[from A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry, B. Burke London 1858]


CHRISTIAN, JOHN, Esq. , MA., of Ewanrigg Hall Co. Cumberland, and Milntown, Isle of Man, barrister-at-law, J.P., and chief judge of the Isle of Man, b. 12 July, 1776 ; m. 23 April, 1807, Susanna, dau. of Lewis Robert Allen, Esq. of Bath, and has issue,

I. John-Allen, b. 28 Feb. 1809, d. unm. 3 June, 1828.

II. HENRY-TAUBMAN, b. 29 Jan. 1810.

III. Robert, b. 30 Aug. 1812, d. 1813.

IV. William-Bell, in holy orders, b. 17 Aug. 1815, m Charlotte-Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Brine. Esq. of the Isle of Man, and has issue, Annie-Louisa and Charlotte-Isabella.

V. Charles-Craik, b. 28 March, 1821, d. in 1838.

I. Susan-Curwen, m. to Augustus-William Hillary, only son of Sir William Hillary, Bart.

II. Margaret, to Thomas Underwood, Esq. M.D.

III. Isabella-Anne.

IV. Louisa-Dorothy, m. to the Rev. John-William Molyneux.

Lineage.—The first ancestor of the family on record was a member of the House of Keys, in the Isle of Man, at the Tynwald Court held in that island in 1422. The manorial records previous to that year were all destroyed, and, in consequence, the pedigree cannot be traced further back. It is registered in the College of Arms, Book vii., D. 14, p. 170.

The first who settled at Ewanrigg was

EWAN CHRISTIAN, Esq, of Milntown, barrister-at-law, eldest son of Edward Christian, Esq. of Milntown, Demster of the Isle of Man, by Dorothy his wife, sister of Edward Wilson, Esq. of Dallam Tower, and grandson, by Margaret his wife, dau. of John Parker, Esq. of Bradkirk, co. Lancaster, of John Christian, Esq. of Milntown, living in 1643, who was son of Ewan Christian, Esq. of Milntown. made Demster of the Isle of Man in 1605, and grandson of William M‘Christen, of Milntown, seventh in lineal descent from William M’Christen, a member of the House of Keys in 1422. Ewan Christian (the first settler at Ewanrigg) m. in 1677, Mary, eldest dau. of John Caine, Esq., and dying in 1719, was s. by his eldest surviving son,

JOHN-CHRISTIAN, Esq. of Milntown and Ewanrigg, b. in 1688, who as. 14 May, 1717, Bridget, eldest dau. of Humphrey Senhouse, Esq. of Nether Hall, or Ellenborough, co. Cumberland, and by her, who d. in 1749, had seven sons and four daus. ; of the latter, MARY m. Edward Law, Bishop of Carlisle, and was mother of Edward Law, Baron Ellenborough. Mr. Christian d. 20 Sept. 1745, and was s. by his son,

JOHN CHRISTIAN, Esq. of Milntown and of Ewanrigg Hall, b. 5 Oct. 1719, high-sheriff of Cumberland in 1766 ; m. Jane, eldest dau. of Eldred Curwen, Esq. of Workington Hall, Co. Cumberland, and by her (who d. in 1762), had two Sons, JOHN, his heir, and Henry, b. in 1761, and six daus., viz., Bridget ; Julia, m. in 1769, to Edward Stanley, Esq. of Workington ; Jane, m. to W. Blamire, Esq. ; Frances, m. to Edward Christian, Esq. of Brancaster, Norfolk ; Dorothy, m. in 1774, to John Taubman, Esq. of Nunnery, Isle of Man ; and Mary. He d. in 1757, and was s. by his eldest son,

JOHN CHRISTIAN, Esq. of Milntown and Ewanrigg Hall, who m. 1st, 10 Sept. 1775, Margaret, dau. of John Taubman, Esq. of the Isle of Man, and by her (who d.. in 1778), had one son, JOHN, now of Ewanrigg. He m. 2ndly, 5 Oct. 1782, Isabella, dau. and sole heir of Henry Curwen, Esq., M.P., of Workington Hall, co. Cumberland, and had by her four sons and three daus. (See CURWEN of Workington.) Mr. Christian, who was for many years M.P. for Cumberland, assumed the surname of CURWEN. He d. 13 Dec. 1829, when he was s. by his son by his first marriage, the present JOHN CHRISTIAN, Esq. Ewanrigg Hall and Milntown.


Arms—Az., a demi.mascle, between three covered cups, or.

Crest—An unicorn’s head, erased. arg., armed, and gorged with a collar, invecked, or.

Motto—Salus per Christum.

Seats—Ewanrigg Hall, Co. Cumberland ; and Milntown, Isle of Man.


see also A.W. Moore's account of family


CURWEN, HENRY, Esq. of Workington Hall, co. Cumberland, J.P. and DL., b. 5 Dec. 1783 ; m. 11 Oct. 1804, Jane, dau. of Edward Stanley, Esq. of Whitehaven, and has issue,


II. Edward-Stanley, m. 22 Jan. 1833, Frances, dau. of Edward Jesse, Esq. of Hampton Court, in Middlesex.

III. Henry, of Trinity College, Cambridge.

IV. Charles.

V. William.

I. Isabella, m to the Rev. John Wordsworth, rector of Moresby, in Cumberland.


III. Jane.

Lineage—" Workington (says Camden) is now the seat of the ancient knightly family of the CURWENS, descended from Gospatric, Earl of Northumberland, who took that name by covenant from Culwen, a family of Galloway, the heir whereof they had married. They have a stately castlelike seat ; and from this family (increaseth vanity) I myself am descended by the mother’s side." To

GOSPATRIC, son of Orne, and great-grandson of Eldred, 2nd feudal Lord of Kendal, Alan, 2nd Lord of Allandale, his cousin-german, gave High Ireby, which remained vested in a younger branch of the Curwens, which terminated in female heirs. This Gospatric was the first of the family who was Lord of Workington, having exchanged with his cousin, William de Lancaster, the lordship of Middleton, in Westmoreland, for the lands of Lamplugh and Workington, in Cumberland. Gospatric had (with four younger sons Gilbert ; Adam ; Orme ; and Alexander) his successor,

THOMAS, called after the fashion of those times, son of Gospatric." To this Thomas, one Rowland, son of Ughtred son of Fergus, gave the lordship of Curwen, in Galloway He d. 7 Dec. 1152. To his 2nd son, Patric, he had given while his eldest son was living, the lordship of Culwen, in Galloway, and the said Patric assuming his surname there from, became

PATRIC DE CULWEN, ancestor of the great family of CURWEN.

