The Island and especially Douglas, saw a major tourist boom in the late 1870s and 1880s - many non-Manx portrait artists came across but soon found that photography was the most popular with the tourists (most of whom would be mill operatives from the North of England). As would be expected photographers were kept busy during the 10 week season - it would also appear that several non-Manx photographers came across to Douglas purely for the season. Initially (until c.1890) most photographs would be cartes-de-visite which were small approximately 80mm x 40mm portrait views on thick card with the back given over to an impressive engraved advertisement for the photographer; later the larger Cabinet Cards (165 x 110mm) became the norm. Often some indication of a date can be obtained by looking at the address or other information (e.g. reproductions of awards obtained at the numerous exhibitions) on this face. A good selection of such faces is given either on my 'backs' page or in Here Is the News. Post 1900 the slightly smaller postcard format became the norm. Most views would be studio views using a standard backdrop or props (including a tired old donkey!) - thus it is sometimes possible to date photos by comparing these (a task only possible with access to many dated photos e.g. as in Manx Museum).

Cartes-de-visite were introduced in the late 1850s and became very popular by the mid 1860s - they were an economic method of placing up to eight exposures on a single 10 x 8 inch glass plate, made possible by the the invention of the sliding plate holder by André Disdéri. They were also used to illustrate both well known figures and scenery - a role taken over by the postcard at the turn of the century.

The following list is drawn from various sources including trade directories (the year indicates the directory used), census returns (1881c) or backs of cartes-de-visite (cdv - generally pre 1900) or of cabinet cards (cbc - generally turn of century). All entries found are given, even if no address change from previous year. Photographers were mostly based in Douglas (by 1890s Finch Road was a Photographers' enclave) with a few in Ramsey; in a couple of cases they had other studios off the Island. Any age information is drawn from 1881+ other census returns - if no town given Douglas is assumed. I have included, with a few exceptions, only those active before 1899.

