Marown - recipients of Manks Books of Common Prayer 1765 + 1809

These two lists are transcribed from Parish Register

Kk Marown - list of thos receiving manks common prayer books sept 1765

Mr Thomas Christian Ballahutchin
Capt William Cubbon Ballacallin
Mr John Cottier Ballayemmy
Mr Robert Kelly of the Rock
Mr John Kewley Ballafreer
For the Clerk's Use
Robert Kelly
Mr John Clucas Ballanicholas
Wm Boyd
Wm Clague Crosby
John Kermod Jnr Ballachrink
Robt Kelly
Evan Corkam Sumner
John Gellin
Jane Creer
John Kewley Braid
Wm Clucas Smith
Wm Killey Taylor
Mr Thos Clucas Gart
Wm Karran Ashold
Wm Karran Jnr B'karran
John Quilliam B'kelly
John Kelly Voallin
Thos Cretney Taylor
Thos Clucas Corvalla
William Calvin
Elizth Bridson
Ellinor Killey & her Sister
Mr John Clague
Wm Caine Jnr Ballagraue
Wm Clucas Smith
Evan Key
John Clague
Wm Cubbon
John Garrett
Margaret Key
William Fargher
Elr ^Ann^ Karran Millr
Ann Callin
Margaret Killey B'yemmy Beg
James Kelly
Thos Kinley
John Cottier
For The Petty School 3
For Mr Christian (Vicar ?) 1 + 2 For The Church

Manks common prayer books 1809

note most paid 1s unless indicated otherwise

Mr J Corlet
Rt Moore
Tho Callow
Phil Kissack 2s
John Hutchin -
Nich Griffin
W Kermott
Rt Quine 2s
Wm Cottier
Paul Fayle
John Fayle -
Rt Garrett
Rt Kelly
Wm Quayle
Wm Fayle -
Jas Creer
John Kelly -
John Cottier
Rt Cowle
Edwd Moore
John Cottier
Wm Moore -
J Kelly B.K.
J Clucas B.N.
J Callister
Xtn Colvin -
John Creer
Rt Cottier
Wm Corkill -
T Christian B.K. 3s (Inc Next)
W Christian B.K.
John Quilliam -
Phil Kelly B.G.
Jas Lewney
Wm Cowle
Thos Lewney
Phil Kissack
John Quayle
T Clucas Can
Wm Cretney
John Kermott
Thos Creer 2s
Pat Kewley
John Kewley
John Kneale -
Rt Kelly -
Thos Craine
John Kelly -
Chas Cottier
Edwrd Kermot
Pat Kelly
John Cannon -
John Cowle
Tho Corkan -
Tho Quayle -
Mrs Stephen
Ealy Teare
John Caine
Thos Caine
Edwd Kermod
Isabel Quirk
T Clucas Gart -
John Crellin -
Mrs Cleator A Pauper Nil
Cathar Mylechreest
John Quayle
Thos Crellin
Mat Caine
John Kermott
Quayle Clucas -
Charlotte Clague
Joseph Cretney
Eliz Cottier
Elr Cottier
Thos Taggyrt
Jane Kermod
W Quirk
Rt Caine
Pat Kewley
John Kewley
John Kewley
Thos Kelly
Rt Ketty
W Fayle 2s
J Stephen
Mrs Corlet
T Faile
Phil Kelly
Thos Kermott
Mrs Caine
W Cannell
Rt Key
Jane Craine
Paul Quayle
Cath Quayle
John Quayle
John Clucas
John Kinrade -
W Karran
John Clucas 2s
Miss C Clucas
John Clucas
Cath Quayle
J Moore Esq
Crane St Johns
W Fayle
John Kewney
John Fayle
Thos Clucas
New List
Dan Stephen 3s
Tho Creer
T Corlett
Cath Kermod

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