SIR CHRISTOPHER DE CULWEN, of Workington, like his father, represented his native county in several parliaments he was sheriff of the same shire in the 2nd and 12th of HENRY VI. by the name of CULWEN, and in the 6th of the same reign by that of CURWEN, to which latter cognomen the family has ever since adhered. Sir Christopher’s great great-grandson,

SIR HENRY CURWEN, of Workington, had the honour of affording an asylum in his mansion-house to the Queen of Scotland, MARY STUART, when that princess sought the protection of England. Sir Henry, who represented Cumberland in parliament, in the 6th of EDWARD VI. and 1st ELIZABETH, was s. at his decease in the 35th of the latter reign, by his eldest son,

SIR NICHOLAS CURWEN, of Workington, M.P. for Cumberland, father of

SIR HENRY CURWEN, of Workington, M.P. for Cumberland in the 18th of JAMES I. His eldest son,

SIR PATRIC CURWEN, of Workington, M.P. for Cumberland, was created a Baronet in 1696, but d. issueless, in 1664, when the title became extinct, while the estates devolved upon his brother,

THOMAS CURWEN, Esq. of Workington, at whose decease, unm, 25th CHARLES II., the estates passed to his half-brother,

ELDRED CURWEN, Esq. of Workington, who d. the next year, and was s. by his son,

HENRY CURWEN, Esq. of Workington. He dying without issue, his branch of the family expired, when the estates and representation reverted to his cousin (the great-grand-son of Sir Henry Curwen (Mary Stuart’s host) by his 2nd wife, Jane Crosby),

ELDRED CURWEN, Esq., who thus became of Workington. Mr. Curwen served the office of sheriff for Cumberland in the 3rd of GEORGE II., and represented Cockermouth in parliament. He d. in the 18th year of the same reign, and was s. by his son,

HENRY CURWEN, Esq. of Workington, M.P. for Carlisle in 1762, and for Cumberland in 1768. Mr. Curwen m. the dan. of William Gale, Esq. of Whitehaven, and had an only dau. and heiress,

ISABELLA CURWEN, who in. JOHN CHRISTIAN, Esq of Ewanrigg Hall, and conveying to him the lands of the Curwens, he assumed, in 1790, their surname and arms, and thus became

JOHN - CHRISTIAN CURWEN, Esq. of Workington. Mr. Christian had been m. previously to Miss Taubman, of the Isle of Man, who left at her decease an only son, JOHN CHRISTIAN, Esq. of Ewanrigg Hall, one of the Dempsters of that island. (See family of CHRISTIAN). By the heiress of the Curwens (his 2nd wife) he had issue,

HENRY, present possessor of Workington.

William, in holy orders, rector of Harrington, in Cumberland, now deceased.

Edward, of Belle Grange, co. Lancaster.

John, in holy orders, rector of Harrington, d. 25 Feb. 1840, aged 46.

Bridget, m. to Charles Walker, Esq. of Ashford Court, co. Salop.

Christiana-Frances, of Uppington, in Shropshire.

Mr. Curwen served the office of sheriff for Cumberland in 1784, and was knight of the shire for Cumberland. He d. in 1828.


Arms—Arg., fretty, gu., a chief, az.

Crest—A unicorn’s head, erased, arg., armed, or.

Motto—Si je n’estoy.

Seats—Workington, in Cumberland, and Belle Isle, in Windermere, Westmoreland.


QUAYLE, MARK-HILDESLEY, Esq. of Crogga, in the Isle of Man, Clerk of the Rolls, and J.P. of that island, b. 4 July, 1804 ; m 22 Aug. 1837, Mary-Jane-Hamilton, eldest dau. of James Spedding, Esq. of Summergrove, co. Cumberland, and has issue,

I. JOHN, b. 9 Sept. 1840.
II. Mark-Hildesley, 17 May, 1842.
III. James-Spedding, b. 39 Nov. 1843.
IV. George-Harrington, b. 30 June, 1845.
V. Daniel-Fleming-Wilson, b. 5 Dec. 1847.
VI. William, b. 5 July, 1852.
I. Mary. II. Sarah-Katharine. III. Emily. IV. Edith.

Lineage. — This is an ancient Manks family, and appears to have been settled in the parish of Malew, in the southern district of the island, in the year 1538, previous to which time most of the records have been lost or destroyed. The late

MARK-HILDESLEY QUAYLE, Esq. b. 30 June, 1770 (youngest son of John Quayle, Esq. Clerk of the Rolls of the Isle of Man, by Margaret, his wife, dau. of Sir George Moore, of Balla Moore, Speaker of the House of Keys ; and grandson of John Quayle, Esq. Comptroller, Clerk of the Rolls, and Member of the Legislative Council, of the Isle of Man, by Elizabeth, his wife, dau. of Thomas Harrison, Esq. of Wyreside, co. Lancaster), succeeded to the offices held by his father at that gentleman’s death in 1797. He m. Mary, eldest dau. of Senhouse Wilson, Esq. of Farm hill, and Elizabeth Fleming, his wife, who was descended from the ancient family of Fleming, of Rydal Hall, co. Westmoreland; he d. 21 May, 1804, leaving an only child, the present MARK HILDESLEY QUAYLE, Esq.


Arms—Arg., a chevron, so., gutte d’eau, between three quails, ppr.

Crest—A quail

Motto—Qualis ero spero.

Seat—Crogga, Isle of Man.


see also A.W. Moore's account of family


RADCLYFFE, CHARLES-JAMES, Esq;, Of Foxdenton Hall, co. Lancaster, b, 8 Nov, 1804; m. 1 July, 1835, Ann-Maria, only dau of Robert Lillington, Esq. of Stockley, co. Dorset, and has issue,

I, CHARLES-JAMES, b. 21 Dec. 1839,
II. William-Frederick, b, 1 April, 1841.

i. Anna-Maria: Jane. ii. Julia-Frances, iii, Mary.

Lineage.-The family of Radcliffe took its name from the village of Radcliffe, near Bury, in Lancashire, one of decidedly Saxon origin.

RICHARD De RADCLYFFE, of Radclyffe Tower, co, Lancaster, Seneschal and Minister of the forests of Blackburnshire, accompanied King EDWARD I. in his wars in Scotland, and received from that Prince, in the 32nd year of his reign, a grant of a charter of free warren and free chase, in all his demesne lands of Radclyffe,. He m. a dau, of Boteler, of Bewsey, Baron of Warrington, and had issue : I, ROBERT, of Radclyffe Tower, ancestor of the Radclyffes of Smithills; II. WILLIAM, of Culcheth and Edgworth, and afterwards of Radclyffe Tower, usually styled the "Great William," ancestor of the RADCLYFFES OF RADCLYFFE TOWER, and of' the Radclyffes, Barons Fitzwalter and Earls of Sussex ;III JOHN (Sir), of whom immediately, The third son,

Sir JOHN RADCLYFFE, Knt,. of Ordshall, Lancashire, represented that co. in Parliament, 14 Edward III,, and served under the same monarch in his French war participating in the sieges of Caen, Cressie, and Calais, His great-great-great-grandson,

