[From Pigot's Directory, 1823]


IS the capital of the Island, though yielding in many important considerations to Douglas, from which it is S. W. ten miles, twelve nearly S. of Peel, sixteen S. of Kirk Michael through St. John's, and by the same route. twenty-three nearly S. W. of Ramsey; through Douglas and Laxey to Ramsey, it is twenty-six miles. In the centre of the town stands Castle Rushen, a noble specimen of Gothic architecture, and well worthy the researches of the antiquarian. according to tradition it was built by Guttred in 960. It is said to bear a striking resemblance to Eisineur Castle, in Zealand. It is now the jail of the island, the residence of the Lieutenant-Governor, and the place where most of the law-courts are held. The parish church of Malew is nearly two miles distant; and the chapel of ease, in the Parade or Market-place, opposite to the castle, having been found inconveniently small, will shortly be replaced with a more commodious one now building. A river of the same name divides the town into two unequal parts Over it is a draw-bridge for foot-passengers, and a little higher up a stone one for horses and carriages. The market-place, though spacious, is little used as such as the country people make a practice of calling at private houses to leave their custom butter and to dispose of their other produce. The bay is rocky and dangerous, and the harbour admits vessels of small burden only. Castletown contains many well-built houses, and an excellent inn; the neighbourhood comprises a fertile and pleasant district. The population, according to the last census, was 2036.-Derbyhaven, about a mile to the east, is a fishing village, with an excellent natural harbour, greatly resorted to by the herring-fleet. Ballasalla lies two miles to the northward and is one of the most considerable villages in the island. Port-le Mary, and Port-Erin commonly called Port-Iron, are two small harbours in a westerly direction, and to the south-westward, and, at a little distance from the mainland, is the Calf of Man, a small Island, often visited by parties of pleasure : a great part of it is occupied as a rabbit-warren.

POST OFFICE - Post Mistress Mrs Joynson - for particulars see Douglas


The Hon. Cornelius Smelt, Lieut.. Governor, Castle Rushen
Bateman Rev. James, classical & commercial academy, Malew st
Brew Captain Robt. R. N. Green
Briddon Mr. John, Malew-st
Brine Thos. Esq. Arbory-st
Cannell Mrs. Malew-st .
Christian Mrs. Cath. Ballasalla
Christian Rev. William, vicar of Malew, and visiting chaplain of Castle Rushen
Cotteen Mrs, Catharine
Crellin Jno. C. Esq. Bowling-green
Cubbon Mr. Wm. Malew-st
Cuminghame Colonel Wm.
Cuminghame Robt. Esq.
Duncan Lieut. James, R. N.
Fallowes Capt. Thomas, Balla-salla cottage
Faulder Jos Esq. Ronaldsway
Gelling Mrs. Jane, Malew-st
Gelling Captain John, Parade
Gibson F. Alured Captain, Green
Glue Major, 4. B. S. Abbey Cottage, Ballasalla
Gordon Major S. Green
Harrison Mr. Matthew, Malew-st
Harwell Major F. Abbey, Balla-salla.
Holmes Mrs. Elizabeth, Arbory-st
Holmes Rev. Archibald, Arbory-st
Ingersoll Mr. P. R. Malew-st
Kelley Mrs. J. Gentlewoman
Kitchen Mrs. E. Malew-st
Lucas John, Esq. C. P. KnockRushen
M'Hutchin John, Esq. clerk of the rolls, Bowling-green House
Manson Wm. Esq. Malew-st
Monkhouse Thos. Esq. Malew-st
Moore Mrs. Arm, Balla-salla
Moore Misses C. & M. the Bank
Moore Thos. Esq. Crescent-cottg.
Parsons Rev. G. minister of St. Mary's and master of the grammar-school
Quayle George Esq.
Quayle Robt. Esq. West-hill-house
Quilliam Captain
Quirk George, Esq.
Quirk Misses E. S. & C.
Quirk Philip, Esq. Scarlet-house i
Redfern Mrs. Elizabeth; near the Draw-bridge
Smith Captain, Malew-st
Stowell Mrs. E. Malew-st
Talboys Rev. Thos. Wesleyan minister, Green
Taubman Mrs. C. Malew-st
Thimbleby Rev,. Thomas, M. A. academic professor and government chaplain
Wilkes Captain James, Arbory-st


Bateman Rev. James, classical & commercial academy, Malew-st
Cain John, advocate, Malew st
Caley Philip, professor of music and organist at St. Mary's
Cotteen Messdames, & Co. academy
Cregeen Jonathan, surgeon, Malew street
Cuninghame Robt. advocate
Currie R. M.D.& surgeon,Malew-st
Drennin Marshal, professor of dancing
Gelling F. L. advocate, Green
Jones Rd. surgeon, &c. Malew-st
Looney S. M. advocate, Bowling-.gr
Morris John, superintendent of the Taubman Free-school
Scott Joseph, M. D. and surgeon