Alphabetic List

Art Photographic Co.
1902: new studio Queen's promenade, Spence Lees artist + manager (repeated in 1907 directory)
Barrett, Samuel J. 1855-
Born Liverpool, card illustrated in "Here Is the News" gives address as 59 North Quay
1871c: 59 North Quay
1881c: census address Victoria St Douglas; brother to cabinet maker James Barrett
1881: 56 North Quay - also Loch Promenade
1883: Loch promenade
Bean, Richard Lewis 1819-
listed as Artist (daguerreotype)
1846: 2 Athol terrace (Slater's Directory)
1848: Strand St (Quiggin's Guide and Directory)
1851c: age 32 with wife Margaret + 2 children
Bell, John
cdv (date unknown) Victoria Pier
Bethel, Robert
1902 5, Central Promenade (however some cartes de visite exist that would appear to predate this) - also in 1907
also Promenade Studios, Crescent Rd (date unknown); another Promenade Studios, Douglas, Nr. Broadway.
IoM Examiner 28 April 1900 - : PROMENADE STUDIO.-In response to numerous inquiries, Mrs Bethel wishes to state that she intends carrying on the business of her late husband, Mr Robert Bethel, Photographer, and trusts, by strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of past favours.[Robert Bethel buried Braddan 5 Apr 1900 age 51]
Bradshaw, L. B.
1902: 6 Finch Road -? took over J C Bradshaw's business c.1893
Bradshaw John Champion, 1847-1925
J C BradshawOne of main supporters in the early days of the Arts & Crafts movement on the Island (along with J.M.Nicholson & R. Wane) - a copy of his painting of Douglas Market, which includes a self portrait, is in Journal Manx Museum iv #58 p104 March 1939)
A very competetant painter - see James W Bell "The Life of the Manx Artist John Champion Bradshaw" IoM: Lily Publications 2015 (no ISBN given - ?self published) - many illustrations
1881c: a John C. Bradshaw, Artist (Portrait & Landscape), is shown as a lodger at Margaret Gelling's boarding house at 13 Mount Havelock
1881: Mount Havelock
1883: Mount Havelock
1887: 40 Finch road
1889: 40 Finch road
1893 40 Finch road, Photographic studio now conducted by Mr. L.B. Bradshaw (Brown's Guide, 1893)
[Leonard Barton Bradshaw (1870-1918) was 1st son of John C and his first wife Hannah Barton]
1894: 40 Finch road - left by 1901 (possibly due to financial problems arising from collapse of Dumbell's ) - found in Manchester in 1901- in a report IoM Times 1 September 1900 is noted that "Messrs Homer and Chadwick ... do business at what was formerly Mr Champion Bradshaw's studio, in Finch-road, Douglas"
Bridson Thomas Arthur, 1863-
born Marown
1881c: A Thomas A. Bridson, Photographer's Apprentice, is shown boarding with Edward Corlett (suspect relative as his wife Mary Corlett also born Marown)
1894: 1 Finch-road
Bruton John E. 1838-1918
It would appear that James Edward Bruton bought the Abel Lewis studio at the sale in 1885 - in 1894 address still described as 'Abel Lewis Studio'. J.E. Bruton was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and opened his first studio there in 1858 (working as tobacconist and photographer) - in 1874 moved to Capetown. Had a number of his African photographs published in various journals. There may be some confusion with a son as one source states he was still operating a studio in Capetown as late as 1897, whereas he moved to Douglas c.1885 and is found in both 1891 and 1901 censuses - married Mary Ann Woodman (who died between 1891 and 1901) - a son Gilbert is noted as a photographic assistant. [see entry in Royal Commonwealth Society Photograph Collection ]
1887: 10 Finch road
1889: 10 Finch road
1894: 10 Finch road
1902: Harris Promenade (next to Gaiety) - it is possible that by this year Bruton and Warburton were the same company as Warburton is advertising as operating from this address in 1899
Burman, James 1827-1864
Earliest known Manx photographer, clerk to Tynwald from 1851, son of surgeon James Burman(c.1780-1848), interested in many new scientific ideas, e.g. set up a weather station at his home. His collection of Glass Slides, dating from 1851, is in the Manx Museum - selections from this have (Jan/Feb 1999) been published by Manx Newspapers.
M.P.Backwell advertised in his guide of 1861 that he has made arrangements for the publication of 'a valuable series of large Photographic Views from negatives by James Burman'.
Callister, William 1830-
Born Lezayre,
1871c: 26 Finch Road
1881c: address 26 Finch Road, Douglas
1881: 26 Finch Road
1883: 25 Finch road [?error for 26]
1887: 26 Finch road
1889: 26 Finch rd
1894: 26 Finch road
(this address was later used by W Cottier Cubbin)
Carr, Ashton
cbc - Port Soderick prob 1898-1905
Chappell, James
cdv (date unknown) giving 'Artist', Ramsey
Clarke Edward, 1817-
cdv - "E Clarke, Photographic Artist, Douglas, Isle of Man" - at bottom of card "E. Clarke Photo Retford"
In 1881 census an Edward Clarke, is shown living at Falcon Cliff Lodge with occupation Photographer(unemployed)
1881: Loch Promenade
1883: Loch Parade
Collister D. 1856-1930 (later D.Collister & Son - post 1931 Harry Collister)
In some directories a D. Callister is shown - I assume they are the same
Specialised in taking photographs of Cunningham's camp - many views both of the camp and of individual campers (usually in their Sunday best outside their tent). Later, in late 1910, took his son Harry into the business and became known as D. Collister and Son
Presume this is the David Collister shown in 1881 census as English born 'Photographers Assistant' aged 24 living with Manx wife (Mary Jane Bridson) and mother in law at 4 Brisbane St.
Unknown date CBC 'David Collister, late with Mr. Marshall Wane, Regent Studio, Regent Street, Douglas'.
1894: Prospect-hill
c.1906-1910: Waverley Terrace, Broadway
1910-1911 D.Collister & Son (DC&S) earliest 11 Aug 1910 (same address as above)
1911-1928 DC&S [39] Palatine Road, Broadway
1931+ HWC/H.C.
Comery, W.
1907: 42 Buck's Road
Cottier Cubbin, W.
William Cottier CubbinI have one card (probably c.1905) with address given as 26 Finch Road (see Callister, W). Another card (date unknown) gives Peveril Studios, Victoria Pier. 'Douglas Centenary' (p43) states that a Mr W Cottier Cubbon of Liverpool was refused permission to operate a 50 seat cimematographic pavillion on Douglas Head, but give no date
He is found in Liverpool Directories at 175a London Rd Liverpool 1896-1908 (thanks to <> . He is reported as living in the Island from 1908 onwards when he ran Onchan Head Pleasure Grounds. It would appear likely that he had stopped his photographic business by 1910 possibly following a fire in December 1909 that destroyed, along with 4 other shops, his seasonal photographic studio in a rented shop owned by Boddingtons(IoM ltd) in front of Castle Mona [IoM Examiner 11 Dec 1909] - it would appear likely that pre 1908 he came over to the Island for the short summer season operating from rented premises.
His parents were Thomas Cubbin and Catherine Cottier - his Manx-born father had moved to Liverpool where he is described on censuses as a provision dealer 1871 and builder 1881-1891. In 1891 William is on the 1891West Derby Liverpool census as a Fruiterer aged 23, but had branched out into photography by 1901.

Cowen George B. 1865-1948
Advert c. 1899 Son of John Cowen, dyer; born 1865, in 1881 census as 'Photographer' (aged 16) living with parents at 27 Prospect Hill, Douglas
Produced many fine views, especially of North of Island; many were used by the major postcard manufacturers. One speciality was specially posed photographs, usually of pretty young women, to illustrate Manx life (e.g. Manx Maiden & Fisherman's daughter).
On back of one card states "from Mr Abel Lewis" where he served some apprenticeship before his partnership with Alfred Moore of Ramsey
cdv: 56 Waterloo Rd
1894: Waterloo-road, Ramsey ('art photographer')
Short Biography & portrait in 'The Tourist iii pp59/60 1899.

