[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


Castletown (Manx, Balley-chastal), formerly called Russen, or Rushen, derives its present name from the ancient fortress whose huge bulk towers so prominently over the neat little town, clustered around it. It stands on the Bay of Castletown, at the mouth of the Silverburn, and is the principal town and port of the south. The country for some miles, both along the coast and inland, is low and undulating, and the coast is flat and rocky ; but the district is healthy and pleasant, and the land is well cultivated. Castletown is one of the oldest towns in the British Islands. From certain discoveries of Roman remains in its Market-place, it appears to have been a considerable town in Roman times. On the conquest of the Island by the Northmen in the early part of the 10th century, it was selected as one of the principal seats of the royal authority, and a strong fortress was erected in its centre. After the destruction of this Danish stronghold by the Bruce, in the beginning of the 14th century, the present noble specimen of the military architecture of the Middle Ages was erected by the English Lords of the Isle, and made their principal residence in the Island. This distinction it retained until the seat of the Government was finally transferred to Douglas by Governor Loch in 1863. The castle, which is in a wonderfully good state of preservation, is in the centre of the quaint old town ; and from it the streets of the town branch northward and westward. They are narrow and winding, like all the old Manx towns, and from the unequal height and character of the houses, they have a very irregular appearance ; but they are clean and pleasant, and the houses being built of the gray limestone of the district, have a more attractive look than the cemented slate houses of the other Manx towns. The suburbs are especially neat, and the houses comfortable. The old castle is the pride of the town, and its chief attraction to strangers. It is built on the western side of the harbour, of large blocks of the hard local limestone. The main building is a square keep, with massive towers of the same form at each of its four corners. The walls of the keep are 12 feet thick at their base, and 7 feet thick at their summit. The north, or Flagstaff Tower, is 80 feet high, and the others are 7O feet. Surrounding this central mass is an embattled wall, 25 feet high and 9 feet thick, defended by seven square towers ; and outside this rampart was a moat, or ditch, fed from the river, now filled up. The castle is now used chiefly as a prison. Castletown possesses one church, St. Mary’s, in the Market-place, and the various dissenting bodies have each their own chapels. in the Market-place is a fine Done column, erected in 1836, to Governor Smelt. Down to 1706 the Keys assembled in the castle; since that time down to the removal of the Legislature to Douglas, they met in a plain building, in a small square on the south side of the castle. The town possesses a grammar school, a "Ladies’ High School," and a good elementary school. It possesses two good hotels— The George and the Union—together with several respectable inns, refreshment rooms, and lodging houses. Castletown possesses a large
and increasing trade, chiefly in agricultural produce and fish. Its population is about 2,400. In the immediate vicinity is King William s College, a very successful public school, originally intended for the education of the Manx youth. The present principal is the Rev. J. Hughes-Games, D.C.L.


Alexander, Alfred, army pensioner, Malew-street
Arnold, John, miller, Water-mills
Austin, Charles, hairdresser, Malew-street
Austin, Miss Isabella M., Parliament-square


Backwell, Matthew James, printer, binder, stationer, Malew street
Barrett, William John, toys, smallwares, Malew-street
Bell, James, marble mason, Malew-street
Bell, John, brewer, Douglas-street
Bell, John, farmer, Mill-street
Bell, Thomas, labourer, Hope-street
Bell, Thomas, quarrier, Arbory-street
Bell, Thomas, shoemaker, Mill-street
Bell, William, boot and shoemaker, Malew-street
Bell, William, fisherman, Malew-street
Bell, William, joiner, Mill-street
Blackburn, John, blacksmith, Bank-street
Boyd, James, ropemaker, Malew-street
Boyd, John, gardener, Hope-street
Boyd, Miss Julia, Bank-street
Boyd, Robert, grocer, Malew-street
Boyd, Robert, police-constable, Hope-street
Boyd, Thomas, furnishing ironmonger, Malew-street
Bradshaw, George, draper, Castle-street
Bridson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Queen-street
Bridson, Mrs. Esther, School-lane
Bridson, James, mariner, Queen-street
Bridson, Richard, labourer, Douglas-street
Bridson, Richard, labourer, Queen-street
Bridson, Thomas, labourer, Malew-street
Bridson, Thomas, tailor, Malew-street
Bridson, Mrs. Mary Ann, laundress, Back Green
Brophy, Thomas, army pensioner, Hope-street
Brown, James S ., tailor, Parade
Brown, John, City-view, Back Green
Buchan, Miss Jane, College Green
Burman, Mrs. Eliza Yates, Douglas-street


