[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]

note latin and footnote to be corrected


No. 4.—AD. 1193 (?)— p. 169, footnote c.


To forward the Consecration of Nicholas Bishop-elect.

Dugdale’s Monasticon Anglicanum, tom. viii. 1186.

3 Venerabili venerabilis et sanctæ 4 Eborum ecclesiæ decano,  totique sancto fratrum conventui, Olavus dei gratia 5 Insularum rex. Quicquid contrarimim malo praeter 6 quidem, et fraternæ dilectionis affectum fraternitatis vestræ ~ scripta diligenter intelligentes, 6 in eis animadvertimus, et de ordinum 8

communione et consortii ~ vestri servicio, et si gracias quas debemus solvere non possumus, tamen quas possumus incessanter solvere curamus : in omni ergo caritatis sollicitudine ad honorem. Dei et matris nostræ ‘° ecclesiæ dignitatem quam diminutione"

sicut rem ‘ nequaquam debetis ace 2 pensate, qualiter Nicholaum electurn nostrum archiepiscopi vestri per rnanuum impositionem ~ consecratum, omni occasione et dilatione ~ remota, ad nos mittere laboretis. Alioquin, quod absit, mutua dilectionis5 devotio spiritualis, quam promisimus ad vos exaltandum, sub termino mixti den et populi nostri decretum, absque spe reparandi,7 in æternurn 8 peribit. Furentium ~ vero clamor sive

injusta queremonia nos nullatenus disturbent qui ‚° quod

inter nos habere videntur quod " non c secundum dominum ‘~ vel homines potius ‚~ quam aliud consequitur ‚~ nuncios vero nostros qui nichil ‚~ aliud vobis quam per nos audierint 16 intirnabunt, honorifice recipite, receptos cum episcopo nostro sine dilatione ‘~ nobis remittite. Valete.

To the Venerable Dean of the Venerable and Holy Church of York, and to all the Holy Community, Olave, by the grace of God, King of the Isles, wishes whatever is contrary to evil, and sends the affection of fraternal love.

Having carefully considered the letter of your Fraternity, we have taken note of its contents, and for your associating Us with yourselves in your prayers and good works, if We are not able to return the thanks which We owe, We are careful to render without ceasing such thanks as are within Our power.

Wherefore, in all charitable haste for the honour of God and the dignity of our Mother Church, which We think you should never suffer to be diminished, consider (more attentively) how you may contrive to send to us, without any let or hindrance, Nicholas, our Bishop-elect, consecrated by the hands of your Archbishop. Otherwise, which God forbid, the mutual communication of spiritual love, which for your exaltation we have promised you, within a certain time, according to the decision of our clergy and people, will cease for ever, without hope of recovery. And as for the clamour and unjust complaint of those of Furness, let them in no way disturb us, for unless they hold their peace they shall rather lose that which they seem to possess amongst us than acquire anything more, since it does not bring fruit either according to God or man. Receive with due honour Our envoys, who will lay before you nothing but what they have heard from Ourselves, and after receiving them, sendthem back to Us, together with our bishop, without delay. Fare ye well.

[ 1 Sanctæ Eboracensis—R.. Sancte Eboracensis ecclesie—B.

2 gracia—B. ~ precatur ? ~ fraterne dileccionis—_B. ~ vestre—B.

6 que—B. 7 continebantur—R. and B. 8 oracionum—B.

9 consorcii—B. 10 vestre ecclesie—B. ii diminuere—R and B.]

a [See p. 169, note b, on the supposed error of Munch with respect to this document.]

8 [The title of this document is given in the Beg. Mag. Aib. iii. 53 a, as litera Regis Insularum directa Capitulo Eboracensi, (Eborum,.—Beck) pro Electo suo.]

C [At the beginning there is a blank in the MS. , as if for the insertion of an illuminated letter. This blank Beck fills up with an H.]

[ 1 remur----R.. rem ‘ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ B. ~ hactenus (attentius ?)—-R. attencius—B.

3 imposicione—B. ~ dilacione—B. ~ dileccionis devocio—_-B.

6 juxta—B. 7 recuperandi—B. 8 eternuni—B.

9 Fuernensiminm—R. and B. 10 jactaverunt (?)—R. ni taduerint_._B.]

12 qua noii crescit—R. and B. ‘‚ deum—R. and B.

23 potius amittent—R. and B. 14 consequentur. Nuncios—]I. and B.

15 nihil—R. 16 audierant—R. and B. 17 dilacione—B.]


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