[From Manx Soc vol 2, Kelly's Manx Grammar]



Feer, very, ro, too, or too much, are set in apposition with nouns adjective, and change their radical consonants into their soft: as dooinney feer vie, a very good man; errey ro hrome, too heavy a burden. But words beginning with d, j, and t, of the mutables, change not after the adverb feer: as feer doccaragh, very laborious; feer jollyssagh, very greedy; feer tastagh, very observant.

Dy, that, governs a subjunctive mood.

Dy chooilley, every, changes the mutable initial consonant of nouns substantive, to which it is joined in apposition, as dy chooilley ghooinney, every man, &c.

All the other adverbs, whether before verbs, substantives, or adjectives, suffer them to retain their radical initials.


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