[From Manx Soc, vol. 26]



Charles II., Vol. lxxv. No. 80.

Sir Philip Musgrave to Joseph Williamson, Esq.

Sr-When I have nothing to send you from hence but my observations upon what you send me You may judge the condition of thes parts to keep at a stand not growing of late much better or worse. I have seen the Counsels order in my Lord of Darbies matter about the death of William Christian, a most unfortunate Servant to that Loyal Famely Whilst He lived His unparraleld trecherie brought the head of His Maister to the block & the ruine to His estate, not only in the Isle of Man but in England & reduced the noble Lady & her children famely & friends in that place to as miserable a condition as she could have and live, of all this I have certaine knowledge being upon the place & ingaged in the danger & loss and though this wrech be in His grave His Genius staves that Famely occasioning new trobles, for wh I am most hartely sorry. Considering that the former sufferings from an Enemy struck nothing so deep as the frounes of a Gracius Prince and the contempt of the now living Will Christian, a basterd & insignificant Fellow, who braggs He wil go to reside in the Isle of Man to balance the House of Darby I know He is no friend to Me or myne and the discovery of His nature so ungrateful to the House from which He and all he pretends too have been servants & had their being wil hardly suffer me to be His, I pray you perdon Me if the unhappy sufferings of the House of Darby to w' I have the honour to be related do somewhat transport Me and give you the trouble of knowing it from Yr Humble Servant, P. M. Addressed.

For Joseph Williamson, Esgre. Endorsed.

17 Sept 1663 R 25 Sr Ph. Mosgrave.

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