[From ManxNoteBook vol i,1885]

London Gazette - Addresses, 1683

THE following Addresses have been presented to His Majesty, who received them very Graciously.

To the King's most Excellent Majesty,

The humble Address of the Governor, and the other Officers of the Isle of Man, together with the Bishop, the Clergy, and the Principal Inhabitants of the same.

Great SIR,

Although we are divided from Your Majesties other Dominions, not only by distance of place and interposition of the Sea (which we hope will attone for the slowness of this Address) but by many peculiar Laws and Customs of our own, which by Your Majesties Favour and Grace we enjoy, Yet as the Influences of Your Majesties just and wise Government extend also to us, and we live peaceable and happy under the Safe Conduct of it; So we cannot but (in consort with other Your Majesties Loyal Subjects) proclaim to the World our utmost detestation and abhorrence of the black and bloody Conspiracy of the Men of all Religions, and the Men of none, against Your Sacred Majesties Life and Government, and the Life of Your Royal Brother the Duke of York, and with equal Zeal and Sincerity admire and adore that unconceivable Providence which in this and innumerable other instances of Your Life hath so miraculously appeared, for Your Majesties Deliverance, as if You was the single care of it: And as in the late times of Rebellion and Usurpation we constantly adhered to the cause of Religion and Loyalty, under the command of that Glorious Martyr to both, The Right Honourable James, Earl of Derby, and Lord of this Isle; When Your Majesties other Dominions had been long forced to submit to prosperous Wickedness : So we humbly crave leave to assure Your Majesty, that we shall still account our Lives and Fortunes a cheap Sacrifice in defence of Your Majesties Sacred Person and Government, and of the Succession of the Right Line ; and that we beg nothing at the hands of Almighty God with more earnest affection and devotion than Your Majesties long and happy Reign over us; And that the Crown may be continued in Your Majesties Name and Family by an uninterrupted Succession until Time shall be no more.

[Then follows an Address from Great Yarmouth.]  


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