Thomas Vowler Short - Bishop 1841-1847

According to Callow " well remembered for his violent denunciations of all dissenters and schismatics; consequently, though he was otherwise an amiable man he was not liked in a country where liberty and toleration have been so thoroughly enjoyed for so many centuries." The fact that the Island was strongly Methodist would not have helped!.

Gelling gives a more balanced view, noting his learning and interest in education, especially for KWC after the fire of 1844; however he notes that though honest and kindly he was "impetuous and sometimes indiscreet in speech". His reference to Methodists at Convocation as those who "lead the people from their parish churches" was not intended to ingratiate himself with the Methodists whom he disliked.

A.E.LaMothe seems more inclined towards him in his Manx Yarns (see chapter 4)

Clerk of the Closet to Queen Victoria before becoming Bishop. Translated to See of St. Asaph where he remained until his death in 1870. According to Bax , St Asaph and See, 1904 he was a liberal benefactor to the diocese, author of many valuable works, including 'History of the Church of England' - there is a stained glass window to his memory in the chancel at St Asaph.


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