Collector, James Wilks, Esq.
Comptroller, landing-waiter, searcher, and coast-waiter, J. Gelling, Esqr.
Tide-surveyor, Mr. Ths. Cubbon
Tide-waiters and boatmen, John Bridson, John Bell, Philip Kewley, William Archer, William Callow, and one vacancy


George Inn and Hotel, lease carriages of every description, saddle horses, &c. Market-pla
Wheat Sheaf, Richard Cubbon, Kirk Malew-st


Cannell Mrs. Malew-st
Fletcher Mrs. Malew-st
Kelley Mrs.
M'Gray Jane, Malew-st
Woods Mrs. Isabella, Malew-st


Boyde Thos. blacksmith,New-quay
Cain Denis, spirit dealer, Market-pl
Cain Wm. stone & marble room, Kirk Arbory-st
Caine John, baker flour dealer
Chesterman John, flour dealer, Kirk Arbory-st
Christian James, boot & shoemaker, & wine & spirit dealer, Chapel-corner
Christian John,wine, &c. merchant, plumber, &c. Malew-st
Clague Charles, blacksmith & vict. Balla-salla
Clague John, boot & shoemaker, Malew.st
Clague Robert, cooper, spirit dealer. &c. Malew-st
Clague Thos. shoemaker, Malew-st
Colquit Edwd. stone mason; and keeper of the house of keys
Corkill Thos. shoemaker, Malew-st
Corkill Wm. carrier, Malew-st
Corrin John, joiner, &c. New-quay
Corrin Wrn. boot & shoemaker, &c. Kirk Arbory-st
Cowen Wm. hair-dresser, Queen-st
Cowley Robt. vict. Balla-salla
Craine Robt. hatter. Malew-st
Creer John, flour dealer & leathercutter, Kirk Arbory-st
Crow Wm. saddler & ironmonger
Cubbon Richd. corn, bacon, fish, &c.factor, grocer & innkeeper, Wheat Sheaf, Malew.st
Curphey John, farmer, & wine & spirit merchant, Derby-haven
CUSTOM-HOUSE, Kirk Arbory-st
Dinwoodey James, nail makr. Bank
Downes Wm. grocer, chandler, tobacconist, wine merchant, &c.
Duff Robt. & John, grocer, tobacco & wine & spirit merchants
Faulder Thus. brewer, maltster, butcher,Ronaldsway & Market-pl
Fell Edwd. boot and shoemaker. Malew-st
Finigan Mrs. Isabella, mistress of the Female free-school
Francis Tobias, linen & woollen draper, hardware& jewellery dealer, Kirk Arbory-st
Gale Robt. tailor, Malew-st
Gallahal John, grocer,&c.Malew-st
Gelling Elizabeth, milliner, haberdasher, perfumer, stationer, shoe-warehouse, & fancy repository, Parade
Gelling John, joiner and builder, Malew-st
Gelling Robt. joiner & builder,Quay
Harrison Edw. baker, &c.Malew-st
Harrison Jno. stonemason, Malew-st
Harrison Wm. rope maker& flax dresser. Kirk Arbory-st
Hodgetts Johti, barrack sergeant, Malew-st
Jefferson Thos. lime burner and merchant, Ballaliott
Kelleeg Thos. shoemaker, Malew-st
Kelly Edwd. boot and shoemaker,Malew-st ,
Kermode John, general dealer & confectionery Malew-st
Kermode Paul, tanner & leather. cutter, Ballasalla
Kerr Robt. watch & clock maker, Malew-st
Kerruish John, linen and woollen drapery Kirk Arbory-st
Kewley Wm. clerk in the Rolls office, Green
Keymer Wm. wheelwright
Killey Wm. timber merchant, &c. Kirk Arbory-st
Kinvig Thos. joiner and isaddler Kirk Arbory-st
Kirruish Wm. baker & flour dealer. Malew-st
Kneale Henry, vict. Balla-salla
Lace Daniel, vict. Balla-salla
Lawson Edwd. farmer, Malew-st
Layland Danl, baker & flour dealer
Lowry Alex. glazier and tinplate-worker, Kirk Arbory-st
M'Gravy John, tallow chandler & soap-boiler, Malew-st
M'Kie Danl. town-crier, Malew-st
M'Kissock Ross, stone mason, Queen-st ,
Molineaux John, butcher, baker & flour dealer, Kirk Arbory-st
Quayle John, tailor, Malew-st
Quayle John,wheelwright,Malew-st
Quayle John, brewer, Parade
Quayle Thos. stonemason,Malew-st
Ratcliffe Wm. flour dealer & blacksmith, Malew-st
Shimmin Robt. joiner, West-hill
Taubman Matthias. blacksmith, Malew-st
Watershead Wm. joiner, Malew-st
Wilson James & Co. Linen & woollen drapers, Malew-st
Woods Isabella, wine & spirit dealery Malew-street



DOUGLAS, every Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday, & returns the same day.

LIVERPOOL, the Otter.



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