Cain, Miss Elizabeth, grocer, wine & spirit merch’t, Malew-st.
Cain, James, dairy keeper, Malew-street
Cain, William, chief constable, Douglas-street
Caley, William, marine stores, Malew-street
Callow, Edward, tailor, Church-street
Callow, John, mariner, Queen-street
Callow, William, coxswain of lifeboat, Queen-street
Callow, Wm., tailor, also dealer in fancy goods, toys, &c.; first-class lodgings, Arbory-street. (See advt. p. 5 64.)
Cannell, Miss Alice, Arbory-street
Cannell, Miss Charlotte, dressmaker, Castle-quay
Cannell, James, mariner, Hope-street
Cannell, John, fisherman, Mill-street
Cannefl, John, mariner, Church-street
Cannell, William, coachman, Douglas-street
Cannell, William, tailor, Malew-street
Carr, Thomas, butcher, Queen-street
Cary, Lieut.-Col. Clarence Horatio, Beach House, Douglas-st.
Castle Arms Inn, John Moore, proprietor, Castle-quay
Caugherty, Henry, fisherman, Back Green
Caugherty, James, miner, Malew-street
Caveen, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house, Quay
Caveen, Thomas, lodging house & dairy, Parliament-square
Champion, Abraham, Queen-street
Christian, Charles, draper, Hope-street
Christian, Mrs. Elizabeth, Mill-street
Christian, Miss Jane, Mill-street
Christian, Robert, carter, Arbory-street
Christian, William, proprietor Mona Inn, Arbory-street
Christopher, Henry Carmichael, civil engineer, The Green
Clague Bros. (Robt. & Wm.), butchers, Market-place
Clague, Charles, coachman, Malew-street
Clague, Charles, mariner, Arbory-street
Clague, David, joiner, Arbory-street
Clague, Edward, coachman, Arbory-road
Clague. Edward cooper, Queen-street
Clague, Mrs. Elizabeth, Arbory-street
Clague, Miss Elizabeth, farmer, Malew-street
Clague, Miss Elizabeth, milliner, Malew-street
Clague, James, mariner, Crofts
Clague, John, L.R.C.PLond., M.R.C.S.Edin., L.S.A.L., physician and surgeon, Crofts
Clague, John, master mariner, Arbory-street
Clague, John, sawyer, Back Green
Clague, Miss Margaret, baker, Malew-street
Clague, Miss Margaret, dressmaker, Malew-street
Clague, Richard, fisherman, Back Green
Clague, Robert (Clague Brothers) ; res., Arbory-street
Clague, Robert, grocer and provision dealer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, Arbory-street. (See advt., p. 565)
Clague, Robert, plumber and gasfitter, Malew-street
Clague, Robert, quarrier, Queen-street
Clague, Thomas John, mason, Malew-street
Clague, William (Clague Brothers) , res. Church-street
Clague, William, farmer, Bowling Green
Clague, William, labourer, Queen-street
Clarke, Miss Eliza, dressmaker, Church-street
Clarke, George, army pensioner, Hope-street
Clarke, Mrs. Jane, The Green
Clarke, Thomas, farmer, dairy-keeper, Church-street
Clarke, William, mariner, Malew-street
Clarke, William James, baker, Malew-street
Clarke, William Thomas, marble mason, Malew-street
Cleator, Frederick, fisherman, Quay-lane
Clegg, Mrs. Isabella, Malew-street
Clucas, John, mariner, Queen-street
Clucas, Simpson, shoemaker, Queen-street
Clucas, William, police-constable, Arbory-street
Clucas, William, saddler, Malew-street
Coffey, David, Mill-street
Collister, Miss Esther, dairy-keeper, lodging-house, The Green
Collister, Robert, farmer, The Green
Collister George, tailor & draper, Malew-street
Collister, William, labourer, Queen-street
Colquit, Mrs. Elizabeth, Malew-street
Comish, Mrs. Ann, Mill-street
Condon, James, labourer, Queen-street
Condon, Richard, joiner, Malew-street
Condon, William, mariner, Malew-street
Cooil, James (Cooil & Qualtrough) , Hope-street
Cooil, John, fisherman, Malew-street
Cooil, John, labourer, Castle Quay
