Villa Marina

Villa Marina

Land for Villa Marina estate was acquired by George Steuart shortly before his death; the house was built by his son Robert whose widow sold off some of the land. On her death it became a school run by the Misses Dutton. It then became the residence of Governor Pigot which signalled the move of the capital from Castletown to Douglas.

Seems to have been a popular subject for views

G. Phillips included this in their set of Manx views.

Villa marina - G.Phillips


On Pigot's death in 1868 it was acquired by H.B.Noble for £7000, his will offered it for sale to Douglas Borough for development as a tourist attraction. The house was demolished and the Villa Marina (Kursaal) concert hall and gardens built and opened in 1913. A major reconstruction took place in 2002/2003.

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