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THE first edition of this work was issued in 1861, at which time the Compiler had not the opportunity of consulting sufficient authorities which a work of this nature required, but had mainly to rely upon such as he possessed in his own library. Since that time he has been enabled to add considerably to the information contained therein by the addition of numerous par ticulars to the works there enumerated, and has also recorded some 300 more works connected with the Isle of Man or that particularly allude to it.

The Council of the Manx Society, considering the great importance that a work of this nature is to the student of Manx history as a guide to the sources from whence information is to be derived, have decided that this enlarged edition shall form one of their series.

The study of Bibliography, or a knowledge of particular books, was, until of late years, singularly neglected; however, there has now sprung up a desire to become acquainted with whatever has been published that will in any way elucidate the history of a country or a place. It was with this view the Compiler was induced to continue his labours, in the hope that the result might be useful not only to the Manx student, but to others as well. Those only who have been engaged in similar pursuits can have an adequate idea of the vast amount of labour required in wading through a multiplicity of books in order to find out a single fact that may be of use; this requiring no great amount of literary knowledge, but assuredly a vast amount of patience, and as such the Editor trusts it has not been spent in vain. The list has not been extended be yond the year 1870, and such works as have escaped research (for the list does not profess to be exhaustive) will only be an amusement to the reader to fill up.

From John Frissel Crellin, Esq., of Orrysdale, I have received constant contributions for this list of works; and have to express my thanks for his kindness in affording me access to his valuable collection of books and coins relating to the Isle of Man.

An extensive Index has been added for the more easy mode of reference.


ROCK MOUNT, May 1876.


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