[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


No. 36.-May 12, A.D. 1357.-p. 255, footnote a.


Acknowledges another payment by Bishop William.

Innoc. VI. liber quitanciarum, Archiv. Vat., fol. 117.  

LTniversis præsentes, etc., Stephanus, etc., salutem in domino. Ad universitatis vestræ notitiam deducimus, quod rev. in Christo pater dominus Guillelmus episcopus SodorensisinprovinciaNidrosi-ensi pro complemento sui communis servitii in quo erat Camerva domini nostri summi Pontificis obligatus, quadraginta quinque florenos auri præfatæ Cameræ, nec non et pro complemento quatuor servitiorum familiarium et officialium dicti domini nostri Papæ xvi. florenos auri, duos solidos, viii. denarios monetæ Avinionensis currentis clericis cameræ supradictæ pro dictis fami-liaribus et officialibus recipientibus per manus Lambertesqui de societate Albertorum tempore debito solvi fecit, de quibus sic solutis ipsum dom. Episcopum Sodorensem ecclesiam et successores suos ac eorum bona absolvimus tenore præsentium et quitamus.

In quorum testimonium præsentes literas fieri fecimus et sigilli Camerariatus nostri appensione muniri. Datum Avinione, die xii. xnensis Maii anno domini millesimo ccc°. lvii. indict. x. et pontif. domini nostri pape Innocentii vi. anno quinto.

To all who shall see these presents, Stephen, etc., health in the Lord.

We bring to the notice of you all that the reverend Father in Christ the Lord William Bishop of Sodor in the province of Nidaros, for the complement of the common service, to which he was bound to the Chamber of our Lord the Supreme Pontiff, has caused to be paid, in due time, forty-five florins of gold to the aforesaid Chamber, and for the complement of the services of four domestics and officials of our said Lord the Pope, sixteen florins of gold two shillings and eightpence of current Avignon money to the clerks of the aforesaid Chamber, for the said domestics and officials, through the hands of Lambertesqui, of the firm of the Alberti, for which payments by the tenor of these presents We discharge and quit the Lord Bishop, the Sodor church, his successors and their goods

.In testimony whereof We have caused these present letters to be written, and confirmed by the appending thereto the seal of the office of Our Chamberlain.

Given at Avignon, the 12th day of the month of May, in the year of Onr Lord 1357, in the tenth Indiction, and fifth year of the Pontificate of Our lord Pope Innocent VI.


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