HIS office is to receive all monyes due to ye lord from ye moores or other under officers, and he is to give an accompt thereof in ye presence of ye comptrowler.

He directeth and governeth ye stuards of both ye housholds of Castle Russin and Peel Castle.

Every three months he is to pay ye soldiers their quartrs wages.

He appoynteth all reparations in any of ye castles, forts, etc., but he is to take ye advise of ye governor and of ye comptrowler, and he is to shew ye expences to them, and to have their approbation.

He supplieth ye place of a justice of peace in cases necessary.

His pension from ye lord was thirty pounds p. annum. Chaloner saith yt ye receiver by his place is ye chief officer for ye collecting of the lord’s rents ; he may committ ye moores or baylifs for their neglect in not taking them up in due time from ye tenants, and when the moores are soe cothitted his token to ye constable commands a soldier to bring in the tenants, but ye moor before ought to take the pawne of ye tenants, and cause them to be praised and sold for payment of the rent.


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