James Bowstead - Bishop 1838-1840

Born 1 May 1801, BA Corpus Christi Camb 1824 (BD 1834), Fellow Corpus Christi 1824-38( Tutor 1832-38); priested 1827. Besides the college post he had other church appointments including Rector of Rettendon, Essex , in 1837.

Gelling quotes him as Liberal in politics (signed petition for abolition of religious tests for admission to Universities) but very Protestant and anti-tractarian.

Archdeacon Philpot's description is

" He was a very suitable man, truly an enlightened Christian, of a clear perception and vigorous mind, but unfortunately a single man. He had while reading in the North of Scotland fallen in love with a minister's daughter, but delayed making an offer till his return in the following year, when it was too late and he found her just married. This disappointment seems to have affected him permanently as regards marriage."

According to his biography Archdeacon Philpot was first offered the Bishopric but declined it.

Translated to Lichfield January,1840; on his departure a deputation of three Methodist ministers and three Circuit Stewards presented him with an address thanking him for his kindly attitude towards the Methodists.

Being a keen horseman (see also comment by Philpot) he intended to ride from Liverpool to Lichfield; his horse, possibly suffering from sea crossing, stumbled and he was thrown, though at the time with no apparent ill effects. Shortly afterwards it became clear his spine had been injured which led to a long, painful illness terminating in his early death in October 1843. For virtually all his time at Lichfield he was unable to carry out his duties.


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