Creer, M. A.
cdv: plain back - imprint on front M. A. Creer Finch Rd Douglas I.O.M. - not dated and photographer otherwise not recorded (A. Kelly collection)
Cuthbert, J.S.
cdv: Photographer, Laxey, Isle of Man.
1889: Cuthbert J.S., photographer, Dumbell's Row Laxey
Dean, George Augustus, 1820-1891
G. A Dean, senior

Father and son, both George Augustus, both operated as photographers but not it seemed from the same studio. Was credited as lithographer in several of Manx Society volumes
G.A. senior was born in Portsmouth, son of a Customs Officer Robert and Mary Deane, married Eliza Doige (in Liverpool, probably at St. Ann's Church). Came to Island some time around 1847 (4th child born Nov 1847 in Douglas).

Some of his 11 children had emigrated to the USA in 1874 - he, his wife Eliza Doige Dean and other children arrived in New York in Oct 1877, he and most of his family moved onto Cleveland, Ohio where he died following an elevator accident, in 1891.

Not clear if he ever used the Athol St studio as G.A.Dean,jnr shown there in 1871.

1852 (Quiggin's Guide and directory) G.A.Dean, engraver, shown in Fort Street.
1863 noted as Artist at 46 Duke street
1871c: 49 Duke Street - described as Photographer and Engraver
Dean G.A. jnr 1842-
G. A Dean, jnr

Born Liverpool, christened St Martin's, Everton 13 Mar 1842 and came to Douglas with parents c. 1847.

The Photographic archive at St Andrew's University includes a number of Cartes-de-visite showing Manx topographic views which they date to the mid to late 1860s, if correct then it would appear he set up in business in his early twenties (possibly confusion with father also G.A. Dean ?). His address on his earliest cards given as Athol Street opposite the Post Office - this was I think the old Athol St chapel which became available c.1867.

Moved to Rugby in mid 1890s, though some of family later returned to Island - see Memorial Notice to son.

1871c: 10 Athol Street
1881c: 10 Athol Street
1883: 10 Athol St
1887: 4 Finch road
1889: 4 Finch Road
1894: 4 Finch-road
Findlow, A
cdv "Photographic Views of the IoM" - "A Finlow, Warwick Heliotype Photographer established 1855 (see also illustration in "Here is the News").
Fowler, G.H.
1894: St Johns (ref A. Kelly)
Gabriel, T
1865: Marina Rd (source newspapers ref A. Kelly)
Gelling Bros
1906: advert in IoM Times states shop on Queens Promenade but no fiurther reference found (other shops were Victoria Street + Broadway)
have seen CBC with Gelling Bros Queens Promenade Douglas
they were chemists and otherwise unknown as photographers - were they an outlet for Spence Lees (or Art Photographic Co) or another photographer?
Goshawk W.
1887 CBC (of Glen Helen) W Goshawk, Photographic Artist, Glen Helen & 6, Bucks Road, Douglas. Buck's Road address was that of a tobacconist's shop - no mention of Goshawk in directories.
Greatrex, George
1874: 36 Prospect Hill (source newspapers ref A. Kelly) [?Greatrix]
cdv: 'late S. Rothwell' - so would appear took over Rothwell's business - suspect same Greatrex who in c 1875 set up a roller skating hall.
Gregson, James
Card back in "Here is the News" gives address as 73 Strand Street (no such name found in 1881 census); In a reprinted story re claimants to an American legacy a photograph (probably dating late 1870s ?) by James Gregson, 52 Strand St is quoted (that address in 1881 was Milburns, Whitesmiths or Ironmongers as in some directories).
1869 - 62 Strand St (Advert in IoM Times, April 1869 onwards) - also offers portraits in oils by Mr W. Siddals late of Derby)
Grossi's American Card & Photo Co.
1902: 10 Castle Mona Shops and Douglas Head
This was part of a photographic business, based in Liverpool, founded by Austrian born John Baptista Grossi(1832-1895), his eldest son Spiro Grossi popularised the 'stickyback' photo - a small postage stamp sized photo with a sticky back that could be very cheaply reproduced (eg 50 for 1s in some advertisements) - see
Grossigraph Co.
Central Promenade, Douglas
A small 'passport' sized photo pasted on a small card (blank back) with imprint "Central Promenade, Douglas" probably c.1905..
Hadley Arthur
Specialised in photographs of tourist parties in their horse drawn cars (and later in their charabancs)
1894: 4 South Promenade, Ramsey
also ran a billiard saloon c.1900
Haggarty, J.R.
cbc: Ramsey Isle of Man - imprint front, blank back

