks sterling, by the name of white-mail, only in lieu of all earthly services, exactions, customs, or demands, which may be required or demanded by any person in the aforesaid Islands, with appurtenances. And we and our heirs will warrant, acquit, and fully defend the aforesaid Islands, with their appurtenances, in all things as aforesaid, to the said Thomas and his heirs, against all people. These being witness, the venerable fathers in Christ, William, John, William, David, and David, by the grace of God bishops of the churches of St. Andrews, Glasgow, Dunkeld, Moray, and Sodor; Duncan, Earl of Fife; Patrick of Dunbar, Earl of March; Malise, Earl of Stratherne; Hugh, Earl of Ross; Walter, Seneschal of Scotland; James, lord of Douglas; and Gilbert de Haya, our constable, knight. At Berwick upon Tweed, the 20th day of December, in the nineteenth year of our reign.



ROBERTUS, Dei gratia Rex Scotorum, Omnibus probis hominibus totiur terræ suæ clericis et Laicis, salutem. Sciatis nos, etc. Confirmasse Thomæ Rannlphi Comiti Moravvæ et domino vallis Amandiæ, nepoti ni-o charissimo pro homagio et servitio suo, totam insulam Manniæ cum pertinen una cum quadam alia insula eidem adjacente quæ vocatur Calfis cum pertinen. Tenend' et habend' eidem Thomæ et heredibus suis de nobis et heredibus nr'is in Feodo et hereditate. Et in liberam regalitatem sine aliquo retinemento libere quiete plenarie et honorifice cum ad vocationibus Ecclesiarum et Monasteriorum, et cum omnibus et singulis articulis et querelis ad Coronam nr'am regiam spectantibus: Ac cum omnimodis aliis libertatibus, commoditatibus asiamentis et justis pertinen suis in omnibus et per omnu tam non nominatis quam nominatis infra predietas insular inclusis, una cum regali administratione et justitia faciend' de omnibus hominibus predictas insulas inhabitantibus. Jam de omnibus hominibus Episcopatus ibidem quam de cæteris hominibus aliis quibuscunz ; tam infra tempus vacantis Episcopatus quam extra. Ita quod nulli ministei nr'i infra predictas insulas se de cetero in premissis intromittant. Salvo nobis et heredibus nr'es patronagu sedis Episeopalis ibidem et ejusdem status in omnibus aliis. Inveniendo inde nobis et hæredibus niis dictus Thomas et heredes sui sex naves annuatim Quelibet viginti sex remorum cum homiinibus et victualibus ses septinanarum cum inde fuerint rationabiliter premoniti. Et Faciendo personalem appresentiam ad parliamenta nr'a et hæredum nr'orum infra regnum nr'm tenend' per rationabiles quadraginta dierum summonitiones. Et reddendo nibil ommus nobis et hæredibus nr'es annuatim ad festum pentecostes. Apud Inverness centum marcas Sterlingorum nomine albe firme tantum modo pro omnibus aliis terrenis servitiis exactionibus, consuetudimbus seu demandis quæ de predictis insulis cum pertinent' exigi poterint sut demandari a quocundg. Nos vero et heredes vri predictas insulas cum pertinent' suis in omnibus ut predictum est eidem Thome et hæredibus suis, contra omnes mortales warrantizabimus acquietabimus et plenarie defendemus. His testibus venerabilibus in Christo patribus Willielmo, Joanne, Willielmo, Davide, et Davide, Sti. Andrie, Glasguensis, Dunkeldensis, Moraviensis, et Sodorensis ecclesiarum Dei gratia Episcopis; Duncan, comite de Fiff; Patricio de Dunbar, comite Marchie; iVlalisio, comite de Stratherne; Ilugone, comite de Ross; Waltero, senescallo Scotiæ ; Jacobo, domino de Douglas; et Gilberto de Haya, constabulario nr'o, militibus. Apud Bervicum super Tvedam, vicesimo die Decembris anno regni nr'i nonodecimo.



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