[From Manx Note Book vol 3]


A MEETING OF THE "MANX MUSEUM AND ANCIENT MONUMENTS TRUSTEES " was held on the 16th November, in the office of the Board of Education. Present- The Lord Bishop of the Diocese, chairman; Sir James Gell, Attorney -General. Captain Kitto, Messrs. A W. Moore, and W. Kneale, and the Rev. Ernest B. Savage, secretary. The committee appointed at the previous meeting to draw up a list of the Ancient Monuments which should be protected under the Act presented their report. A long discussion followed, during which the antiquities named were taken into consideration seriatim ; and the report was unanimously adopted. Many matters of detail, however, must be arranged before the list is finally settled.

THE ISLE OF MANN NATURAL HISTORY AND ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY. - 7th October. - A meeting was held at St. Thomas' School, the Rev. E. B. Savage, M.A., F.S.A., president, in the chair. One corresponding and three ordinary members were duly elected. The following papers were read:-(a) "On the Larvae of the Eyed Hawk Moth," by Mr. H. S. Clarke. (b) The Celts, their Language and Literature, part I., by Mr. W.J. Cain, jun., secretary. Bishop Hildesley's correspondence with John Byrom of Manchester, 1743-1755, with an Introduction by Mr. J. E. Bailey, F.S.A., was also read. Mr. A.W. Moore exhibited two gold rings and a silver snuff-box, which had been presented by Bishop Wilson to members of his family; and Mr. H. S. Clarke chrysalides of the "Eyed Hawk Moth." Mr. Clarke claimed to have found the first specimen of that moth ever obtained on the Island. -1lth November.- A meeting, by adjournment from the 4th inst., was held at the Church-room, Michael, the President in the chair. Seven ordinary members were nominated. The report of the Treasurer was handed in and approved. The President then gave an interesting description of the Mael Lomchon Cross at Kirk Michael (for full particulars vide paper on "The Manx Runes re-read," in the present number, also Canon Taylor's paper, with illustration, in No. VII). A paper "On Ants and their Habits" was read by Mr. Primrose Wells, M.A., L.R.C.P.- 2nd December. -A meeting was held at the Industrial School, Ramsey, Mr. Savage presiding as before. Seven ordinary members were duly elected, and three were nominated for election at the next meeting. The Rev. Edmund Walsh read a paper "On the Poetry of Astronomy." A report from the Corresponding Societies' Committee of the British Association was submitted to the meeting. Miss E.A. Ormerod, F.R.M.S., presented the Society with a copy of her pamphlet on "The Hessian Fly in Great Britain" (cecidomyia destructor), which the Secretary was directed to acknowledge with many thanks.


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