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She shoh yn laa rug Chreest nyn Jiarn,
Cre’n fa nagh goym’s arrane,
Cre’n fa nagh der mayd gloyr da Jee,
Eh vees dy bragh er mayrn,

Dagh cree gerjoil trog seose nyn giaull,
Lesh moylley’n Jee haink hiu,
Ny ainleyn bannee haink veih niau
Lesh niaghtyn jeh’n laa jiu.

As ren ny ainleyn bannee shen
Lesh bingys boggey niau,
Shee yee as graih, as aigney mie,
Y hoilshagh da sheelnaue.

As vod cloan deiney ye nyn dhost,
Tra haink hooin wheesh dy grayse,
Haink Chiarn y yea ny niaughyn heose
Dy hauail shin veih baase.

Ard creenaght Yee hug shoh dys kione,
Keeayl Yee ren eh ordrail,
E Vac hene hug eh stiagh sy theihll,
Mec Adam dy hauail.

As toig shiu shen lesh creeaghyn glen,
Nagh dooie va’n kionnagh reesht,
Kys vannee Jee dy chooilley nhee
Liorish goaill foalley Chreest.

Jiu hie rollage gloyroil er choyrt,
Er chaghteraght veih Jee,
Dy insh da deiney creeney’n shiar
Jiu rug yn Prince dy Hee.

Eisht hie ny deiney creeney roue,
Sheer geiyrt er y rollage,
Er derrey hooar ad yn Oikan
Ec kione y nah laa yeig.

Hooar Abraham, as hooar Isaac jiu,
Ny yiall Jee daue rolaue,
Jiu rug saualtagh er y theihll
Dy vannaghey sheelnaue.

Jiu ruggyr Shiloh Yacob neesht,
Jiu rug Ree Israel,
Jiu rug Mac Moidyn Yeesey Chreest,
Jiu rug Immanuel.

Lesh boggey mooar, as giastyllys,
Lesh creeaghyn chammah as beeal,
Liorish ve mie, rish ymmyrchee,
Teh cooie dooin feailley reayll.

Tra rye nyn girp ain loan syn ooir,
Ny anmeeyn ain ye beayn,
Heose marish Jee as ainleyn niau,
Trooid toilchinys yn Eayn.


This is the day that Christ was born,
Why don't I praise his name ?
Why don't I glory give to God,
For evermore the same?

Your voices raise, ye happy hearts,
To God now let us pray,
Like those bright angels blest, who brought
Good tidings down to-day.

The host seraphic sang on high
In strains of song refined;
And we will show God' peace, goodwill
And love to all mankind.

Yet when such grace came unto us,
In silence were we found;-
The God of life came from above,
That bliss might e'er abound.

I n wisdom great was thus fulfilled
Our blessed Saviour's birth,
For God ordained that He should come
To save the sons of earth.

Now let us understand aright,
How we were bought again;
How God this mortal world did bless,
How Christ for us was slain.

To-day, the glorious star was sent,
From God it came to tell
The wise men that a Prince indeed
Was born with us to dwell.

They followed on, by faith inspired,
Behind the star of gold,
Until, twelve days' long journeys O'rr,
Their eyes the babe behold.

Now Abraham and Isaac know
What God in love designed;
To-day the Saviour of the world
Is born to bless mankind.

To day is born of Jacob's seed
The King of Israel;
To-day is born the Virgin's son,
The great Emmanuel.

While joy and thankfulness abound,
We should not sleep in sin,
But, doing deeds of charity,
God's smile and blessing win.

Our bodies will in death decay,
But, thanks be to the Son,
Our souls with God and angels blest
Will stand when worlds are done.


The manx revised by W. J. CAIN Douglas.






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