Cooil & Qualtrough, ship builders, Hope-street
Cooil, Richard, baker, Hope-street
Cooil, Richard, mason, Mill-street
Cooil, Thomas, labourer, Flope-street
Cooper, Miss Alicia, Malew-street
Cooper, Miss Ellen, Arbory-roaci
Cooper, James, joiner & builder, Arbory-street
Cooper, Jethn, joiner & builder, Arbory-street
Copass, E. C., assistant master at King William’s College
Corkill, Lewis, blacksmith, Malew-street
Corkill, Robert, carter, Malew-street
Corkill, Robert, furnishing ironmonger & tinsmith, Bank-st.
Corkill, Thomas, joiner & cartwright, Hope-street
Corlett, Albert Jas., agent, corn & flour mills, Arbory-street
Corlett, John, mariner, Douglas-street
Corlett, Thomas, mariner, Douglas-street
Corlett, William, mariner, lodging house, Back Green
Corrin, Miss Ann, laundress, Back Green
Corrin, Miss Catherine, mistress, Infant School, Malew-street
Corrin, Mrs. Eleanor, Bank-street
Corrin, Mrs. Ellen, Arbory-street
Corrin, Henry, labourer, Back Green
Corrin, Henry, shoemaker, dairy keeper, Mill-street
Corrin, James, painter, oil & colour man, Malew-street
Corrin, John, labourer, Malew-street
Corrin, Mrs. Margaret, Hope-street
Corrin, Mrs . Martha, Parliament-lane
Corrin, Richard, painter, Malew-street
Corrin, Richard, mariner, Malew-street
Corrin, Tom, agent for the Isle of Man Banking Company (Limited) , Parade
Corrin, William, boot and shoemaker, Douglas-street
Corrin, William, carter, Back Green
Corrin, William, chemist and druggist, Arbory-street
Corrin, William, gardener, Malew-street
Corrin, William, mason and greengrocer, Malew-street
Corrin, William, painter, Church-street
Corteen, Hugh, joiner, Back Green
Corteen, John, cardriver, Parliament-lane
Corteen, Robert, mariner, Queen-street
Costain, Edward, labourer, Arbory-street
Costain, Edward, labourer, Bank-street
Costain, John, mason, Malew-street
Costain, Thomas, mason, Malew-street
Costain, William, engirieman, Arbory-street
Costain, WTilliam, mason, Mill-street
Costain, William, mason and builder, Malew-street
Cottier, Robert, gardener and town waiter, Back Green
Coulton, Thomas, army pensioner, New Quay-lane
Cowell, Thomas, dairy keeper, Douglas-street
Cowell, William, livery stables, Parliament-lane
Cowin, Ellen, Queen-street
Cowley, Robert (Goldsmith & Cowley), grain, seed, & manure stores, New Quay-lane (res., Ramsey)
Creer, Miss Esther, Arbory-street
Creer, John, tailor, Queen-street
Creetch, William, labourer, Douglas-street
Cregeen, Archibald, labourer, Bank-street
Cregeen, Miss Eleanor, Crofts
Cregeen, James, shoemaker, The Green
Crellin, James Richard, tailor, Mill-street
Crellin, Robert Quayle, collector of Customs, West-hill, Arbory-road
Crellin, Thomas, dairy keeper, lodging house, Douglas-street. (See advt. p. 571.)
Crellin, Thomas, tailor, Mill-street
Cretney, Mrs. Ann, widow, Back Green
Cretney, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, Back Green
Crown Arms Inn, Thomas Kelly, proprietor, Quay
Cubbon, Miss Jane, boot and shoemaker, Malew-street
Cubbon, Henry, farmer, Malew-street
Cubbon, Henry, fancy bread & biscuit. baker & confectioner, Arbory-street. (See advt. p. 564.)
Cubbon, Henry, joiner, Malew-street
Cubbon, James, cooper, Malew-street
Cubbon, Mrs. Jane, Arbory-street
Cubbon, John, joiner, Mill-street
Cubbon, John, marble mason, Malew-street
Cubbon, John, mariner, Malew-street
Cubbon, John, saddler and leather dealer, Arbory-street
Cubbon, Mrs. Rebecca, farmer, Malew-street
Cubbon, Thomas, labourer, Mill-street
Cudd, William Henry, Arbory-road
Curphey, David, car-driver, Parade
Curphey, John, fisherman, Malew-street
Curphey, William, mariner, Mill-street


