[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]

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No. 3.—AD. 1134.— p. 169, footnote c.

NB—This document, and the following, are given by Munch in footnotes to the body of the Notes, p. 76, Chr. Edit. , not in the Appendix.


Asking him to Consecrate the Bishop-elect.

Dugdale’s Monasticon Anqlicanmum, tom. viii. 1186 2  

O. Dei gratia rex Insularum, T. eadem gratia Eborunu archiepiscopo salutem et orationes 2 in Christo. Fama sanctitatis vestræ ‘ orbem terrarum cirdumquaque pertiiigens, quarn ~ a majorum nostrorum ~ insigne præconium et virtus vestra turn privatis turn publicis actibus illustris in abscondito latere non sunt ; 6 nos quoque non parurn lætificavit : ~ collaudamus igitur Regis omnipotentis magnalia, gratias agentes ci, quia magnificavit dominus facere nobiscunm, qui nos 2 super omnes vicinos nostros dignitate atque sanctitate exaltavit : de cætero ~ significamus vobis, qimod dornimius abbas ~ Furneseiensis coenobii, a cujus finibus non longe per mare distamus, audientibus nobis farnarn religionis ejusdem loci, tripartita petitione,5 persuasioneque nostra itur 6 arduurn confidentia ingressus,8 ~ itaque et itinerandi onere laborioso, et labore super ecciesia dilatanda fructuoso, Domino aspirante, ad nos usque pervenit, denique et nostro decreto et plebis consultu sancitum est inter nos, ut cx suis pontifex eligatur,’° qui Christianitati per insulas gentiurn propagandæ " Quapropter ad vos conclamarnus, vestræ

que ‘~ benignitatis gratiarn °‘ humiliter imploramus, quatenus

imponere’4 manuuni vestrarum raturn fiat ~ communi diligentia’6

tam provide procuratuni est fieri, ad honorern Dci, et salutern aniniarum ïìostrarum ; scilicet, ut episcopus noster ad episcopo 2 gradum, sub auctoritatis vestræ ~ signaculo, pro Dci arnore et nostri, quam citius ~ fieri potest permoveatur,a narrante nobis igitur domino abbate tam mira, tamque sancta de vobis ; dicenteque se nolle nec posse ad alium quempiarn ire, nisi ad vos patrem suum. Gaudio 6 magno repleti pro universis, gratias ~ Deo nostro prout potuirnus, persolvimus. Valeat sanctitas vestra in Domino.

Olave, by the grace of God, King of the Isles, to Tliurstan, by the same grace, Archbishop of York, health and prayers in Christ.

The fame of your sanctity extending in every direction throughout the whole world, which neither the high renown of your predecessors, nor your own virtue, conspicuous iii its public and private exercise, will suffer to remain hidden, has in no small degree rejoiced us. We, therefore, extol the great works of theOmnipotent King, thanking him because the Lord has done great things for us, exalting your dignity and sanctity above those of all your neighbours. For the rest We signify unto you that the Lord Abbot of the Community of Furness, from the posses-sions of which We are not far distant by sea, moved by a tripartite petition, and Our persuasion, the fame of the religion of the said place having been reported to Us, confidently undertook the arduous journey, and giving for the public good both the inconvenience of the voyage and his fruitful labours for the advancement of the Church, with the assistance of God came to Us, and that subsequently it was determined here, both by Our decree and the decision of the people, that a bishop should be elected from his Community to be placed over the propagation of Christianity through the islands of the Gentiles. Therefore We raise our united voices to you, and humbly implore the favour of your kindness that what has been so providently arranged by our united exertions may, through time imposition of your hands, be ratified for the honour of God and the salvation of our souls ; in other words, that our bishop be promoted to the Episcopal Order, by your authority, as soon as possible, for the love of God and of us. For the Lord Abbot reports to us most wonderful and holy things of you, and declares that lie will not, and cannot apply to any one else but to you his Father. Filled with joy, we thank God for all his favours, to the full extent of our power. May your Holiness prosper in the Lord.

{ 1 Eboracensj__R. and B. 2 oraciones__B. ~ Vestre. ‘~ Quam ct—B. ; qua ct—B.

5 vestrorum—fi. B. 6 sinit—IR. B. 7 letificavit—B.]

a [Thurstan was named Archbishop of York by King Henry I. in 1114, on August 15. He was consecrated on October 20, 1119, by Pope Calixtus II., and died on February 5, 1140.]

b Dugdale copied his text from the "White Book, " or Registrum Reg. Magnum Album.

[That able author, Canon Raine, has obligingly compared Dugdale’s text with the York copy. There is a more accurate copy in the British Museum, which has been published by Beck in his History of Furness.

The abbreviations used in the references to the various readings of this and of the succeeding letter, are R for Canon Raine’s reading of the York MS., and B (Beck) for the reading of the MS. in the British Museum. Beck supposes the letter to have been the composition of the abbot, or of his secretary, on the Occasion of his visit to Man as a missionary, at the earnest solicitation of the king, when the abbot received also a grant of land for the foundation of an abbey at Rushen. Notwithstanding the light that the collation throws upon most parts of these two letters, some passages remain obscure.]

[ 1 gracias—B. 2 vos—B. S cetero—B.


4 E, Furneseiensis—R. ; Eudo Fuernensis cenobii—B.

5 peticione—B. 6 quamvis, add—R. ~and B.

7 tamnen confidenter—R. and B. 8 aggressus—B.

9 cornpensato—B. and B. ~ eligeretur—B.

piopagand.e preficeretnr—-B. ~ ~ vestreque. ‘ ~ graciain—B.

imiositiolle ?)-——B. ; i1111)OSj(Î0110 B. 15 quod- B. IC) diiigencia—B.]

[1 (quod. ?)—R. 2 episcopi—R. arid B. ~ vestre—B.

4 cicius—B. 5 promoveatur—li. and B.

6 gaudio—R. r gracias—B. I



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