What is it ?

A CD-ROM version of my ManxNoteBook Web pages plus additional material not found on the WebSite(currently about 650MByte and 20,000 files)

Provides instant access to all pages - any profits from sale go to help defray costs of running the site.

What format ?

ISO9660 , the minimal format for a CD ROM, so far have found no machine (eg Win PC, Linux, Macs, Suns etc) on which it does not work though the additional compiled version is MS windows only (will run on Macs + Linux under WINE)
I can also suuply the CD image and the files in it on a microSDHC card (these are often used in Tablets + phones) and are readable by readily available adapters providing a USB interface.

Additional Material


Price includes Post & packaging.

Sorry I cannot handle credit cards.

To Order

Please contact me at for ordering address etc.


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