Daniels, Peter, confectioner, Malew-street
Davidson, Rev. Hugh Coleman (King William’s College), College Green
Dickson, General (Edward John), Lorn House, Douglas-street
Dickson, John, army pensioner, Hope-street
Dinwoody, Mrs. E. E., The Green
Dodd, Tom M., grocer, wine & spirit merchant, Malew-street
Dowling, Charles, blacksmith, Malew-street
Duke, John, tailor, draper, and outfitter, Arbory-street. (See advt. p. 566)
Duke, Richard, fisherman, Queen-street
Duke, Miss Susannah, dressmaker, Arbory-street
Duke, Thomas, shoemaker, Malew-street
Duke, William, fisherman, Queen-street
Duke, William John, tailor, Arbory-street


Edwards, Robert Jones, King William’s College, College Green


Faragher, Mrs. Ellen, Hope-street
Fargher, Edward, lahourer, New Quay-lane
Fargher, John, mason, Malew-street
Farrant, General (Augustus Dover Lyddon) , Arbory-street
Fell, Benjamin, fisherman, Douglas-street
Ferrier, Rev. Edward, MA., Government Chaplain, and secretary to the Board of Education, Arbory-road
Fisher, Miss Jane, College Green
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Alice, Back Green
Flinn, John, Victoria Arms Inn, Malew-street


Gale, Mrs. Elizabeth, Mill-street
Gale, John, fisherman, Hope-street
Gale, Mrs Margaret, dairy keeper, Malew-street
Gallagher, Hugh, mariner, Bank-street
Gallagher, Patrick, tinsmith, Malew-street
Garside, Robert, teacher, King William’s College
Gawne, Edward, mariner, Bank-street
Geldard, George, master of Boys’ School, Hope-street
Gell, Mrs. Ann, Mill-street
Gell, Mrs. Elizabeth, huckster, Malew-street
Gell, Sir James, Attorney-General, JP., advocate, College Green
Gell, James S., advocate, College Green
Gell, John, butcher, Market-place
Gell, Peter, shoemaker, Malew-street
Gelling, George Samuel, retired baker, Crofts
Gelling, Henry Evans, advocate, notary public, Arbory-road
Gelling, John, joiner & builder, Malew-street
Gelling, John, steam thrashing mill, Mill-street
Gelling, Stephen, baker, Malew-street
Gelling, William, labourer, Queen-street
George Hotel, John Gilbert, proprietor, Market-place. (See advt. p- 569.)
Gill, John Frederick, advocate, notary public, College Green
Gill, Mrs., Sandymount, College Green
Glencairn House, J. J. Maddrell, proprietor, general drapery, millinery, and dressmaking establishment, Arbory-street. (See advt. p. 570.)
Goldsmith & Cowley, grain & manure stores, New Quay-lane
Goodwin, Edward, lodging house, Malew-street


Hamilton, James, tinsmith, Douglas-street
Hamilton, Mrs. Mary, Malew-street
Harris, Mrs. Catherine, Arbory-street
Harrison, James, labourer, Malew-street
Harrison, John, fisherman, Mill-street
Harrison, John, labourer, Mill-street
Harrison, Mrs. Mary, Mill-street
Heaton, Rev. William, M.A., vice-principal King William’s College, College Green
Heelis, John, army pensioner, Mill-street
Heslop, Mrs. Crofts
Hewson, John, fisherman, Back Hope-street
Hilton, Rev. Robert, Primitive Methodist Minister, Malew street
Hope and Anchor Inn (R. Shimmin), Hope-street
Howden, William, The Green
Hudson, George, ironmonger, tinsmith, Arbory-street
Hudson, Mrs. Jane, tanner, Malew-street
Hudson, Joseph, mariner, Mill-street
Hudson, Robert, boot and shoemaker, Malew-street
Hudson, Thomas, gardener, Malew-street
Hudson, William, fisherman, Mill-street
Hughes-Games, Rev. Joshua, D.C.L., principal of King William’s College ;. res., The College, east end. (See advt. p. 568.)
Hunter, Miss Catherine, Queen-street
Hyde, Miss Margaret, Queen-street


