[From Mona Miscellany second series Manx Soc vol 21]


There was a servant girl at Bemahague, and the mistress wanted her to go to Glen Crutchery Well to get a can of water before daylight, and afterwards she was to be allowed to go to the fair. When going to the well she met the old man of Glen Crutchery, who asked her where she was going. "Going to your well for water," she said. He asked her if there was no water in their own well? She said there was, but her mistress had sent her. He gave her half-a-crown, and told her to take water out of their own well. The girl received the money, which confirmed the charm, and then went to the fair. When she returned home the mistress asked her where she had procured the water, for she had been churning all day and had got no butter?
It is said—

"Vervain and dill
Hinders witches from their will."


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