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FOR many years previous to the establishment of the Manx Society, the Editor had been collecting from time to time such Works as related in any way to the Isle of Man, and making a list of the same. On the formation of the Society it was suggested that it would be very desirable if such could be brought before the members at some future day. The impression that such a work might be useful to those engaged in similar pursuits has led to the compilation of the present volume. An obscure tract or scarce work no doubt may have here and there escaped the notice of the Editor, or not have been sufficiently described for want of the work to refer to, but it is presumed none of any great importance; and such omission will be the sooner pardoned when it is considered by those who can form an estimate of the labour and research required in the compilation of works of this description, and that the more readily when it is known there is no Public Library in the Island containing stores of this kind to which he could resort for reference, but had mainly to rely on the collections contained in his own library.

Some of the articles may appear too trivial to have been noticed, but everything to the Historian is of value, and everything requires his perusal; a date may be fixed or a fact established from a sermon, a report, or a lampoon. It is to be hoped that the new materials which the Manx Society has been the means of bringing before the public will make the task of the future Historian of the Island less diflicult by the very valuable documents which have for the first time been brought to light in their volumes.

The full title is described in most instances, thereby enabling the reader to learn what subjects are treated upon by the writer~ with the date and place of publication. A few remarks and biographical notices are added where any peculiarity or important information was thought requisite to be noticed. To have extended these would only have retarded the publication of the volume, and might not have increased its usefulness.

Some few notices of works in MS. are appended, but no doubt this might be considerably extended, as also notices of works where incidental remarks are made relative to the history, government or customs of the Island; but these having been so fully given in Dr. Oliver’s Momumenta, where he reprints the most important passages, it was considered only necessary to enumerate them. In the various pages of the Gentleman’s and other Magazines may be found occasional remarks relative to the Island, some of which are noticed, also the publications of the Chetham Society, as well as other sources, all which may be added by any one wishful to extend the present list.

An Alphabetical Index is annexed, which it is hoped will be found sufficiently copious to answer all the purposes of reference, the value of which will be acknowledged by all who have experienced the want of one.

I have to express my thanks to Robt. J. Moore, Esq., High-Bailiff of Peel, for his readiness in answering inquiries, and constant access to the valuable and extensive collection of documents relating to the Island in his possession.


ROCK MOUNT, November 1861.


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