Jeffcott, Miss Catherine, Malew-street
Jeffcott, John Moore, High-Bailiff, Registrar, HK, Crofton, Crofts
Jenkins, Rev. David Davies, master King William’s College; boards at College Green
Johnson, Andrew, shoemaker, letter carrier, Queen-street
Jones, John, surgeon, Malew-street
Jones, Mrs Mary, lodging-house, College Green


Karran, Thomas, labourer, Malew-street
Kegg, John S., family grocer, wine and spirit merchant, tea dealer, and tobacconist, Arbory-street
Kegg, Philip James (Mylchreest & Co.), Malew-street
Kegg, Richard, labourer, Queen-street
Kelly, Mrs. Ann, Quay
Kelly, Edward, saddler, leather dealer, manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes, Arbory-street
Kelly, Henry, assistant harbour-master, Quay-lane
Kelly, Henry, mariner, School-lane
Kelly, James, labourer, Queen-street
Kelly, James, painter, Queen-street
Kelly, Miss Jane, confectioner, Newsroom, Castle-street
Kelly, John, furniture dealer, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, paperhanger, dealer in pictures, and picture-framer, Arbory street ; res., The Green. (See advt., p. 566)
Kelly, John, mariner, Castle-quay
Kelly, John, mariner, Hope-street
Kelly, John, mason and builder, Malew-street
Kelly, John, painter, Queen-street
Kelly, Mrs. Margaret, huckster, Quay-lane
Kelly, Mrs. Mary, Malew-street
Kelly, Mrs. Mary Jane, laundress, Back Green
Kelly, Richard, mariner, Queen-street
Kelly, Thomas, mariner, Douglas-street
Kelly, Thomas, Crown Arms Inn, Quay
Kelly, Thomas, tailor, Queen-street
Kennaugh, Henry, dairy keeper, Malew-street
Kennaugh, John, farmer, Malew-street
Kennaugh, Mrs. Margaret Jane, dairy keeper, Malew-street
Kennedy, John, army pensioner, Malew-street
Kermode, James, dairy keeper, Malew-street
Kermode, John Frederick, biscuit baker and confectioner, Arbory-street. (See advt. p. 567.)
Kermode, Robert, retired mariner, Back Green
Kermode, Robert Kelly, druggist & perfumer, Malew-street
Kermode, William, mariner, Douglas-street
Kermode, William Henry, saddler & leather cutter, Malew-st.
Kernigan, William, labourer, Malew-street
Kewin, Edward, hairdresser, Church-street
Kewish, James, harbour master, Quay
Kewish, William, fisherman, Malew-street
Kewley, Miss Elizabeth Anti, glass & china dealer, Malew-st.
Kewley, George Edward, accountant, Crofts
Kewley, Mrs. Mary, Malew-street
Kewley, Robt., provision dealer and coal merchant, coroner of Rushen sheading, Parliament-square
Killey, John, labourer, Douglas-street
Killey, Matthew James, Church-street
Killip, Mrs. Ann, Church-street
Killip, Mrs. Eleanor, Malew-street
Kinder, James B., gardener, Castle-street
King William’s College, Rev. J. Hughes-Games, D.C.L., principal. (See advt. p. 568.)
Kinracle, John, blacksmith, Malew-street
Kinvig, John, postmaster ; also, boot and shoe manufacturer, Arbory-street
Kinvig, Thomas, fisherman, Arbory-street
Kinvig, Thomas, fisherman, Hope-street
Kitchin, Miss Eleanor, smalhvares, Malew-street
Kneale, James, dairy-keeper, farmer, Hope-street
Kneale, Robert, shoemaker, Queen-street
Kneale, Wm. Robt., grocer, wine & spirit merchant, Arbory-st.


