Horatio Powys - Bishop 1854-1877

Third son of Lord Lilford, born 21 Oct 1805, educated at Harrow then St John's Cambridge. Ordained in 1828 and in 1831 became Rector of Warrington where he remained until his ordination.

Drescribed as a man of great ability and personal energy - at times could be autocratic or even harsh towards the clergy. His high church leanings did not fit too well with the Island.


Wished to resign in 1876 but pursuaded to hold on for a brief period as the Governor wanted to reduce the Bishop's stipend to provide better clery stipends and it needed some time for the Home Office to arrange matters. Died at his house in Bournemouth on 31st May 1877 and buried in the family vault at Warrington.


J. Gelling A History of the Manx Church Douglas:Manx National Heritage 1998




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