WILLIAM RADCLYFFE, Esq. of Ordshall. (son of Alexander Radclyffe, of Ordshell, by Agnes, his wife, dau, of Sir Williaim Harington of Hornby Castle, and great-grandson of Sir John Radclyffe, Knt, of' Ordshall, whose wife was Margaret, dau, of Sir Henry Trafford, of Trafford) m. Jane, dau. of Sir Edmund Trafford, Knt, of Trafford, and by her (who m 2ndly, James Byron, of Clayton, and 3rdly, Talbot, of Salesbury), had issue, William Radclyffe d. 15 May, 13 Henry VII,, and was s. by (the elder son of his son John, by Elizabeth, his wife, dau. of Sir William Brereton, of Brereton) his grandson,

Sir, ALEXANDER RADCLYFFE, of Ordshall, Knt, High Sherriff of Lancashire, 1347, m. Alice, dau of Sir John Booth, Knt, of Barton, in Lancacashire, and had four sons and three daus,, I, Anne, m. to Sir Edmund Trafford, Knt, of Trafford; II. Elizabeth m. to John Atherton, Esq, of Atherton, in Lancashire; and III. Eleanor, m. to Sir Richard Molineux, Knt, of Sefton, Sir Alexander d. in 1548, aged 78, and ;was s. by his son,

Sir WLLIAM RADCLYFFE, Knt. of Ordshall, on whom and the heirs male of his body, were settled the FitzWalter estates, on failure of divers remainders mentioned in the Will of Henry Radclyffe, 2nd Earl of Sussex, He left issue by his 1st wife, Margaret, dau, of Sir Edmund Trafford, three sons: I, ALEXANDER (Sir), Knt, of Ordshall, d, s. p. 26 Sept. 1568 ; II, John (Sir), successor to his father; III, Richard, of Newcroft in Lancashire : I, Alice, m, to Frances Tunstal, Esq. of Thurgoland Castle; and II, Ellen, m. to Edward Standish, Esq. of Standish Sir William d. 12 Oct, 1568, and was s. by his son,

Sir JOHN RADCLYFFE, Knt, of Ordshall. He m., Anne, only dau, and heir of Thomas Ashawe, Esq, of the Hall-on-the-Hill, in High Charnock, Lancashire, and had issue five sons, ALEXANDER, his heir; William, slain in the irish Wars; John, successor to his oldest brother; Edmund, slain in battle, in Flanders; and Thomas, who was killed at the same time ; and four daus,; Margaret, favourite Maid of Honour to Queen ELIZABETH, d. of grief for the loss of her brothers; Jane, wife of Sir Ralph Constable, Knt, ; Anna, d. unm, ; and Alice, who d. unm, Sir John d. 1559. His eldest son,

Sir ALEXANDER RADCLYFFE, Knt. of Ordshall, bapt. 26 Jan. 1573, was slain in Ireland, unm, 1599, when he was s. by his brother,

Sir JOHN RADCLYFFE, Knt.. of Ordshall, bapt. 24 Feb. 1581 who m. Alice, eldest dau of Sir John Byron, Knt, of Newstead, in Notts, and had issue, ALEXANDER (Sir), his heir; Mary, m. 1st, to Sir John Stanhope, Knt, of Elvaston, in Derbyshire; and 2ndly, to Sir John Gell, Bart. of Hopton; Allicia; and Anna, b, in 1665, Sir John was slain in the Isle of Rhé, 29 Oct, 1621, and was s. by his son,

Sir ALEXANDER RADCLYFFE, of Ordshall, K.B., b, 27 April. 1608, who m. Jane Radclyffe, dau, of Robert Radclyffe, 5th Earl of' Sussex, K, G , and had, with five daus, six sons. The sixth and youngest son,

ROBERT RADCLYFFE, Esq. of Withenshaw, b. at Attilborough in 1650, in the Duke of Monmouth's regt, in the service of the King of Spain; m. 27 Feb, 1676, Anne, only surviving dau, and heir of Rowland Eyre, Esq. of Bradway, in Derbyshire, and vvidow of William Tatton, Esq. of Withenshaw, in Cheshire, by whom he had issue, with two daus, who d. unm two sons, I, ALEXANDER, his heir; II. Edward, Fellow of All Souls' College,Oxford, bapt. 1 Dec. 1685, Mary, dau, of Edward Warren, Esq. of Poynton, in Cheshire, but d. s. p, His widow m. the Rev. Thomas Dakin. Mr. Radclyffe was killed in a duel, 20 Feb. 1685- His older son,

ALEXANDER RADCLYFFE, Esq. of Foxdenton, bapt. 17 Jan. 1677, became seized of the Foxdonton estates by virtue of the Wills of his cousins, Mrs. Mary Byron and Mrs. Susan Potter, the daus, of William Radclyffe, Esq. of Foxdenton, the son of Richard of Nowcroft. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Bagshawe, Esq. of Litton and Hicklow, in Derbyshire, and by her, who d. in 1735, left a dau., Mary, m. to the Rev. Samuel Sidebottom, M.A, Rector of Middleton, in Lancashire, and an oldest son,

ROBERT RADCLYFFE, Esq. of Foxdenton, bapt. 31 March, 1703, m. 20 May, 1731, Margaret, only dau, and heir of Adam Bagshawe, Esq. of Wormhill, in Derbyshire, and by her, who d. 16 Nov, 1786, left at his decease, 12 April, 1749 (with four daus,, who all d. um. except the eldest, Eleanor, wife of Bazerial Barges, Esq. of Liverpool), a, son,

ROBERT RADCLYFFE, Esq. of Foxdenton, bapt. 25 May, 1737, who m. 11 Aug, 1772, his cousin, Frances, 3rd dau, of the Rev. Samuel Sidebottom, M.A. Rector of Middleton, and had by her, who d. in 1819, one son and two daus, viz.,
I, ROBERT, his heir.
II, Frances, d. young in 1780,
III. Margaret, m. 3 Dec. 1805, to the Rev. Peter Richard Rideout, of Hookswood, in Dorsetshire.
IV, Mary, m. to Capt. Tremlett, R,.N.

Mr. Radclyffe d. at Bath, 18 Dcc. 1783, and was s. by his son, ROBERT RADCLYFFE,, Esq. of Foxdenton Hall, co, Lancaster, b, 14 April, 1773; m. 14 April, 1796, Mary, 5th dau, of Thomas Patten, Esq. of Bank, near Warrington, and had issue,

I, ROBERT, b. 23 Oct. 1798; m. 1827, Agnes, dau, of Rev. J, Sill, and d. 1835, leaving a dau,, Agnes-Mary,
II, CHARLES-JAMES, now of Foxdenton.
III, Frederick-William, in Holy Orders,
I, Mary, m. in 1827, to William Hallett, Esq. jun, of Philliols, Dorsetshire, son of William Hallett, Esq. of Caudys, Hants, and has issue,
II. Dorothea, m. 1839, to the Rev. William Atthill, A.M. of Brandiston Hall, Norfolk.
III. Frances, m. 1844, to the Rev. William M, Smith-Marriott, of Horsmunden, Kent,
IV, Emma-Elizabeth, to Rev. William Heffill.
V, Amelia, m. Rev. W, K, Bateson.
VI, Julia, m. Rev. L, C, Davies, and d. 1842.