Lace, David, mason, Arbory-street
Ladies’ High School, Miss Moss, principal, Castle-street
Lewin, William, butcher, Mill-street
Leyland, James, mason, Mill-street
Life Saving Apparatus (Board of Trade), rocket stores, Parliament-square
Linchey, John, marine stores, Back Hope-street
Liewellyn, Mrs. C. C., Parade
Looney, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Back Green
Looney, Mrs . Elizabeth, Hope-street
Lucas, John, gardener, Crofts


Mackay, Miss, Crofts
Maddrell, John, carpenter, Malew-street
Maddrell, John J. (Glencairn House) , general draper, silk mercer, haberdashery, millinery, and dressmaking, Arbory street. (See advt. p. 570.)
Martin, Edward, deputy registrar of births, marriages, and deaths ; clerk to school committee ; collector of lunatic asylum, education, and lighting rates ; house, estate, and general agent ; auctioneer, Arbory-st. (See advt. p. 571.)
Martin, John, gardener, Arbory-street
Mona Inn, Wm. Christian, propr., Arbory-street
Moore, Edward, fisherman, Malew-street
Moore, John, carpenter, Quay
Moore, John, proprietor Castle Arms Inn, Castle-quay
Morgan, William, marine stores, Malew-street
Morrison, Mrs. Eleanor, Mill-street
Moss, Miss, Ladies’ High School, Castle-street
Mullin, Mrs. Jane, widow, Back Green
Mullins, John, dyer, Malew-street
Munns, Mrs. Ann, laundress, Mill-street
Mylchreest, James, mariner, Quay-lane
Mylchreest, James & Co., merchants, grocers, &c. (Lloyd’s agency) , Malew-street
Mylchreest, James (Lloyd’s agent for the Isle of Man) , Bay-view Villa
Mylchreest, John, hatter, Arbory-street
Mylchreest, John Robert, mariner, Water-mills
Mylrea, John Thomas, warehouseman, Hope-street
McClellan, Miss, Westham, Arbory-road
McGill, David, army pensioner, Queen-street
McGill, Mrs. Elizabeth, marine stores, Queen-street
McGrattan, Mrs. Elizabeth, Mill-street
McKenna, Mrs., lodging-houses, Crofts and Victoria-road
McMahon, Robert, first examining officer of Customs, Quay
McMeiken, John, agent for Dumbell’s Banking Company, Limited, Parliament-square
McMeiken, Miss, Crofts


Newton, Mrs . Harriet, Arbory-street
Newton, Miss, Westham, Arbory-road~


Oliver, Mrs. Mary, laundress, Back Green
Openshaw, Rev. James, Primitive Methodist minister (retired), Back Green


Peake, Mrs. The Green
Pink, Mrs . Margaret, Queen-street
Pleignier, Victor, teacher of languages, King William’s College ; res., The Green
Preston, Thomas, baker, Malew-street


Qualtrough, Miss Catherine, dressmaker, Malew-street
Qualtrough, Joseph (Cooil and Qualtrough), Hope-street
Quayle, George, fisherman, School-lane
Quayle, George Harrington, advocate, Douglas-street
Quayle, George Parsons (Quayle & Usher), Rushen House
Quayle, James, tailor and confectioner, Back Green
Quayle, John, dairy keeper, Malew-street
Quayle, John, fisherman, Church-street
Quayle, John, mariner and dairy keeper, Malew-street
Quayle, Miss Margaret, mistress of Girls’ School Hope-street
Quayle, Robert, tailor, Malew-street
Quayle and Usher (George Parsons Quayle and Thomas Frederick Usher), brewers, Castle Rushen Brewery
Quayie, William, butcher, Malew-street
Quayle, William, gardener, Bowling’-green
Quayle, William, j oiler, Malew-street
Quilliam, George, carter, dairy keeper, Malew-street
Quilliam, John, dairy keeper, farmer, Mill-street
Quilliam, Samuel, road-man, Malew-street
Quilliam, Thomas, labourer, dairy keeper, Malew-street
Quilliam, Thos., marble mason, Crofts. (See advt., p. 571)
Quine, Henry, police constable, Mill-street
Quine, William, labourer, Queen-street
Quine, William (propr. Cregg Mills) , corn, flour, seed, and manure stores ; wareroom, Arbory-streef; res., Silverdale
Quinney, Mrs. Elizabeth, Queen-street
Quinney, James, mariner, Castle-street
Quirk, Robert, coachman, Back Green


Radcliffe, James, labourer, Queen-street
Radcliffe, John, farm seeds and manure, The Green
Radcliffe, John, Queen-street
Radcliffe, Mrs. Sarah, Queen-street
Railway Refreshment Rooms, Railway Station
Raynes, Miss, Crofts
Read, H., drawing master at King William’s College
Reid, Andrew, joiner, Mill-street
Roberts, Rev. Thomas, Wesleyan Methodist Minister, Crofts
Rothwell, Miss Eleanor, confectioner, Malew-street


