[From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX]


A.D. 1314.



O our Lord the King and to his Council in chief, shows Done-kan de Mackoury, gentleman to Sir John de Ergeyl, that since he the said Donekan [Duncan] had been in the service of our lord the King, father of our lord the King that now is, and in the service of our lord the King that now is, at all times since the commencement of the war in Scotland, his father and relations having died in the same service, all his lands, goods, and houses destroyed by the enemies of Scotland, and he himself has lived the whole of this year in Man in great distress, in the service of the King against the enemies aforesaid. Therefore he prays that our lord the King will consider his estate, and grant him the ward and marriage of the body and lands of the heir of Nicholas de Ledewicke in Ireland, which are valued at twenty marks, together with the marriage of the wife of the said Nicholas, which ward belongs to the King, so that he may have a retreat for his wife and his children, so long as he remains in the service of the King.


The answer is by Council: It is commanded by writ under the Great Seal to the Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer of Dublin, to certify to the King the annual value of the lands contained in the Petition, and the age of the heir and the value of his marriage.


8 ED. II.

AN'RE Seignr le Roi et a son Conseil monstre Donekan de Mackoury, bachelor Mens' Johan de Ergeyl, q come mesme celuy Donekan eit este en le service nie Seignr le Roi, pier nrre Seignr le Roi quy ore est, et en le service nre Seignr le Roi q ore est, en tout temps puis le comencement de la guerre d' Escoce en cea, son pier et ses parentz mortz en mesme le service, totes ses terres, biens, et chateux destrutz p les enemis d' Escoce, et il meismes ad demorre tot Gest an en loan, a grant meschef, en le service le Roi sur les enemis avanditz.

Dont il prie q nr"e Seignr le Roi voille aver regard de son estat, et granter a luy la gard et le mariage du corps et des terres l'eir Nicholas de Ledewicke en Irlaund, q valent p an XX mars, en-semblement ovesge le mariage la femme eneisme celuy Nicholas la quele garde apent an Roi, issi qil en peut aver rescet pur sa femme et pur ses enfauntz tant q'il meisenes soit en le service le Roi.


Responsum est p Consilium : Mandetur p Br"e sub Magno Sigillo Thes' et Baronibus de Sccio Dublin', quod certificent Regem de valore terrarum in Petitione contentarum p annum, et de etate hedis, et valore maritagii ejusdem.


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