Mr. Radclyffe, High Sheriff of Dorsetshire 1813, d. 25 March, 1854.

Arms-Arg., two bends, engr, sa., a label of three points, gu,

Crest-A bull's head, erased, sa, ducally gorged and chained, az.

Motto-Caen, Cressie, Calais,

Seats-Foxdenton Hall, Lancashire; and Hyde Manor, Dorsetshire.



 Family of Senhouse

The family DE SEWYNHOUSE, DE SEVENHOUSE, or DE SENHOUSE, derives its surname from Hall Sevenhouse, or Senhouse, a district of Cumberland. The first of its members upon record.

WALTER SE SEWYNHOUSE, had a grant of the fifth part of the Township of bolton, in the parish of Gosforth, from Alan de Coupland, and likewise a grant of other lands in the same parish from William de Wayberthwaite. these grants are both without date, but both are witneseed by Sir Adam de Lamplugh, Knt. , who lived in the times of Kings RICHARD I. and JOHN. From Walter descended,

JOHN SENHOUSE, who m. in 1528, Elizabeth, elder sister and co-heir of Richard Eglesfield, son of Gawen Eglesfield, of Alneburgh Hall, High Sheriff of co. Cumberland, in 9 HENRY VIII. (which Gawen was the descendant in a right line from John de Eglesfield, the elder brother of Robert de Eglesfield, the FOUNDER of QUEEN’S COLLEGE, OXFORD). This John Senhouse d. 1568, leaving four sons, viz.,

I. THOMAS, ancestor of the family of SENHOUSE, of Seascale Hall, Cumberland, now extinct in the male line.
II. Peter, of Ellenborough Hall, d. unm.
III. JOHN, of whom presently.
IV. Richard, Incumbent of Claughton, in Lancashire.

The third son,

JOHN SENHOUSE, of Ellenborough is the person whom Camden mentions in his Britannia, as having collected with great industry numerous Roman stones, altars, layers, and statues, with inscriptions, which he had placed with much taste in his houses and buildings ; and as having entertained, in 1599, the celebrated antiquary himself, and Sir Robert Cotton, of Cunington, with great civility. He m. Anne, dau. of John Ponsonby, Esq. of Hale Hall, and had, with other issue,

I. PETER, his successor.
II. Simon, who was murdered near Dovenby, by Skelton, of Armathwaithe.
III. Richard, in Holy Orders, DD, fellow of St. John’s, Cambridge, afterwards Dean of Gloucester, and consecrated in 1624, Bishop of Carlisle.
I.Eleanor, m. to Henry Fletcher, Esq. of Moresby Hall.
II.. Jane, m. to Blennerhassett, of Flimby.
III. Elizabeth, m. to William Briscoe, Esq. of Crofton.

Mr. Senhouse, d. 1604, and was s. by his eldest son,

PETER SENHOUSE, Esq. of Alneburgh, or Ellenborough Hall, otherwise Netherhall, who was constituted by letters patent (20 JAMES I.) escheator of the counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, and served the office of Sheriff for the former shire, 3 CHARLES I. He m. Frances, dau. of Lancelot Skelton, Esq. of Armathwaite Castle, in Cumberland, and had, with other children, JOHN, his successor, and Thomas, of Long Newton, in Cumberland. Peter Senhouse, d. 1614, and was s. by his eldest son,

JOHN SENHOUSE, Esq. of Alneburgh Hall, who m. Elizabeth, third dau. of Humphrey Wharton, Esq. of Gillingwood, co York, and had, with other issue,

I. Humphrey, who d. before his father, s. p.
II. JOHN. successor to his father.
III. Richard.
IV. Patricius, who m. 1655, Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Thomas Bromfield, Esq. of Harnes Hall, Cumberland, and relict of Henry Dalton, Esq. of Brigham. This gentleman’s great-grandson, HUMPHREY SENHOUSE, Esq. of Bridgfoot, co. Cumberland, J.P., Major of the Cumberland Militia, m. Isabella. dau. of William Ponsonby, Esq. of Whitehaven (by Catherine, his wife, dau . and co-heir of John Senhouse, Esq. of the same place), and left issue at his decease, in 1829, Humphrey, a Captain in the Cumberland Militia, m. and has issue.
William, of Lincoln’s Inn, Barrister-at-law, who m. 1829.
Catherine, m to Ralph Cook, Esq. of Camerton Hall.

I. Margaret, m. to Henry Eglesfield, Esq. of Cross Canonby. and d 1691.
II. Elizabeth, m.. to William Nicholson, Esq.

Mr. Senhouse d. 1667, and was s. by his son,

JOHN SENHOUSE, Esq. of Netherhall, Capt. in King CHARLES I. ‘s army. He m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of Jerom Tolhurst, Esq. Lieutenant-Governor and MP. of Carlisle, but had no issue. He m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of Andrew Huddleston, Esq. of Hutton-John, Cumberland, and had issue;

I. JOHN, his heir.
II. Andrew, killed at sea, fighting against the French.
III. Dudley, drowned in the river Lune.
IV. Peter, m Catherine, dan. of Skelton, of Branthwaite, and had issue John, who had a son, Peter, who d. unm., and a dau, Catherine, m. to William Ponsonby, Esq. of Whitehaven.
Richard, M.D. left a son Peter, who d. unm. in 1759.

V. HUMPHREY, of whom presently
I. Dorothy, m. to Patricius Senhouse, Esq of Hame Hill.
II. Mary, m. to Richard Richmond, Esq. of Crosby.

Captain Senhouse d.1667, and was a. by his eldest son, JOHN SENHOUSE, Esq. of Netherhall, who m. Jane dau. of Richard Lamplugh, Esq. of Dovenby Hall, Cumberland, by whom (who m. secondly, Charles Orfeur, Esq. of Plumbland) he had surviving issue at his decease, in 1694.

I. Mary, m. 1st to Francis Skelton, of Branthwaite, and 2ndly, to Richard Butler, Esq. of Rocliffe, Lancashire.
II. Jane, as. to John Stephenson, Esq. of Baladool, Isle of Man.
III. Frances, d. unm.
IV. Grace, m. to Richard, Viscount Shannon.
V Isabel, m.. to John Fletcher, Esq. of Clea Hall, Cumberland
VI Elizabeth, d. unm.

These ladies, who inherited as co-heirs to their father, disposed of the densesne of Netherhall and Manor of Alneburgh, or Ellenborough, to their uncle,

HUMPHREY SENHOUSE, who thus became of Netherhall, or Ellenborough. He m. Eleanor, dan. of William Kirby, Esq. of Aslack, Co. Lancaster; and had issue,

Joseph-Richard, who d.. unm. in 1718.
HUMPHREY, his successor
William-John, who d. unm. in 1727.
Bridget, m.. to John Christian, Esq. of Unerigg Hall, and had, with other issue, a dau., Mary, who m. Edmund Law, Bishop of Carlisle.
Johanna, m.. to Gustavus Thomson, Esq. of Arcleby.