Sansbury, George, mariner, Hope-street
Sansbury, John, labourer, Queen-street
Sansbury, William, farmer, Back Green
Sayle, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, Malew-street
Sayle, John, mason, Hope-street
Schofield, Hugh, carrier, Back Green
Schofield, The Misses, milliners, Parliament-square
Schofield, Robert, joiner and builder, lodging house, College Green
Schofield, Thomas, j oiner, Parliament-square
Senior, William, tinsmith, Malew-street
Sharp, Joseph, barrack sergeant, Malew-street
Shimmin, John, railway carrier, Victoria-road
Shimmin, Mrs. Mary A., toy dealer, Malew-street
Shimmin, Richard, fisherman, Hope-street
Shimmin, Richard, proprietor Hope and Anchor Inn, Hope-st.
Shimmin, Thomas, roper, Malew-street
Shore, Thomas Maydew, Union Hotel, Arbory-st. (See advt. p. 572.)
Skelly, Thomas, ostler, Back Green
Smith, John, army pensioner, and bill poster, Queen-street
Stevenson, W. A., advocate, Douglas-street ; res., Malew-st.
Stewart, Miss Jane, Malew-street
Stowell, Mrs . Ann, Church-street
Stowell, Flaxney, joiner, builder & architect, Arbory-street
Stowell, James, accountant, and secretary to gas and water companies, Crofts
Stowell, Mrs. L. A., chemist, Arbory-street
Stowell, Miss Sarah Jane, lodging house, Crofts
Stowell, Quayle, painter, paperhanger, &c., Queen-street
Sutherst, Thomas Charles, Customs officer, Castle-quay
Smith, Rev. F. R., Wesleyan Methodist second minister; boards at Mr. John Gelling’s, Malew-street
Sykes, Wm. Fallowfield, gentleman, boards at George Hotel


Taggart, Mrs. Margaret, Bank-street
Taggart, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Malew-street
Tarney, George, fisherman, Queen-street
Tate, John, labourer, Malew-street
Taubman, George, mason, Malew-street
Taubman, Henry, town crier, Malew-street
Taubman, John, labourer, Queen-street
Thomson, Mrs. Catherine, grocer and wine & spirit merchant, Market-place
Thomson, John, eating-house, Arbory-street
Thompson, Mrs. Captain, The Green
Trafford, Rev. William, bursar and chaplain, Khag William’s College
Turner, Mrs. Jane, widow, Back Green


Union Hotel (Thomas Maydew Shore) , Arbory-street. (See advt. p. 572.)
Usher, Thomas Frederick (Quayle and Usher), Bay-view Villa


Valentine, Mrs . Mary, Queen-street
Varley, Mrs., Hope-street
Varley, Thomas, gardener, Arbory-road
Victoria Arms Inn, John Flinn, proprietor, Malew-street
Volunteer Rocket Corps, Life Saving Apparatus, Board of Trade Stores, Parliament-square
Vondy, Miss Annie, milliner, Malew-street


Walkington, Miss Mary, dressmaker, Back Green
Wallace, James, gardener & fruiterer, Malew-street
Watterson, Charles, mariner, lodging house, Bank-street
Watterson, Richard, draper, Castle-street
Watterson, Thomas, mariner, Mill-street
Welsh, Mrs. Ann, Crofts
Welsh, William, labourer, Mill-street
Whitten, John, mason, Mill-street
Wicksey, J. T. W., schoolmaster, Grammar School
Willis, George, retired Customs officer, The Green
Wilson, Mrs . Elizabeth, dressmaker, Queen-street
Wilson, John, coachbuilder, Arbory-road
Wilson, Joseph, jeweller, &c., Arbory-street
Wilson, Miss Mary, Arbory-road
Wilson, Thomas, labourer, Queen-street
Wood Brothers (William and John C.), drapers, Malew-street
Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth, baker, Malew-street
Wood, John Crellin (Wood Brothers) , Arbory-street
Wood, William (Wood Brothers), Malew-street
Woodhouse, Mrs. Margaret Charlotte Saltoun (Elderslie), Malew-street
Woods, Mrs. Charlotte (Westwood), Crofts Wright, Mrs. Ann, Malew-street


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