Rowley Hill - Bishop 1877-1887

Born Londonderry 22 Feb 1836, son of Sir George Hill. Ordained Priest in 1860 and had a number of positions in South of England before becoming Vicar of Sheffield in 1873. Though very low church in his views he did not get on well with Methodists. His first wife Caroline Mary Chapman died in 1882 and he married Alice Probyn in 1884. At his appointment was youngest bishop in Anglican communion. Described as an eloquent precher who seldom used notes.

Was in favour of an amalgamation of the Island diocese with Liverpool as this would allow better stipends - most clergy agreed with him but lay opposition was against him and the scheme was not developed further. Enjoyed his drink and would sometimes poke fun at total abstainers.

His tenure saw considerable changes in the relationship of Church and State by the 1884 Ecclestiasical Civil Judicature Transfer Act which moved Matrimonial and Probate matters to the civil courts.

Died in London on 27th May 1887 aged 51.




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