Mr. Senhouse, who served the office of Sheriff of Cumberland, 1 GEORGE I., d. 1738, and was s. by his son,

HUMPHREY SENHOUSE, of Netherhall, who m. Mary, dau. and ultimately co-heir of Sir George Fleming, Bart. of Rydal, Bishop of Carlisle, and had issue,

I. HUMPHREY, his successor.
II William, b. in 1741 , a Lieut. RN., and subsequently Surveyor General of Barbadoes and the Leeward Islands. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Samson Wood, Esq. of Barbadoes, Speaker of the House of Assembly, and dying in 1800, left, amongst other issue,
1 William-Wood, Comm. RN., d. s. p. in 1800.
2 Sansson, of Ponsonby, Cumberland, is. 1801, Mary, dau and co-heir of Nicholas Le Mesurier, Esq. of the island of Guernsey, but had no issue.
3 Humphrey-Fleming (Sir), Post-Capt. RN., K.C.H., m. 1810, Elizabeth, dau. and eventually co-heiress of Vice-Admiral John Manley, of Plymouth, and left two daus., Elizabeth Manley and Mary le Fleming.
4 George-Septimus, Lieut. RN., d.. unm. 1808.
5 Edward-Hooper, Comm. RN., m 1815, Elizabeth-Bishop, dau. of Johus Spooner, Esq. of Barbadoes, and has issue.
6 James-Lowther, in Holy Orders, Perpetual Curate of Sawley, Derbyshire, and Rector of Gosforth, m. 1824, Miss Elizabeth Brooks.
1 Mary-Ward, m to John Barrow, Esq. of Barbadoes.
2 Catherine
3 Johanna.
4 Sarah.

III. Joseph (Sir), b. 1748, in the EI. Co.’s Naval Service, Knighted 1783 ; us. Mary, dau. and co-heiress of John Ashley, Esq. of Ashley St. Legers, co. Northampton, and dying 1829, heft surviving issue,

2 Michael le Fleming, ci. 1836.
3 Humphrey-Dykes-Ballantyne.
4 William, an Officer in the Army.
1 Maria, m. to Joseph Gaitskell, M.D., of Bath.
2 Catherine.
3 Sarah.

IV. Mary, sir. to Robert Gale, Esq. of London.

Mr. Senhouse was High Sheriff of Co. Cumberland in the 16 GEORGE II. He d. 1770, and was s. by his eldest son,

HUMPHREY SENHOUSE, Esq . of Netherhall, Lieut.-Col. of the Cumberland Militia, M.P. for Cockermouth, 1786, and for Cumberland, 1790. He m. 1768, Catherine, dau. of Thomas Wood, Esq. of Beadnell, in Northumberland, and d. 1814, leaving an only surviving child,

HUMPHREY SENHOUSE, Esq. of Alneburgh or Ellenborough, otherwise Netherhall, co. Cumberland, b. 27 Nov. 1773, High Sheriff 1826, m. 29 Sept. 1803, Elizsbeth-Frances, dau. and co-heiress of Robert-Charles Greaves, Esq. (who afterwards assumed the surname of Ley), of Ingleby-Hall, in Derbyshire, and had issue,

HUMPHREY, b. 16 April, 1809, deceased.
ELIZABETH, m 1835, to Joseph POCKLINGTON, Esq. the present JOSEPH POCKLINGTON-SENHOUSE, Esq. of Netherhall.
Ellen, m. 18 April 1837, Capt Goldie Taubman of the Nunnery, Isle of Man, and d. 28 Jan 1838, leaving a son.

Arms—Quarterly : 1st and 4th, or, a parrot, ppr., a canton, sa.. for SENHOUSE ; 2nd and 3rd, erm., three bends, az., on a chief, or, three martlets, sa. , for POCKLINGTON.

Crests—lst, a parrot, as in the arms, with a label in its beak, inscribed " Deo gratias" for SENHOUSE ; 2nd, a demileopard, rampant, ppr. , holding in the dexter paw an ostrich feather, arg., for POCKLINGTON.

Motto—Væ victis.

Seats—Netherhall and Barrow House, Co. Cumberland.



SPEDDING, JAMES, Esq. of Summergrove, co. Cumberland, J.P. and DL., late Capt. in the 1st Regt. of Foot Guards, and Major of the Royal Westmoreland Militia, b. 13 Oct. 1779 ; m. 15 Nov. 1808, Mary. Dykes, dau. of Lawson Dykes Ballantine, Esq. of Cockermouth, and Crookdale Hall, in the same shire, and has issue,

I. JAMES, Captain Royal Westmorland Militia, b . 25 Oct. 1810 ; m. Emily, youngest dau. (by his second wife, Julia, Countess Spytecka) of the Hon. William Frederick Wyndham, fourth son of Charles Earl of Egremont, and had issue,

1 James-Wyndham-Harrington -Percy, b. 18 April, 1849.
2 Carlisle-James-Scott, 8. 23 June, 1852.

He died in France, Oct. 6, 1851.

I. Mary-Jane-Hamilton, m to Mark-Hildesley Quayle, Esq. of Castletown, in the Isle of Man, Clerk of the Rolls of that island.
II. Sarah-Anne.
III. Elizabeth.
IV. Lucy-Isabella-Harrington.
V. Emily-Frances-Ballantine, as. to Captain Arthur Wyndham, H.E.I.C.S. son of the above Hon. William Frederick Wyndham, son of Charles Earl of Egremont, and his second wife the Countess Spyteyça.

Lineage.—This family, which came originally from Ireland, was afterwards resident for some generations in Scotland. The first, who settled in Cumberland about the year 1685, was EDWARD SPEDDING, who m Sarah Carlisle, a co-heiress and had issue,

I. John Spedding, High Sheriff of Cumberland, anno 1758, from whom have descended the Speddings of Armathwaite Hall and Mirehouse.
II. George.
III. Lancelot.
And two daus.

The fourth son,

CARLISLE SPEDDING, m, Sarah, dau. of Edward and Jane Towerson, and had issue ;I. John, who d. young ; II. JAMES; III. Thomas, in Holy Orders ; and two daus. The eldest surviving: son,

JAMES SPEDDING, m. 1st, Mary, dau. of Henry Todd, of St. Bees, by whom he had a dau., Elizabeth, m to Peter-John Heywood, of the Nunnery, Isle of Man, one of his Majesty’s deemsters for that island ; and 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas and Lucy Harrington, of Carlisle, a descendant of the ancient family of Harrington,* of Harrington, Cumberland, by whom he had issue, [see Chap 4 of Nessy Heywood Nessy Heywood's comments on her grandfather]

I. JAMES SPEDDING, present representative of the family.

He served in the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards, on the Continent, under General Sir Ralph Abercrombie and his Royal Highness the Duke of York, and in the Mediterranean, under General Sir John Moore, and was severely wounded in the engagement on the 2nd of Oct. 1799, near Egmont-op-Zee, in North Holland.

