J. Clague, 1842-1908

Dr. John ClagueBrief Biography given in Introduction to Manx Reminiscences -summarised by

" CLAGUE, JOHN, born Oct. 10th, 1842. Left Midsummer, 1859. Son of H. Clague, Ballanorris, Arbory, I.O.M.Day boy. First Prizeman and Exhibitioner Guy’s Hospital, 1870. L.S.A., London, 1872. M.R.C.S. Eng., 1873. L.R.C.P. Lond., 1873. Surgeon to Household, 1888—1901. Surgeon, Castle Rushen Gaol, 1874— 1901. Medical Officer in charge of Troops, Castletown, I.O.M., 1874—1896. Surgeon to R.N. Reserve, 1884— 1901. Medical Officer, K. W. C., 1874—1901. Joint Compiler of the Manx National Song Book. Crofton Castletown, I.O.M."

See also Memorial Notice.

 His notebooks were edited into 'Manx Reminiscences' posthumously published in 1911.

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