[From Manx Soc, vol. 26]

No. XIV.


Chas II, Vol. lxvii. No. 83.

The Earl of Derby to Secretary Bennet.

Sr-Upon fryday last I gave a further Accompt concerninge Darrow's informacõn to Mr Deane of St. Paul's wch I hope you have ere this seen & upon that & the first I sent to you of that affaire I humbly desire your Directions both as to the persons to witt Mr. Robert Yates (late Minister of Warrngton) John Nayler Richard Niccolls Richard Worrall & Robert Jouchit as also to any thinge else you shall judge pertinent thereunto, & to all your Comands I shall be ready to yield a cheerful obedience to the best of my skill.

As to what concernes the information given to the Duke of Albemarle I can make noe further discovery in it & so can give no further account concerneinge it.

Pardon me Sr the trouble you receive here in a concerne of my owne concerneinge one Christian who I heare (in his life time for hee is condemned & executed by the Lawes of the Island of Mann) made his applications to the King to evade the justice of that Island ; his case in short was this, when my father came into England in 1651 to meet the Kinge according to his Majesties Commands this Christian being then in the Island rebelled & constrained my Mother (who my Lord my father left Governesse) to surrender up that Isle to the Parliamt & for this hee had no Commission neither from any of the Illegall Powers wch might render the Act of Indempnity beneficiall to him if that place had been comprehended in the Act of Indempnity wch I conceave it is not, because the Act of Indemnity makes noe mention of that place & I hope the enclosed will prove this my Affection & If so I humbly beg of you your assistance that his Majestic will be pleased not to take from me that wch my Ancestors & I have enjoyed by the guift of our Gracious Kings (& that confirmed by. Acts of Parliament) ever since the. 7th yeare of Kinge Henry the fourth. And now in the last place give me leave to renew my Request concerneing those Gentlemen-Sr Edward Moseley Mr Preston of Hooker & Mr Wm. Bankes of Winstanley to be my Deputy Lieutenants for this Countie of Lancashire for whome I should be asham'd to presse were I not assured both of their integrities & abilityes to doe his matie service.

Your favour herein will very much oblige, Sr, your afft humble servant, DERBY. Lathom the 20th January 1662/3

Directed. For the Rt honble Sr Henry Benett Principall Secretary of State London. Endorsed. Earl of Derby. R 24th Jan. 1663 concerning Darrow &c. Christian condemned & executed there. Sr Edw. Moseley Preston & Bankes to be added to his Deputy Lieutents. Answd Jany 27th.

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