[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


Nd. 23.-March 14, A.D. 1253.-p. 248.


Notifying the Consecration of Bishop Richard.

Peg. Inn. IV. in Arch. Sec. Vatic., Azmo 10, Epist. 545.  

 Innocentius episcopus servus servorum dei dilectis filiis, capitulo ecclesiT Sodorensis salutem et apostolicam benedictionem. Rationis oculis intuentes comoda quT vacantibus ecclesiis de salubri provisione proveniunt, reddimur cord, soliciti ut circa provisionem hujusmodi faciendum fructuose attentionis studium habeatur. Sane Sodorensi ecclesia pastoris solatio destituta venerabilis frater noster Serlo Nidrosiensis archiepiscopus loci metropolitanus de mandato nostro Richardum tune capellanum dilecti filii nostri Johannis tit. sancti Laurentii in Lucina presby-teri Cardinalis, Canonicum Sancti Andreæ in Scotia, cui testi-monium perhibetur quod sit in spiritualibus et temporalibus circumspectus, proefecit eidem ecclesiæ in episcopum et pastorem, ac ei apud sedem apostolicam munus consecrationis impendit. Rogamus itaque universitatem vestram et hortamur attente, per apostolica vobis scripta mandantes, quatenus eundem episcopum ad ipsius ecclesiam accedentem admittentes hilariter et honorifice pertractantes, sibi tanquam patri et pastori animarum vestrarum impendatis obedientiam et reverentiam debitam, ac ejus salubribus mandatis et monitis efficaciter intendatis, alioquin sententiam, etc. Datum Perusii, ii. id. Mart., pontificatus nostri anno xmo.

In eundem modum clero civitatis et dicecesis Sodorensis. In eundem modum populo civitatis et dieecesis Sodorensis.

Innocent Bishop, servant of the servants of God, to Our beloved sons the Chapter of the Church of the Sodor Diocese, health, and apostolical benediction. Beholding with the eyes of Our reason the advantages which arise from a wise provision when churches become vacant, We are rendered anxious that atten-tion should be effectually devoted to the making such provision. In fact the church of the Sodor Diocese having been bereft of its pastor, the metropolitan, Our brother Serlo Archbishop of Nidaros, has at Our behest appointed to the said church as bishop and pastor Richard, at one time chaplain of Our beloved son John Cardinal-Priest of the title of St. Lawrence in Lucina, Canon of St. Andrews in Scotland, of whom testimony is given that he is circumspect both in spirituals and temporals, and has conferred upon him the rite of consecration at the Apostolic See. We ask your Body therefore, and exhort you, enjoining you by these Apostolical letters, to receive with cheerfulness the said bishop when proceeding to take possession of his church, to treat him with honour, to exhibit the obedience and reverence due to him as the father and pastor of your souls, and to take practical heed of his wise mandates and admonitions, otherwise the sentence, etc.

Given at Perugia, the 14th of March, the twelfth year of Our Pontificate.

In like manner, To the Clergy of the Sodor [Cathedral] city, and of the Sodor diocese."

In a like manner, To the People of the Sodor City and Diocese.

a [For some purposes in Canon Law, the clergy, and sometimes the people also, are divided into two classes, viz.-1. Those of the Cathedral City; and 2. Those of the rest of the Diocese. This does not import that the diocese takes its name from the city in which the cathedral is situated, though it generally does so happen.]


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