Thomas Wilson - Bishop 1698-1755

Bishop Wilson " A burning and shining light was Bishop Wilson; he seemed like the Baptist in an evil time, as if a beacon lighted on his small island to show what his Lord and Saviour could do in spite of man; how when a nation had fallen into the enemies' hands he could preach to it even off its own shores, and be nigh at hand when they would fain leave him not so much as to set his foot on. The English soil, indeed, had its own witnesses and teachers at the time; but none at once so exalted. in station and so saintly in character, so active and so tried in his lifetime, and so influential in his works, as Bishop Wilson."
John Henry Newman (preface to 1838 ed of 'Sacra Priva')

For one appreciation see Brief Biography in Church Monthy 1890 (pp108/110 & 132/135) - born Burton in Wirral, later assistant to half-uncle Richard Sherlock of Winwick.

Written Works

Produced a brief History and Guide to the Island



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