         John Rowse Haggarty (born Camberwell 1866) card shows widowed mother thought to be 1899 (or no more than a few years later)
         possibly only worked on Island during summer season as otherwise based with family in Oswestry [based on family info]
Harrison, E.J.
cdv: Summer Hill, Onchan. Later became Harrison & Co.
Harrison & Co
cbc: Holly bank Studios, Onchan
Harrison & Shipsides
1887 Harrison, Henry Photographic Studio Granville Street.
I have card, date unknown but probably early Edwardian, endorsed "The Promenade Photographers" Studio Granville Street , opposite Granville Hotel, Douglas. Another Edwardian T. Shipsides card also gives a Granville Street address (as the street has only 4 houses they are very likely the same!)
Hoepfner Franz, c.1853-1893
An Advert for Derby Castle in 1889 Directory gives as one of its attractions - "The Great Collection of Manx Pictures
Upwards of Thirty in number, embracing the most Picturesque Scenery on Mona's Isle painted specially for this Establishment by Franz Hoepfner, the celebrated Continental Artist. To Connoisseurs, this feature alone is worth a visit".
Was brought over c.1886 by Bregazzi's to paint murals at both The Palace and Derby Castle (+ Central Hotel, Broadway). Became infamous in Douglas for his drunken behaviour; committed suicide whilst drunk after wife's death. A brief biography based on information from the 1893 inquest was given by Martin Faragher in IoM Vic Soc Newsletter #36 1994 - he had been a sergeant in the Franco-Prussian war and described as "a brilliant conversationalist .. a remarkable but eccentric genius .. who always carried a revolver"
1889: Victoria terrace
Homer and Chadwick
noted in September 1900 as occupying what was formerly Mr Champion Bradshaw's studio, in Finch-road, Douglas and advertising a photograph of the Douglas Head fire that destroyed the Warwick revolving tower.
Hope Frederick
1889: Quines Hill, Braddan
Hulme Arthur
1894: 6 Finch-road and Iron Pier. 'Imperial Studio'
cdv: 6, Finch Road & Heaton Lane Stockport
Jamson, J & C
cbc: Art Photographers, Rushen Abbey, Ballasalla
Johns, Stafford
c.1900 2/5 Walpole Avenue ( ref A. Kelly)
Johnson, Frederick, 1863-
There may be two under name Fred[erick] Johnson - a which would appear to date from 1872 has Fred Johnson, Douglas Head Rd, Douglas but no F Johnson, photographer can be found in 1871 census - possible that a grandson of Samuel Johnson, bookseller, came over from Liverpool but also possible that card had been wrongly dated and belongs to the 1880s.
Born Douglas; card back gives address as Fort William Studio Douglas Head Road
have seen back of a which has address F Johnson The North End Studio, Whessoe St, North Road, Darlington overprinted 68 Strand Street Douglas.
1881c: shown Photographic Artist 68 Strand Street, son of John Johnson, Jeweller of same address
1881: Fort William
1883: Fort William
1887: Fort Anne Road
1889: Fort Anne Road
1894: Fort Anne-road
1902: Johnson's Studio Head Road
1907: Johnson's studio 7 Fort William
cbc: have 'also Express Bridge and Battery Studios'
Johnson, John
cdv: 68 Strand St. presumably husband of Mrs J. Johnson and father of Frederick Johnson - son of Samuel Johnson, bookseller.
Johnson Mrs. J.
1887: Strand Street (in Street Directory given as 68 Strand St - Photographer and Fancy Goods Dealer)
1889: Strand st
1894: Strand-street
Johnson Percival
1894: 42 Buck's-road in display advert 'Landscape and Portratit Photographer established 1880'; also fancy goods dealer etc
Kee, Daniel William. 1856-1943
Daniel William Kee cdv: Peel. The Kee's were jewellers and watchmakers in Peel - Daniel William was brother to Charles Kee the other well known watch & clockmaker, had a watchmaker's shop at 9 Michael St, Peel in 1881. Supposedly had a contract as Photographer at Knockaloe Internment Camp during WWI. There is a comment in the Camp Letter Book that they wished to give first option as photographer, after these had been allowed, to local photographers - I have 3 cards dating from late 1917 - they are embossed on front D W Kee, Shore Road, Peel. Obituary Ramsey Courier 7 Jan.1944.