II. Carlisle, Lieut. -Col. in the Army, who served as Capt. in the 4tis Regt. of Dragoons, under the Duke of Wellington, in Spain and Portugal, during nearly the whole of the Peninsular war, was present at most of the actions and sieges, and was taken prisoner at the battle of Albuera, in 1811. He m. Sarah, dau. of Hugh Parkin, Esq. of Skirsgill House, Cumberland, and has issue, Carlisle-Harrington, an officer in HM’s 56th Regt. Sarah-Elizabeth.

I. Sarah, m. to Baldwin Wake, M.D., son of Drury Wake, Esq. formerly of the 17th Dragoons, and nephew to Sir William Wake, Dart. of Courteen Hall, Northampton- shire.
II. Anne, m. to Charles Wake, M.D., brother of the above Dr. Wake, and d. in 1824.
III. Elizabeth, m. to John-Cowham Parker, Esq. of Hull.


Ams—Gules, on a fesse, engr., between three acorns, slipped, or, a mural crown, between two roses, of the field.

Crest—Out of a mural crown, or, a dexter arm, embowed, in armour, the right hand grasping a scimitar, and the arm charged with three acorns, one and two, and entwined by a branch of oak, all ppr.

Motto—Utile dulci.

Seat—Summergrove, near Whitehaven.


WILSON-PATTEN, JOHN, Esq. of Bank Hall, co. Lancaster, D.L., Col. of the 3rd Royal Lancashire Militia, and M.P. for North Lancashire, b. 26 April, 1802; m. 15 April, 1828, Anna-Maria, dau. and co-heir of the late Peter Patten-Bold, Esq. of Bold, in the same shire, and has issue,

I. EUSTACE-JOIN, b. 8 Fob 1836.
II. Arthur, b. 5 Jan, 1811.

I.. Anna-Maria,
II. Ellinor.

III Vinda.
IV, Elizabeth.

Lineage.-The family of PATTEN claims an ancestry coeval with the Conquest, but was not settled in Lancashire until the reign of HENRY VIII.

RICHARD PATTEN, living in 1119, sell and heir of Richard Patten, or Patine, of Patten House, near Chelmsford, co. Essex, m. a dau. of the ancient Derbyshire flunily of Eyre, and had a son and successor,

RICHARD PATTEN, of Patten House,, Co. Essex, who m, Mary, dau. and co-heir of Ralph Dagenham, of Dagenham Court, and had three sons, RICHARD, Robert, and John, of whom the eldest,

RICHARD PATTEN, living in the 5th HENRY III. was father of

JOHN PATTEN, who m a Derbyshire lady, named Revyte, and had, with a dau., Agnes, the wife of John Segar, a son and successor,

JOHN PATTEN, who m. - Poole, of co. Derby, ;and had two sons, JOHN, his heir; and William, of Wheldryck, in Yorkshire. John Patten's elder son and successor,

JOHN PATTEN, of Dagenham Court, co. Essex, and of Waynflete, Co. Lincoln, temp. EDWARD III, was alive in 1376 He m. the dau. and heir of Sir Oswald Westingcroft, of Westingcroft, in Lancashire, and had a son,

NICHOLAS PATTEN, of Waynflete, co. Lincoln, who had three sons, I. John, of Waynfllete; II. Nicholas, Lord of Dagenham; III, RICHARD. The third son,

RICHARD PATTEN, alias Waynflete,, of Waynflete, m. temp. HENRY V and VI, Margery, dau. of Sir William Brereton, Knt. of Brereton, in Cheshire, and had issue, I. WILLIAM PATTEN, alias WAYNFLETE The illustrious founder of Magdalen College, Oxford, who d. 11 Aug. 1486 ; II. John Patten, alias Waynflete, Dean of Chichester; and III. RICHARD PATTEN, founder of the family before us. The 3rd son,

RICHARD PATTEN, of Boslow, co. Derby, temp. HENRY VI, and had two sons and one dau. The younger son, HUMPHREY PATTEN, who became seated at Warrington, co. Lancaster, temp. HENRY VIII, m. Jane, dau. of Thomas Rixtone, Gent. of Great Sankey, and was s. at his decease by his Son,

THOMAS PATTEN of Warrington, who m. in 1560, Julian, dau. of John Marshall, Gent. of the same place, and had, with five daus., two sons. The elder son,

THOMAS PATTEN, of Patten Lane, Warrington, b. in 1561, m. Ellen, dau. of George Diggles, and by her had issue,

I. THOMAS, his heir ;
II. John, b. in 1598, who m. twice, and had issue ;
III. Anthony, of the Isle of Man, b. in 1601, and d. in 1641, leaving a son, Cæsar;
IV. William, of Preston, b. 4 Sept. 1604, whose second son, Thomas, of Preston, lord of Thornley, Barrister-at-law, and M.P. for Preston in 1683, d. in 1697, leaving an only child, Elizabeth, who m Sir Thomas Stanley, Bart. of Bickerstaff, and was mother of Edward, 11th Earl of Derby. Thomas Patten d. in 1639, and was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas PATTEN, Esq. of Patten Lane, b. in 1595, who m 1st, Alice, dau. of Thomas Taylor, Esq. of Preston-on-the-Hill, co. Chester, and by her had an only child, Thomas, who appears to have d. unm. He m. 2ndly, Susan, dau. and heir of Robert Drinkwater, Esq. and by her, who d. in 1685, had issue,

I. THOMAS, his heir.

II. William, of Warrington, merchant, b. in 1649; m in 1668, Rachel, dau. of the Rev.. Hugh Barrow, A.M. Vicar of Lancaster, and d. in 1698, leaving issue.

III. Peter, A.M. Fellow of New College, Oxford, b. in 1644; d. in 1673.

IV. John, b. in 1647.

V. Robert, b. in 1643; m Dorcas, dau. of the Rev. Dr. Byfield, and d. in 1720.

I. Susan, m to John Barrow, Esq. of Sankey, Lancashire

II. Ellen, m. to John Cottam, Esq. of Preston. Thomas Patten d. in 1663, and was s. by his eldest son, THOMAS PATTEN, Esq. of Patten Lane, b. in 1633, who in. 4 Dec. 1660, Mary, dau. of John Leigh, Esq. of' Oughtrington, in Cheshire, and by her, who d. 19 April, 1720, had issue,

I. THOMAS, his heir.

II. John, b. in 1664 ; d. in 1658.

III. William, of London, b. in 1655; m. in 1692, Miss Elizabeth Jackson, and d. in 1740, leaving an only dau. and heiress, Mary, who m her cousin, the Rev. Thomas Wilson, D.D., Prebendary of Westminster.

