[From Manx Soc, vol. 26]


OFFICIALS in the ISLE of MAN, 1645 -1663.

James, 7th Earl of Derby. Lord of the Isle, 1637-1651.
Charlotte, Countess of Derby. Left Deputy in 1651.
John Greenhalgh. Governor, 1640 to Sept. 1651.
Ewan Christian. Deemster, 1645.
John Cannell, Deemster, 1645.
John Sharples, Comptroller, 1645-1651.
William Smith. Receiver, 1645.
Sir Philip Musgrave, Bart. Governor, Sept. 1651.
Col. Robt. Duckenfield. Governor, 1651.
Samuel Smith. Deputy Governor, 1652.
Lord Fairfax. Lord of the Isle, 1651.
Samuel Rutter. Archdeacon, 1651.
Samuel Rutter. Bishop, 1661.
William Christian. Receiver, 1648-1651, and Commander of the Insular Infantry, 1651.
H. Qualtrough. Deemster, 1651.
Major Woods. Commander of Peel Castle, 1651.
Sir Thomas Armstrong. Commander of Castle Rushen, 1651.
Capt. Ingram. Commander of Ramsey Fort, 1651.
Major Thomas Stanley. Commander of Loyal Fort, 1651.
Major Duckenfield. Commander of a Troop at Bishops Court, 1651.
Matthew Cadwell. Governor, 1653.
William Christian. Governor, 1656.
James Chaloner. Governor, 1659.
Rodger Nowell. Governor, 1660.
Richard Stephenson. Deputy Governor, 1660.
John Christian. Deemster, 1660.
Thomas Norris. Deemster, 1660.
Hugh Cannell. Attorney-General, 1660 ; and Deemster, 1662.
Richard Tyldesley. Clerk of the Rolls, 1660.
Henry Nowell. Captain of Castle Rushen. 1660.
Henry Nowell. Deputy Governor, 1663.
Richard Calcott. Water Bailiff, 1660.
Robert Calcott. Commander of Castle Rushen and Douglas Fort, 1660.
Edward Christian. Deemster, 1663.
Ferdinando Calcott. Steward, 1663.


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