Keig, Thomas 1831-1896
T. Keig's shop c. 1900
Victoria St shop c.1899
Born Santon. Set up business as Photographer in Douglas from 1862. Strong Primitive Methodist (see biography) with interest in science, designed original Loch Promenade PM Church; was first Mayor of Douglas but died shortly after taking office; business continued by his sons but ceased 2010. Took many views of Douglas in 1890s, firm later well known for its unrivalled collection of TT (motorcycle) photographs.
1863: Prospect Hill; (home 5 Spring Gardens)
1871c: 6 Mona St
1881: 6 Prospect Hill
1883: 6 Prospect hill
1887: Prospect hill
1889: 6 Prospect hill
1894: 6 Prospect hill
1902: Prospect Hill
Keig & Callister
cdv: Mona Portrait Gallery, Prospect Hill
possibly T.S. Keig and William Callister ?
Lees Spence(r)
1887: Loch Parade (in street directory at Sea terminal end - no number given Lees, Spencer, Photographer)
1889: Regent St Douglas, and Shaw St, Liverpool [not found in Liverpool Directories - only photographers in Shaw St were MacMahon & Co [1887-1888] and John W. Walmsley [1891]
1894: Regent-street
In an Advert in John Heywood's 1891 guide:
THERE are not many watering-places throughout the British Isles at which somany facilities are afforded to visitors for obtaining an exceptionally-good
photograph as at Douglas, where, during the summer season especially, the atmosphere is so wonderfully clear. All classes of people are catered for by
the Douglas photographers, and the "tripper" can obtain his counterfeit presentment for the merest trifle. But to those who desire something more
permanent, and, although not expensive, something far beyond the ordinary seaside photograph, a visit to the spacious and handsome studio erected by the
well-known artistic photographer, Mr. Spence Lees, opposite the General Post Office, may be cordially recommended. Mr. Spence Lees has earned for
himself a high reputation for the peculiar delicacy and beauty of all work executed at his establishment, whether portrait or landscape. The studio has
been tastefully and elegantly fitted-up for the comfort and convenience of visitors, and the latest photographic appliances and improvements have been
secured Mr. W. Rennison (architect) furnished the plans for the studio ; Mr. C. H. Williams executed the plumbing and gas-fitting work; Messrs.
McAdam and Moore, of Douglas, were the contractors ; while the furniture was supplied by Messrs. Ratcliffe Brothers and C. Latham, of Douglas.
Visitors to Man, who are desirous of being taken under exceptionally favourable conditions, cannot do better than place themselves under the skilful
hands of Mr. Spence Lees. Branches have been established at Port Soderickand Glen Mays. At these, as at the main establishment, moderation in price
is strictly observed. Birmingham and Aston Chronicle
Lees, W.J. & Co
cbc: a Spence Lees card overstamped W.J.Lees & Co, Queens Promenade, Douglas, also Laxey & Port Soderick'
Lewis Abel 1839-1914
Born England, moved to Bristol in 1885, Moore in Manx Note Book Vol II 1886 notes a large sale of paintings etc from Mr Abel Lewis's Studio on 29 Sep 1885. Studio taken over by John Bruton.
1864: 9 Prospect Hill (ref A. Kelly)
1871c: 29 Prospect Hill
1881c: 10 Finch Road
1881: 10 Finch Road
1883: 10 Finch road
Early CDVs merely have Lewis Isle of Man in script printed on back but for later cards the back of his cards will often give an indication of the date - subsequent (? post 1884) cards claim 'Photographer Royal' and he went back to a printed 'Abel Lewis'
John Bruton copied the same medals and words though he had not won them.
Livesey, John
card illustrated in "Here Is the News" gives address as Art Photographer, Ramsey; a John Livsey, of Bolton, is recorded as proprietor of Rosemount Hotel, Douglas from at least 1876 (aged 57 in 1881 census) - possibly same person ?.
cdv: Ramsey, overpinted T.H.Midwood (rubber stamp) thus would appear that Midwood took over Livesey's Ramsey Business (must be before 1881).
cdv: Photographic Artist, Fort Ann Road
Lloyd H.,
From 1881 census this was probably Henry Lloyd (1843-), Retired Chandelier Manufacturer, living at Pulrose, Braddan
1883: Braddan
Have seen a CBC plain back with pasted on photo with imprint Viking Studio Douglas Head Road, Mona Studio, Port Skillion Douglas IoM - Mackay was in Italic script which the owner had read as Machay. This is Liverpool born Henry Mackay (Mckay in some reports) aged 36(1911 census) with Manx born wife probably Mary Pearl Taggart + a 10year old daughter born Manchester, who is noted in 1911 [Mona's Herald, 29 March 1911] as having leased for 5 years a stand which included a photographic studio, refreshment house, and shooting gallery on the road leading up from the Battery Pier to Douglas Head Road - as he is appealing against a rates valuation, for which he regrets paying so high a lease as trade not high, it is likely that he took out the lease in 1910 or earlier - he was still there in 1915 as there is a report of two children breaking into the stand and causing much damage [Isle of Man Examiner 28 August 1915]. In 1921 proceedings under Sunday trading laws were taken against him now noted as carrying on 10 different businesses in the adjoining premises of which the photographic studio was the only one in operation [Mona's Herald, 27 July 1921] - a few days earlier a visitor had died at the studio of Mr Mackay photographer, at the foot of the Battery Pier[Isle of Man Examiner 16 July 1921].
Manx Studio
c. 1905 Promenade Ramsey and Douglas
Marsden, W.
1887: Fort Anne road (in street directory given as 4 Fort William - Artist)
Mayoh, -
1887: Loch Promenade (appears only in this directory and no initial given - in street directory given between 56 and 59 as Mayoh, Photographer, next door to Assembly room)
McLanachan J. L.,
1883: 4 Finch road (note this address was later taken by 1889 by Geo Dean).
cdv: of Marshall Wanes overprinted J.L. McLanachan so it would appear that he took over M.Wane's business.
cdv: 'Late of Messrs Elliot & Fry's, 55, Baker Street & Messrs. Dickinson Bros., 114 New Bond Street London. (Photographers to the Royal Family)
Midwood & Chappell
cdv: Artists, Ramsey. presumably T.H. Midwood and James Chappell
Midwood Thomas Horsfell, 1858-1927
Son of Charles James Midwood (born 29 May 1815 at Manchester, died 17 Dec 1880) and Mary Anne Horsfall. Thomas was born in 1858 at Ramsey, baptised 27 Dec 1858 at St.Pauls, Ramsey; died Good Friday, 15 April 1927, aged 68, buried at Lezayre (New Middle Yd), where his headstone referrs to him as a Justice of the Peace. On 24 Nov 1880 he married Alice Jane Taylor at St.Lukes, Cheetham Hill, Lancs..