IV. George, b. in 1672 ; m Miss Sutton, of Grapenhall, Cheshire, and d. in 1729, without surviving issue.

I. Elizabeth, b. in 1666; m. to John Goulbourne, Esq. of Warrington.

II. Mary, who m. in 1698, the Right Rev. Thomas Wilson, D.D. Bishop of Sodor and Man.

Mr. Patten died in 1684, and was s. by his son,

THOMAS PATTEN, Esq. of Patten Lane, bapt. 2 Aug. 1662, who m. 20 July, 1686, Margaret, eldest dau. of Jonathan Blackburne, Esq. of Orford, co. Lancaster, and d. in 1726, leaving

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. Jonathan, of Manchester, b. 13 April, 1695. who m 1st, 3 July, 1716, Catharine, dau. of Randall Ffeilden, Esq. of Blackburne, and had by her, who d. in 1731, with two daus., both of whom d. unm., a son and heir,

Jonathan, of Manchester, b. in 1734; m. in 1762, Anne, dau. of Robert Ffeilden, Esq. and d. in 1792, leaving two sons and a dau. viz. Jonathan, Thomas, and Elizabeth.

He m. 2ndly, in 1732, Jane, dau, of John Sydall, Esq. and relict of John Green, Esq. of Holcome, in Lancashire, by whom, who d. in 1743, he had three daus., Jane, and Anne, who d. young, and Lettice, wife of Joseph Rose, of London, merchant. Mr. Patten m. 3rdly, in 1746, Sarah, dau. of John Cheshire, of Manchester, merchant.

I. Bridget, m. in 1734, to Robert Patten, Esq. of Warrington.

The elder son,

Thomas PATTEN, Esq. Lord of Winmarleigh, co. Lancaster, D.L., b. in 1690, m. 16 June, 1728, Lettice, 2nd dan. and. co-heir of the Rev. James Peake, M.A. of Bowden, co. Chester, and by her, who d. in 1735, left at his decease 21 Feb. 1772, a dau. Frances, b. in 1730, m. in 1752, to Sir Richard Brooke, part., and a, son and successor,

THOMAS PATTEN, Esq. of Bank Hall, J.P. and D.L., Lieut.-Col. of the Royal Lancashire Militia, High Sheriff for that shire in 1773, and for Cheshire in 1775. He m 17 Jan. 1757, Dorothea, 2nd dau. of Peter Bold, Esq. of Bold, M.P. for Lancashire, and had six daus., Anna-Maria, Lettice, Dorothea, Frances, Mary, and Everilda, and four sons. He was s. at his decease, 19 March, 1806, aged 86, by his son, PETER PATTEN, Esq. of Bank Hall, M.P., Col. of the Royal Lancashire Militia, who assumed the additional surname and arms of BOLD. He m. Mary, youngest dau. of the Rev. John Parker, of Astle, in Cheshire, and of Brightmet, co. Lancaster, by whom he had four daus. viz.,

I. MARY, who s. her father at Bold. Hall, and m. Prince Sapicha, a Polish nobleman, but d .s.p. in 1824.

II. DOROTHEA, inheritrix of Bold Hall, m. 23 May, 1820, Henry Hoghton; Esq. (only son of Sir Henry-Philip Hoghton, Bart. of Hoghton Tower), who has assumed the surname of BOLD, and is the present SIR HENRY BOLD-HOGHTON, Bart.

III. FRANCES, m to John-Digby Murray, Esq. brother of Sir Archibald Murray, Bart.

IV. ANNA-MARIA, in. to her cousin, JOHN WILSON-PATTEN, Esq. of Bank Hall, M.P.

Col. Patten Bold d. 17 Oct. 1819, aged 55, and was s. by his brother,

THOMAS WILSON-PATTEN, Esq. M.P. of Bank Hall, Lieut..-Col. of the 5th royal Lancashire Militia, b. 22 Feb. 1710, who had assumed the additional surname of WILSON, at the request of the Bishop of Sodor and Man, and by the testamentary injunction of his Lordship's son, the Rev. Thomas Wilson, from whom the Patten family inherited the Cheshire and a portion of their Lancashire estates. Col. Wilson-Patten m. in 1800, Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Nathan Hyde, Esq. of Ardwick, and left at his decease, in 1826, a dau., Elizabeth, m. to Sir John-BullerYarde-Buller, Bart. of Lupton House, Devonshire, and a son, his successor, the present JOHN WILSON-PATTEN, Esq. of Bank Hall, M.P.

Arms-Quarterly: 1st and 4th, fusilly, erm. and sa., a canton, gu., for PATTEN; 2nd and 3rd, sa., a wolf, ramp., or, in chief, three estoiles of the second, for WILSON.

Crests-1st, a griffin's head, erased, for PATTEN ; 2nd, a demi-wolf, ramp, for WILSON.

Mottoes-For PATTEN, Nulla pallescere culpa. For WILSON, Virtus ad sidera tollit.

Seats-Bank Hall, near Warrington [now Warrington Town Hall], and Light Oaks, near Cheadle.

The following is extracted from Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland - Gill has already commented on the implausibility of the French Connection - Hugh (or strictly Ewan as he changed his name on migration to Ireland) was one of the many merchants who did well in the Manx running trade - the entry in Burke is also highly deficient! (some corrections/additions given me by a relative shown in red)


LINEAGE: This family migrated to Ireland from Ramsey, Isle of Man, early in the 18th century, having originally been of French extraction.

HUGH CASEMENT, m. 1740, Elizabeth (d. 8 July, 1801, aged 80), dau. of George Higginson, of Magheragall, and d. 10 July, 1797, aged 77, having had issue,

1. George, Surgeon R.N., m. 1stly, Elizabeth Montgomery, and had issue,

1. John Montgomery, m. Mary (d. 1843), dau. of John McGildowny, and d. 1839, leaving issue,
(1) Edmund McGildowny, of Invermore, Co. Antrim. J.P., b. 1812; d. unm. 1876.
(2) George, Lieut. R.E. [Bengal Engineers]
(1) Elizabeth, m. Capt. Gillespie, 15th Hus. [Capt. R. Gillespie of the 4th Light Dragoons, AdC to
the governor-general m. Calcutta Cathedral - Elizabeth d within a short period after marriage]

