[taken from Chapter 3 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]

 JOHN MOORE JEFFCOTT (b. 1817, d. 1892),

a son of Dr. Jeffcott, of County Kerry, and Catherine, daughter of the Rev. John Moore, Vicar of Braddan, completed his education at King William's College. He studied law at the Rolls Office, under John McHutchin, then clerk of the rolls. Called to the Manx Bar in 1839, he had, for a number of years, the largest legal practice in the south of the island, and earned the reputation of being a sound lawyer. In 1855, he became a member of the House of Keys, and he was returned to the reformed House, as member for Castletown in 1867, continuing to represent that constituency till 1882, when he retired owing to failing health. He did very useful work in that capacity, also as a member of both the Harbour and Highway Boards. In 1866, he was appointed High-Bailiff of Castletown, a position which he held till his death with impartiality, benignity, and courtesy. But, although he was a competent public servant, his ability and energy also found an outlet in other directions. He painted with some skill, and was an enthusiastic naturalist, archaeologist, and geologist.

Wrote Castle Rushen + contributed various articles on Folklore and the Manx language.

Some Ancient Manx Superstitions Manx Note Book vol 1 pp41/43

Meayll and its archaic Remains Manx Note Book vol 3 pp157/162

Boaldyn Yn Lioar Manninagh Vol 1 pp216/221


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