1881: shore (Ramsey)
1883: (artist) Promenade Ramsey
1889: South promenade, Ramsey
1894: South Promenade, Ramsey (and billiard-room proprietor)
succeeded by son C. J. Horsell (b. 1878)
He appears to have changed the design on the back of his cards quite often - later cards have an attractive landscape engraving
Moor, Edwin
In advertisement in 1876 Brown's Guide "Begs to inform .. that he has commenced Business at the above address.." address given as No 12 Strand Street (next to Webb's Lounge)". The 1877 edition had "The other Photographic Establishment, bearing the same name, is not a branch of, nor in any way connected with, this place".
The Moor family originated from Newcastle - some, presumably transitional, cdv's printed on old stock with address "Mona" portrait studio 34 Shields Road Newcastle
cdv: 12 Strand Street, Douglas (the design on the back is that of comic 3-legged men)
Moor, Henry Watson. 1839-
Born England, an advertisement in Brown's guide of 1877 states that business was established in 1856. In 1877 Cartes de Visite were 14 for 7s 6d (or 7 for 4s).
1863: Castle Mona Road (A card back also gives studio address as Castle Mona Road, near St Thomas's Church)
cdv: Castle Mona Road opposite Wallace's Baths
1871c: 8 Cambridge Terrace (Census has H W Moore)
1881 census gives occupation as Photographer and Grocer with address at 16 Falcon St, Douglas.
1881: 4 Marina Road
1883: 4 Marina road
1902: 37 Derby Rd
Moore Alfred
1894: 23 Waterloo-road, Ramsey
cdv: 'Photographer, Mount Morrison, Peel
cdv: with Ramsey address + 'from Abel Lewis' - so probably served apprenticeship here ?
Moore and Cowen
The Cowen was G.B Cowen who sometime before 1894 branched out on his own.
1889: 23 Waterloo rd, Ramsey
Morton Star Photo Co.
A studio card, probably of around 1900, impressed 3, Strand Street, Douglas - no other photographic establishment is known at this address, which in 1894 was the address of Douglas & Rylands, tool dealers & ironmongers..
Myers Henry
1862 Leech's Guide described as Watch & Clock Maker and photographic artist, Parliament st, Ramsey; T.E Brown in a letter dated 1862 refers to a cdv as probably being by Myers.
Nicholson, John Miller 1840-1913
Better known as artist but produced many fine photographs - Manx Museum have good collection, several of his views published
1881: St Thomas' walk
1883: St. Thomas' walk
1887: St Thomas's walk
1889: St. Thomas walk
Okell, J
1855: Strand St, advertises in 1855 edition of Kerruish's Guide as offering 'Chromo-Photographic Portraits. Likenesses taken on an improved Principle, in all weathers combining the truthfulness of a Photograph with all the beauty of a highly finished Minature'. Not clear what relationship, if any, to William Okell, born Warrington who arrived in Douglas 1847 and became a well known brewer.
Ormondroyd, Miss S.E.
1887: Finch road (however in Street Directory under Finch Road there is no mention of her - possibly working from or at one of the several studios in that road?)
cdv: 'Successor to L.E. Morgan' (Morgan is so far unrecorded)
Patterson, George 1846-1914
Geo Patterson,
view on back of cdv
Born Manchester, by 1881 married to Euphemia (10 years his junior); son of William Patterson, Superannuated Minister of United Methodist Free Church, who was living as a widower with son and daughter in law.
1871c: 1 Mona Terrace,Ramsey
1881 census as Photographer
1881: 3 Ballure Rd, Ramsey
1883: (artist) Ballure Rd, Ramsey
1889: 56 Waterloo rd, Ramsey
cdv: 3 styles all with address 'Parade, Ramsey'; according to Constance Radcliffe 'Shining by Sea' p199 in business for about 20 years from 1871
Patterson & James
In 1876 Brown's Guide address given as "The Studio" Ballure Road Ramsey
Peveril Studio
Victoria Pier, Douglas - have one small photo dated 1902; also associated with Cottier Cubbin.
Powell J.,
1863 directory described as Photographer/artist address Castle street; (home 11 Great Nelson street)
cdv: Port Erin
Robinson Alex,
cdv Alex Robinson - using a standard Berlin made cdv - see backs
1883: Victoria pier, Douglas
Robinson Bros
Founded 1890 by Alfred William and George Henry Robinson, sons of Henry Robinson, builder and architect. Cubbon (Bibliography vol II p1174/5) gives a short history: Alfred having served an apprenticeship at the Manx Sun became foreman whilst his brother, Henry had served an apprenticeship with Abel Lewis. According to Cubbon they hoped to develop the photomechanical side of the publishing business concentrating it seems on the sporting press 'Robinsons Sporting Tissue' in 1892 and in 1896 'The Isle of Man Sporting News and Manx Tissue'. However they failed to make it a commercial success though the printing business continued under two of Alfred's sons.
1894: 19 Athol Street
1904: - 1907 19 Athol Street
Roth Theo,
Postcard c.1908 gives address Garden Studio, Glen Helen and Peel, IoM
Rothwell Samuel, 1834-
1861c: Hill St - a 6month old son was born Douglas - but a newspaper item(see under Wane + Rothwell) would appear to indicate he was active on Island by the 1860 season.
1863: artist/photographer address Prospect Hill, Douglas; (home 3 Auckland Grove)
1869 - (adv in IoM Times April 1869 onwards) Prospect Hill (Established 1857)
1871c: 6 Hill St (born England)
Seaman, D.B. & Co,.
cdv: Castle Mona, Promenade, Douglas & 75, Lime Street, Liverpool [1898: 99 Hanover St Liverpool, 1900-1909: 75a Lime St, Liverpool, c.1908 Seamen & Co]
This is Dennis Benjamin Seaman (b 1870) a member of the extended Seaman dynasty who operated photographic businesses in many parts of Britain; Dennis patented a moveable back camera and printing frame that allowed placing multiple images on a single plate together with a numbered ticket that corresponded to a receipt given to the subject - thus allowing easy method of associating image with customer.[see ]
I have a card with a small 40 x 25 mm photo pasted on a card with printed 3-legs - Seaman & Co Douglas I of M & 75 Lime Street Liverpool
Shipsides Thomas
on back of one card is 'Established 1882' - in 1887 a J. Shipsides was running the Fleetwood Arms on North Quay
1894: 36 Fort-street
1902: Granville St
an undated card but probably c.1905 has Granville Street, Douglas and at Mount Murray - see Harrison & Shipsides.
Southward, Francis, 1836-

