Mannin - A Journal of Matters Past and Present Relating to Mann

MANNIN: a Journal of Matters Past and Present relating to Mann.
Published by Yn Cheshaght Gailckagh, the Manx Language Society.
Editor: Miss Sophia Morrison.
Printer: L. G. Meyer, Douglas.
May, 1913,to May, 1917. pp. 570.
Several half-tone plates. 222x146. Price, one shilling.


According to Cubbon:

Next to the Manx Note-Book, this is the best attempt at the production of a literary publication in the Island. Mannin was issued twice in the year, in the spring on Laa Boaldyn, and in the autumn on Laa Houney.'

Content Pages of Individual Volumes

Number 1 May 1913
Number 2 November 1913
Number 3 May 1914
Number 4 November 1914
Number 5 May 1915
Number 6 November 1915
Number 7 May 1916
Number 8 November 1916
Number 9 May 1917

Combined Index

My Issues are complete but lack the index - the following combined author and title index is based on that presented by Cubbon

Arbory Parish Cradle-Song, Arrane y Clean, 52.

Bairstow, Dr. E. C., On Manx Language and Music, 55
Balaugh, Life in, in the Forties (Ellie Shimmin), 269.
Borrow, George, Expedition to the Isle of Man, 197, 263.
Brown, Thomas Edward, 63; Anniversary of his birth, 491; Letters to Eghert Rydings, 505, New Letters to C. Roeder, 519.
Brown, Tom, In touch with (W. H. Gill), 354.

Caine, P. W. Dorothy Mona Kermode, 569; Sophia Morrison, 499; Manx Carvals and their Writers, 77.
Carvals, Language of, and Literary Manx (E. C. Quiggin), Manx, and their Writers (P. W. Caine), 77
Clague, Dr. John Collection of Folk Airs, 57; Old Manx Airs, 75 149, 279, 370, 493.
Clucas, G. Frederick, Should Our National Legislature be Abolished? 475; Sir William le Scrope, 257.
Coal and Salt in the Isle of Man (W. Boyd Dawkins), 28.
Cornadale, In (P. M. C. Kermode), 9.
Cregneash Folk-lore notes (E.. Faragher), 176.
Cubbon, Willam, On the Forbes Centenary' London, 310; Ballad of Mannanan Beg Mac y Leirr, 40
" Cushag," Folklore Notes, 52, 294, 364; Verse, 24, 64, 138, 504, 517.

Dawkins, Ella Boyd, Two Charms, 124.
Dawkins, W. Boyd, Coal and Salt in Man, 28.
Douglas, Mona, Lezayre Notes, 416; Verse, 247, 369, 562.
Douglas Folk-lore, 124; George Sheffleld in (A. Knox), 184.
Drama, 63, 97, 439.

Expedition to the Isle of Man (George Borrow), 197, 263.

Fairies (W. H. Gill), 87, 242.
Falcons, Manx, at the Coronations (G. W. Wood), 524.
Folk-lore Notes, 124, 253, 294, 360, 416; (" Cushag "), 52; (E. Faragher), 176; (J. J. Joughin), 486, 530; (S.Morrison), 418.
Folk-Song, Manx (A. P. Graves), 91, 170.
Forbes, Edward, 301, 310.

G.G., Old Peel, 318.
German Language, Manx Grammar in the (G. W. Wood),181
Gill, W. H., Manx Miniatures (Fairies, Tom Brown, Music), 87, 242, 354, 385.
Graves, A. P., Folk-Song, 91, 170; Portrait, facing p. 91.

Joughin, J.J. Peel Street Games, 486, 530.
Juan Priest (P. M. C. Kermode), 9, 67, 151, 229, 391, 542.

Kermode, P. M. C., Viking Ship on a Manx monument,178; Raven's Nest, 335; Juan Priest (see 'J'); Swallows and the Wrens, 288.
Kerruish, J; D., Wesley and Mann, 511.
Kirk Andreas Folk-lore, 52;
Kirk Bride Folk-lore, 52.
Knox, Archibald, George Sheffleld in Douglas, 184; His Work (W. T. [Winifred Tuckwell]), 381; John Miller Nicholson 25, Pewter Designs by (illus.), f.p. 382, 383; Portrait, 381.

Legislature, Manx, Should it be abolished? (G. F. Clucas),475.
Literary Manx and the Language of the Carvals (E. C. Quiggin), 35.
Lonan Folk-lore, 126, 360.

Mannanan Beg Mac y Leirr, Ballad of (W. Cubbon), 40.
Manx Coast Sketches (P.G.Ralfe) 347, 399, 534.
Manx Grammar in the German Language (G. W. Wood),181.
Manx Miniatures (W. H. Gill), 87, 242, 354, 385.
Marown, the Saint's name in Wales (Sir John Rhys), 61.
Morrison, Sophia, Appreciations, 499, 502, 562, 564; Folklore, 564; Portrait f.p. 499; Ruskin and Eghert Rydings' letters, 164, 407.
Music in the Isle of Man (M. L. Wood), 33.

Nicholson, J. M., 53; Biographical Note (A. Knox), 25;Portrait, t.p. 1.

Old Manx Music ,330
Old Peel (G.G.), 318.

Peel Street Games (J. J. Joughin), 486, 530.
Proverbs, 495.

Quiggin, E. C., Literary Manx and the Language of the Carvals, 35.
Quine, F., White Lady, 363.

Ralfe, P. G., Between Fleshwick and Dalby, 81, 139;Manx Coast Sketches, 347, 399, 534.
Raven's Nest (P. M. C. Kermode), 335.
Reminiscences of Manx Pioneers, (W.S. Kerruish), 275
Rhys, Sir John, Saint's Name Marown in Wales, 61.
Roeder, C., New letters from T. E. Brown, 519.
Rydings, Eghert, and John Ruskin (Sophie Morrison),165, 407; Letters to T. E. Brown, 505.

Saletauli [Charles Cowley in South Pacific] 365
Scrope, William le. 375; (G. F. Clucas), 257; Portrait, 255
Sculptor, Manx, and his Work: J W. Swynnerton (F.Swynnerton), 129.
Sheffleld, George. in Douglas (A. Knox) 184.
Shimmin, Christopher R., The Smuggler, 4l; Third Boat,422.
Shimmin, Ellie, Life in Ballaugh in the Forties, 269.
Swynnerton, F., A Manx Sculptor and his Work, 129.

The Wanderer (rescue of Lusitania passengers) 315
T. W. [Winifred Tuckfield], Archibald Knox, 381.

Wesley, John, and Man (J. D. Kerruish), 511.
White Lady (F. Quine), 363.
Wilson, Ven. J. M., T. E. Brown, 250.
Witches in the Isle of Man, 205.
Wood, G. W., Manx Falcons at the Coronation, 524; Manx Grammar in the German Language, 181; Old Manx Music, 330; Sir William le Scrope, 375.
Wood, Miss M. L., Music in Man, 33; Portrait, tf. 33.

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