NEXT to ye governor I observe the office of controwler of the Island to be of greatest trust, and requireth a most active spirit. For every Saturday he is to be at Peel Castle to take the accompts there of the steward, cook, brewer, baker, etc., to charge them upon their oath to give a true expence for the week past, and this he must do upon pain of forfeiting his fee.

He must return the next day, for every Sunday he is to do the same in the castle of Russin.

Every Munday, and all days of payments, when the moors do pay in the money, which they had received of the lord’s rents and duties the week before, unto the receiver-general, ye controwler alone is required to be there and to see the delivery of the money into a bag. The governor is to seal the bag, and put it into a chest where the books are kept, of which I shall have occasion to speak more hereafter ; note yt if ye controwler be not there present all is disannull’d.

If either the governor, receiver-general, or any other officer, do conceal any other profit or revenue belonging unto the lord, from the controwler, they loose their fees.

Every three months he is to certifye his opinion unto ye lord, of all expenses, whether they be needful or not, upon forfeture of his fees.

Every muster is to be called by ye controwler. The clearke of ye shipps is to show him his bookes.

There is an especiall ordinance yt he yt is chosen to be compttrowller must be no merchant.

Hee is a justice of peace in absence of ye governour and deemsters.

He hath power to sitt as well in ye spirituall as temporal1 courts.

He is allowed ye keeping of a horse.

He hath yt priviledge to sit at ye lord’s high table, which none else can doe but those that have gentlemen’s wages.’

The comptroller by his place is to call ye receiver to acct once every yr~ and may sitt by and take notice at all times wn ye receiver takes money from ye moOres (as I finde above) ; be is alsoe to take knowledge and give check and allowance of paymts and disbursmts by ye receiver, and to keep his booke thereof, and at ye end of ye year to set f debit, and to pfect ye accompt betwixt ye receiver and ye moors.

He is alsoe to give out ye water bayliff his charge soon after midsuthr, having upon ye midsuther day before received from ye governor his book of licenses and entryes for outgats and ingates of commodityes.

He is alsoe by his place clearke of ye market, and is to see to ye weights and measures of all sorts, and ye assise of bread, and etle that it be duly kept ; and he is alsoe head searcher in all ye ports, yt by his deputyes and under searchers ye lord may not be abused or wronged in his customs.

For his fidelity, providence and prudence, meriting a greater guerdon than £30 p. annum, his fees and perquisites wch he hath (besides this pension of ye lord’s) you may observe in the practicall part of their lawes, hereafter set downe, or in Mr Chaloner 1.

He hath alsoe ye clearkship of ye Rolles and the pension belonging thereunto ; how much it is I know not yet.

1 But, out of Mr. Chaloner, I am to inform you of other particulars.


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