Walter Augustus Shirley - Bishop 1847

Walter Augustus Shirley

Only son of Rev Walter & Alicia Shirley, came from an Anglo-Irish family, born 30 May 1797 at Westport. Ireland - his family fled from there during the 1798 troubles after which they had a peripatetic existance until they re-established a link with Earl Ferrers with whom they were distantly related. He suppported Walter in going to Winchester from which he won a scholarship to New College and at the same time Lord Ferrers gave his father the living of Shirley in Derbyshire. Married Maria Waddington in Paris in 1827 - his father resigned Shirley to Walter about this time.

Noted evangelical - however only occupied see for a few months before his death at Bishopscourt, during which time he is said to have gained the esteem of his clergy and people - however his letters indicate some strong criticism of clergy, island ways and Methodism.


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