Francis Southward
Photo c.1905

Non-commercial photographer who took many photographs (including a set of Methodist Chapels); married deceased wife's sister by going to Channel Island for ceremony.

Stott, J.W.
cdv: 18, Broadway, Douglas
Stuart, William M.D.
1881 described as Photographer, age 22 born Scotland, lodging at 3 Christian Road (other boarders all had jobs in Douglas)
Sullivan, H.A.
In IoM Illustrated, 1907, set of Laxey Glen photos by H.A.Sullivan, Artistic Portrait Co., Laxey Glen Gardens.
Swales, J. 1849-
cdv: Castletown. This is probably James Swales, 'Copper Miner and Publican' who kept the Public House at Derbyhaven in 1881; from census data would apprear to have arrived on Island from Sheffield c. 1878.
In 1907 IoM Illustrated advertises as 'Watchmaker, Jeweller, Silversmith and Optician' (dealing in Photographic materials) Malew St Castletown, 'Established 1884''
Swales, V.L 1871-1939
cbc: Port St Mary. A Laurence V. Swales is shown as son of James Swales in 1881 census; born Sheffield. Later became a PM Local Preacher.
A cdv with a pasted on photo has been seen with photographer indentified as Venmore Studio Fort Anne - possibly c.1905 though name not found in newspapers.
Walton, John W.
cbc: 53 Athol Street, Douglas. Branches Glen Helen, Groudle Glen, Laxey Glen Gardens, Glen Maye & Garwick
postcard Sept 1909 - "Castle Hill" Victoria Rd Douglas - would appear to be taken at Groudle Glen (label 2673)
1901c: 26 Finch Rd : John Waring Walton, age 39, photographer & science teacher,born England, wife Ann G, age 33 born Lonan
1902: 6 Palace promenade - also 1907.
Wane, Marshall, 1834-1903
An advertisement in 1877 Brown's Guide quotes awards and medals dating from 1869
Little is known about him except supposedly was of Cumbrian stock [J. Manx Museum VII #83 plate 13 1967], in 1861 census noted, in Douglas, as aged 27 with wife Rosina (aged 25), a search of the IGI yielded only one match - Marshall Wane, son of William and Mary Wane christened at Manchester Cathedral 15 Dec 1833. Died at 25 Montgomery Street, Glasgow on 14 December 1903, death certificate stated father William Wane, Goods Warehouse Shipping Clerk (Foreman) - mother — de Tolly . Had a (?adopted) brother Richard Whittaker Wane active in early Arts and Crafts movement in Douglas and a recognised artist - I have seen a cdv back "Messrs R. Wane & Nunn Photographers from the Isle of Man .. Bridge St Manchester". Newspaper reports give a Cumbrian background for his mother. Active between 1863 and 1882 when noted that he had left the Island. The Manx Museum hold some 20,000 portrait negatives. Would appear that J.L. McLanachen took over business by 1884.
1861c: Photographic Artist 21 Prospect Hill - the following census entry was for Geo Dean + family so possibly linked to Geo Dean senr.
1863 directory described as Artist with address Prospect Hill (home address 3 Mount Pleasant)
1869 - 18 Prospect Hill (opp Athol St) - advertises in IoM Times from July 1869 (also reference to medals/awards from 1865)
1871c: 3 Derby Road
cdv: post 1877 shows 'and 82 George Street, Edinburgh'
1881: census - Wife (age 43 born England) + 6 children (aged 19 to 6 and all born IoM) living at 4 Bernard Terrace Edinburgh; Marshall Wane was visiting James Hogg (photographer) in Kendall - on census return age given as 50 and born in Scotland. Thus it appears he had just arrived on Island in 1861 and moved to Edinburgh around 1876 keeping a studio in Douglas.
1881: 4 Finch Road
1883: 4 Finch road
I have two cards, with similar backs, both 'M. Wane, Photographer next to the Victoria Hotel, Prospect Hill' but one with a Royal Arms for 'Honourable Mention for Artistic Merit, International Exhibition, Dublin, 1865'. The next change was c.1870 in which he advertises a 'new studio, 4 Finch road' and shows a 1869 medal; this was augmented by an 1872 + mention of two 1873 awards.
Moved to Edinburgh c. 1879 where he opened studios at 82 George St (Wane Marshall & Co from 1903 following his death) and post 1907 at 130 Princess Street - a speciality was hand-coloured portraits. He also established a studio in Ayr from 1888 though this seemed to run into financial difficulties. (see <>)
Wane & Rothwell
Both Marshall Wane and Samuel Rothwell are resident on Island by the 1861 census. I had been informed of one photo which is attributed to a possible joint studio - there would appear to be no Manx newspaper or directory entry to support this except for a single review in the Manx Sun dated 8 Sep 1860 of the second edition of Kneales Guide (the 1st edition having appeared for the 1860 season) which mentions the inclusion of photographs by Messrs Wain[sic] and Rothwell from an old document illustrating William de Montagu and his wife, these photographs which were of Carte-de-Visite size being pasted into 2 pages of this edition only.
Warburton W. H.