(2) Mary, m. Henry Mills.
(3) Matilda, m. John W. Fulton, Barrister-at-law.
(4) Jane, d. unm.
(5) Grace, d. unm.
(6) Anne, m. General M'Cleverty
2. William (Sir), K.C.B.
He m. 2ndly, Matilda [Martha, according to the tombstone] Montgomery, and by her had issue,
3. George, Major in the Army. [Capt.; if he was Maj. it was a local rank]
4. Hugh, Lieut. in the Army. [older than George]
2. ROGER CASEMENT, of Harryville, Co. Antrim, m. 1stly. Catherine (d. 1803), dau. of Julius Cosnahan, of Peel, Isle of Man [she was a dau. of the Rev. Joseph Cosnahan, vicar of Braddan, and half-sister of Joseph], and had, with other issue [many missing including the link to the executed Roger David Casement],
1. THOMAS, of whom presently.
2. Robert (Rev.), of Harryville, Ballymena, m., and d. leaving issue, Fanny Waring.
He m. 2ndly, 1819, Margaret (d. Nov. 1877), dau. of Andrew M'Quilty [McQuitty] , and d. 19 May, 1832, having by her had issue,
3. George, of Fenagh, Co. Antrim, Barrister-at-law, d. unm. 1882 [1883].
4. JOHN, s. his half-brother.
5. Julius, of Cronroe, Co. Wicklow, J.P. Cos. Antrim, Londonderry, and Wicklow, High Sheriff 1877, b. 1830, educ. Trin. Coll. Dublin (M.A.), m. 21 Jan. 1863, Maria Clarke (d. 26 April, 1918), dau. of Rev. Joshua Lacy-Bernard, Rector of Powerscourt, and d. 6 June, 1904, leaving issue,
1. Roger, High Sheriff Co. Wicklow 1907, Lt.-Col. R.F.A., b. 24 Feb. 1864, m. 30 Aug. 1898, Catherine Isabelle (d. 28 Sept. 1943), dau. of Col. Charles George Tottenham, of Ballycurry, Co. Wicklow (see that family), and d. 21 Dec. 1917.
2. Joshua Bernard. Lieut. 2nd Bn. D.L.I., b. 16 Sept. 1868; d. unm. 29 July, 1894.
3. Julius, Lieut. R.A., d. unm. 3 Sept., 1896, aged 20.
4. John Moore, C.B. (1928), of Cronroe, Ashford, Co. Wicklow, Adm., served in World War I 1914-19. joined R.N. 1891, Capt. 1915, Rear-Adm. cmdg. 3 Battle Sqn. 1928-29, Vice-Adm. 1931, ret. 1931, Adm. 1936, A.D.C. to H.M. KING GEORGE V -1926; b. 13 Sept. 1877, educ. Fettes, and H.M.S. Britannia, m. 6 Feb. 1905, Annie Myra (d. 2 Aug. 1954), dau. of Francis Theodore Gervers, of Collingham Road, S.W., and d. 25 Jan. 1952, leaving issue,
1. Margaret, m. 25 April, 1900, Capt. Robert Mervyn Bermingham Otway-Ruthven, R.G.A. (see that family), and d. 7 Dec. 1953, leaving issue. He d. 15 July, 1919 .
2. May, d. unm. 25 April, 1950.
3. Minie, d. unm. 11 March, 1901.
1. Elizabeth, m. 1854, Moore Smith.
2. Annie, m. lstly, Thomas Luscombe, of Dublin; and 2ndly, Frederick H. Ross, County Inspector R.I.C., of Crowpark, Trim.
The eldest surv. son,

THOMAS CASEMENT, of Ballee House, Co. Antrim, J.P., High Sheriff 1874, b. 19 March, 1799, m. 22 Sept. 1848, Dorinda Deborah, dau. of Thomas Abbot, J.P., of Mount Bellew, Co. Galway, and d. 11 June, 1874, leaving issue, an only dau. and heiress,

CATHERINE COSNAHAN, of Ballee House, m. 4 March, 1869, Col. Eldred Thomas Pottinger, R.A. [Capt. RA; Lt Col. of militia]
His half-brother,

JOHN CASEMENT, of Magherintemple, Co. Antrim, J.P., High Sheriff 1881, b. 29 Nov. 1825, educ. Trin. Coll. Dublin (M.A.), m. 1stly, 6 [4] Aug. 1849, Charlotte (d. May, 1857), dau. of Brabazon Newcomen, of Camla [Camlagh] House, Co. Roscommon, and had issue,

1. ROGER, of whom presently.
2. Brabazon Newcomen, M.D., b. 19 Aug. 1852, m. 1stly, 15 Sept. 1880, Henrietta Louisa (d. 1881), dau. of Rev. Thomas James Burke, Rector of Babcary, Somerset, and had issue,
1. Charlotte Mary, d. 1952.
He m. 2ndly, 1884, Islet, dau. of - Scott, of Kempsey, New South Wales, and d. Feb. 1910, having by her had issue,
1. Raymond.
2. Margery, m. in Australia.
3. John, Rear-Adm., b. 22 July, 1854, m. 23 Dec. 1892, Maria (d. 3 April, 1943), dau. of Rt. Hon. John Young, P.C. , and d. 8 June, 1910, leaving issue,
Charlotte (Little Hill, Atlantic Avenue, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim).
He m. 2ndly, 1859, Charlotte (d. 1910 [1909] ), dau. of Alexander Miller, of Ballycastle, and d. 13 Oct. 1902.

The eldest son,

ROGER CASEMENT, of Magherintemple, Co. Antrim, D.L., J.P., b. 30 Nov. 1850, educ. Royal Sch. Dungannon, and Trin. Coll. Dublin, m. 8 Feb. 1877, Susanna (d. 4 [10] Feb. 1915), dau. of James Beatty, C.E., and d. 17 Sept. 1928, leaving issue,

1. JOHN CASEMENT, D.S.O., of Magherintemple, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, D.L., Capt. R.N., served in World War 1; b. 19 March, 1880, m. 28 Dec. 1916, ANNA BEATRICE, dau. of John Frederick William Hodges, of Glenravel, Co. Antrim, and d.s.p. 2 Jan. 1944.
2. Francis, D.S.O. (1917), and Bar (1918), Major-Gen. R.A.M.C., High Sheriff, Co. Antrim 1951, served in R.A.M.C. 1907-41, in World War 1 1914-18, Min. of Health 1942-46, Chm. Ulster Joint Cttee., Order of St. John and Red Cross Soc. from 1953, Mem. Area Council British Legion 1954, Chev. Legion of Honour 1915 (Craigtara, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim); b. 29 Oct. 1881, m. 19 Dec. 1916, Mabel Frances, eldest dau. of Robert Francis Harrison, K.C., of 17, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, and has issue,
3. Roger Hugh, P.W.D., India, b. 8 April, 1883, m. 29 April, 1911, Mary Katherine (Ballycastle, Co. Antrim), dau. of late Henry George Cowie, of Tiverton, Devon, and d. 2 March, 1924, leaving issue,
4. Robert James, of Vancouver, B.C., b. 19 Nov. 1884, m., and d. 15 June, 1946, leaving issue, two sons and one dau.
5. Edgar Reginald, formerly P.W.D., India (Coolgreany, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim), b. 13 Oct. 1886, m. 18 Aug. 1920, Grace Edith, widow of Frank Nairne Maclaran, I.A., and eldest dau. of late Col. William Henry Savage, C.M.G., of Cushendall, Co. Antrim, and has issue,
ARMS (granted H.C. 1826 and confirmed U.O.): Erm., a lion rampant guardant ppr. charged with a mullet gu. and holding in the paws a sword erect also ppr., pommel and hilt gold, encircled round the point with a wreath vert; on a chief embattled gu. a tower arg. between two elephants' heads erased or.
Crest: A mural crown gu., issuing therefrom a demi-tiger rampant guardant ppr., charged with a mullet of the first and crowned with an Eastern crown or holding in the paws a sword erect ppr., pommel and hilt gold, the point encircled with a wreath vert. Motto: Dum spiro Spero.

SEAT: Magherintemple, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.


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