Warburton Studio, c 1907

Taken from IoM Illustrated, 1907

Card back (c.1900) gives address as Harris Promenade
1892 card has 2 Marina Terrace as address
1894: Marina-road (Marina Lawn in Directory)
1899 advertising Harris Promenade address - this is also the address of J.E.Bruton's studio
1902: Harris Promenade
1907: Harris Promenade next door to Gaiety 'also for the Popular Midgets' !

Entrance to Warburton's Photographic studio
(from Mates IoM Illustrated 1899
Weaver, G.C.
Laxey 1895 - view of Canon Quine is attributed to him
Windsor, W.
1907: Church Rd Marina
Wilmott, J.H.
?pre1900 cabinet photo with purple hand-stamp 'J.H. Wilmott, Portrait Painter and Photographer' - there is a March 1894 registered birth in Onchan of a daughter to a John Henry Wilmott + wife Sarah Price, they are not in the 1891 or the 1901 Manx censuses nor in the 1892 or 1894 directories so would appear to be a short term visiting photographer trying his luck in the Manx tourist season - there is a baptism noted for the same daughter in 1896 in Broughton, Salford and there is record of a John Henry Wilmott as a professional photographer in Western Australia in early 20th Century..
Woodcock, Francis 1840-1915
Born Preston, England, married Margaret Shields in 1858; an advert in the 1889 directory states that he has had studio on Douglas Head for over 20 years.
1871: 8 Dumbells Road, Laxey
1877 advertisement in Brown's Guide gave addresses as Douglas Head and No 3 Duke Street where all photographs will be delivered.
1878 Brown's guide states that has now enlarged studio on Douglas Head and opened a shop next door (no further mention of 3 Duke Street)
1881 census gives occupation as Photographer Artist with address at Douglas Head; a card back gives address as F Woodcock, snr, Castle Studio Lancaster and Douglas Head.
1881: Douglas Head (advert also gives a Miss Woodcock, late of Mossley, Private Lodgings)
1883: Douglas Head
1887: Douglas Head
1889: Douglas Head
1894: Douglas Head
cbc: Imperial & Queen Studios, Douglas. Branches: Lodge lane & 91A Gt. George's St. Liverpool
In 1901 several adverts appeared "TO be SOLD, a newly-erected Wooden PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO, with iron roof. Would make a first-class Restaurant.-Apply to F. WOODCOCK, sen., Douglas Head.
Francis Woodcock senior, and wife, are buried in Douglas.
His son, Francis A., born 1864 was also a photographer and moved to Liverpool [15 Lodge Lane & later also 91a Great George St 1893-1900] where he is buried - his bankrupcy appearance casts some light on the trade in Douglas - [Isle of Man Examiner, November 29, 1902] the Liverpool Bankruptcy Court, on Thursday of last week, before Mr Registrar Bellringer, Francis Albert Woodcock, photographer, of Lodge-lane, Liverpool, and late of Douglas Head-road, Isle of Man, appeared on his public examination. The liabilities amounted to £174, and the net assets to £12 8s. The cause of failure was asserted to be the character of the recent seasons in the Isle of Man. The debtor stated that he had carried on the photographic business at Douglas for twenty years, and his father had carried it on before him. Owing to opposition and bad weather, he had lost heavily of late; but before that he had done well, and saved money. His season was practically from Whit Week to the end of September. During July and August his takings would sometimes be £40 a week. His best week was usually " Scotch Week.'' about the last week in July, when large numbers of people from Glasgow and other parts of Scotland visited the Island. It was what was known in Scotland as Glasgow Fair Week. The difference to a photographer between good and bad weather during that week in Douglas would not be far off £100. When Scotchmen went to the Isle of Man thev went to enjoy themselves, and liked to have their photographs taken on donkey back or in boat scenes. They spent their money freely. He only took about £200 last season, and very little more the season before. He had his home and winter studio in Lodge-lane, and his effects in the Isle of Man would not be worth more than 30s. The examination was adjourned to the 4th December..
Woolnough, John
1881 Brown's Directory - photographer 59 South Quay - in census John A Woolnough , Decorater, Painter, Grainer, aged 37 from Middlesex (with family most born in London - youngest 5 year old born in Ireland)

The 1871 & 1881 census includes the following who describe themselves as Photographers but cannot be found as such in any subsequent directory





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